WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #15-23


  • 𝑯𝑶𝑹𝑹𝑶𝑹 𝑺𝑯𝑶𝑾 #7 // MANASYt                                                                                                                                   

Xiamen, China-based, Bulgarian dark mastermind Petar Tassev has been rocking his own brand of Nurolektro since 2003. He’s responsible for a vast array of menacing titles on labels such as Touchin’ Bass, Kommando 6, Musar and the infamous Bunker – along with about 40 others. Back and forth between ‘Shock Corridor’ to ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ horror/apocalyptic-like soundtracks, a perfect occasion to plunge into unpredictable, rugged and doomy MANASYt‘s Electro sound.

  • Seattle, WA rave /EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer Vox Sinistra “Angelic Forces” debut single

Hard-working and respected DJ of the dark underground electronic scene, Vox Sinistra ventures dauntless into production duty, driving cold sinister auras to combine obsessive ominous synth melodies, eerie haunted airs, crashing, and stomping propulsive rhythms, and buzzing seismic low ends into dangerous high-energy distorted dancefloor vibes where frightened female and menacing male religious-themed vocal clips terrorize, with relentless authority, non-stop into the darkest hours of the night.

  • Albanian-born, Southern Italian techno /electro producer Alboren Bani AKA D3070 “Dark Valley (The Exaltics Remix)” from upcoming “Phantom Operation” EP 12″ [LDI Records]

Equally groovy, dystopic and futuristic old-school Electro-Funk treatment by dynamic German electro stalwart The Exaltics, that bounces and rolls through frantic elastic bass line pulses to drive breathless adrenaline through swirling tunnels of heady sparkling constellations, energetic doom-laden dance beats, swarming alienating synth flashes, and eerie ominous drone tones to open sinister portals into subconscious dimensions of unknown fear and shadowy desire.      

  • Vilnius-based, Lithuanian acid /wave /breakbeat /techno /electro producer 5ZYL “The Dancer” from upcoming “Perplexity” EP [FERMA]

The first preview from Vilnius‘ producer with a secretive and seductive Wave-tinged Electro workout, that sways through groovy body-moving broken beats to drive dancefloor dilemmas along buzzing bouncy bass line agendas, skipping and scratching footwork, and breathless female coercions to swing, break, and hop with glitchy darting effects into the wee hours of dawn.

  • Paris-based, Australian experimental vocalist and musician (one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland), Karen Vogt “Corvette” from the album “Le Mans” [Waxing Crescent Records]
  • UK based Australian born ambient /ethereal drone /experimental project of vocalist, musician and ethereal soundscaper, Penelope Trappes “The Lapse Of Months And Days” from the album “Heavenly Spheres” [Nite Hive]
  • Tokyo-based experimental /ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /electronic musician and sound artist, Yuya Ota “Cigarette on the Snow” from the album “Dramatic Syndrome” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Cadiz, Spain ambient /drone /soundscape sound artist David Cordero “All Your Silences” from the album “Among Pale Trees” from the upcoming album “Among Pale Trees” [Lontano Series/rohs! records]
  • Atlanta, Georgia textural ambient /minimal electronic /post-rock musician The Lifted Index “Your Brother is the Blue of the Sea”
  • Vienna based ambient /kraut /techno /acid cosmologist Johannes Auvinen AKA Tin Man “Arles” taken from the upcoming album “Arles” [Bureau B]
  • Electronic theme of Hastings, UK based ‘We Buy Records’ podcast (dedicated to vinyl record collecting) by Tim Scullion, We Buy Records “We Buy Records Theme: MAPS Remix” 2-track red 7″ single [Castles In Space]
  • Montreal-based IDM /psych /techno producer and NAFF label co-founder Francis Latreille (aka M.S.L.), aka Priori – “Memory Palace” off “Pareidolia” EP [Midgar]
  • Paris, France ambient /downtempo /electro-acoustic /avant-garde /experimental electronic artist and musician Erwan Sene “Echo When Talking” from the debut album/book “JUnQ (Journal of Unsolved Questions)” [PAN]
  • New York City-based ambient /slo-mo /techno /house producer, DJ, and co-founder of the record label Incienso, Anthony Naples “Silas” from the upcoming 5th LP “Orbs”
  • Mozambique/Italy dark ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno production duo Nandele & A-Tweed – “Deserto” off V/A “Yet” 3xLP compilation to celebrate Berlin’s Tresor Records label 350th release [Tresor Records]
  • French ’80s minimal synth electronic pioneer, ADN’ Ckrystall “Bretzel In Esslingen” from the lost 1984 unreleased kraut/psychedelic mini-album “Frankraut” 10″ vinyl format on Macadam Mambo
  • New Jersey-based Islamic music /spiritual jazz /electronic /spoken word poetry duo Abdur Razzaq & Rafiyq “Reflections From The Grave” from the upcoming 12″ LP “The Night of Power (Laylatu’l Qadri)” [Séance Centre]
  • German experimental jazz /electronic musical group led by Thomas Weber, KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF “Erstes Kapitel [verschliffen]” from the album “Schemen” [Karlrecords]
  • UK ambient /psych /krautrock /dub /post-rock /electronica act Torpa “his Isn’t You (Live)” from “Live For Tŷ Pawb 2019” live album (sixth in a series of releases celebrating 10 years of Torpa)
  • Switzerland/UK IDM/ techno /breakbeat /experimental collaboration, Rupert Lally vs Salford Electronics – “Words Fail Me” from “RENTAL YIELDS: VOLUME FOUR” Manchester homeless charity compilation [Front & Follow]
  • UK ambient /bass music /downtempo /breakbeat /experimental project of producer and Osiris Music head S L Shreeve AKA Mønic – “When The Dust Settles” off the EP “The Truth Will Prevail” [Osiris Music]
  • Danish Experimental / Dark Ambient artist and multi-instrumentalist Trine Paaschburg a.k.a. MOUTH WOUND “Primordial Satisfaction” from the upcoming cassette album “Nothing Will Belong To Us” [Brucia Records]
  • Medellín, Colombia industrial /techno /synth electronics solo project of Juan Camilo Betancur AKA Ofelia Ortodoxa “Over Blue Patterns” from V/A “Hiss Vol.2” compilation [Discos Hechizos]
  • Nice-born, Brussels based industrial /wave /noise /post-punk /dark electronics producer and Unknown Precept label co-founder AIR LQD – “Cathartic Empathy”
  • Parisian electro /wave /coldwave /minimal synth artist Dissemblance– “Couteau” from the upcoming “Centauresse” LP [L.I.E.S.]
  • Berlin based wave /techno /electro /post-punk /electroclash DJ-producer ORTI “Dancing w/ the Dead” from “Red Gardens” EP [HOA Records]
  • Bogotá, Colombia EBM /industrial /dark electro /post-punk /synthwave solo project, Tympanon Toph “Espectros” from the second EP “Retorno al magma Eterno 2”                                                                                         
  • French/German industrial /dark wave /techno collaboration Alekzandra & Liziuz – “Go Down” off upcoming V/A “Shedding Skin” 3xLP/CD compilation [BITE]
  • Belgium-based industrial/noise /anti-techno producer (part of the global anti-music conspiracy networkTM since 1992), HYPNOSKULL “Death Inducing Anti Politics (Continue)” off upcoming V/A “There Is Nothing” EP compilation [Dead Svn Records]
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /Techno /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Alpha Sect – “Median Waves” off TJALK RECORDS compilation [TJKVA03]
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk DJ-producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “You Re My Dog” from the upcoming album “Church Of The Poisoned Minds” [Raw Culture]
  • Italian industrial techno producer E.L.I.A.S “No Turning Back” from “Wasted Time” EP [Mindcut Music]
  • French /North American industrial techno artist based in Paris, The Fifth Stigma “Sieging Through Fire & Flames” from “Sieging Through Fire & Flames” EP 12″ [Venaeform Records]
  • Buenos Aires-based industrial /dark techno producer Kølpøs “Malandra” off upcoming “Magnetosfera y Composición“ EP [Newrhythmic Records]
  • Cleveland, OH experimental /EBM /techno project Nature Nvoke “Reflection” from “MACHINE” EP
  • Milan-based post-punk /wave /body music /dark electronics duo of Marguerite Records label founders Alter D and Codeless, aka Bianco Negativo – “Love In The Raw” off upcoming V/A “Trust the Rust Vol.1” cassette compilation [KRI Records]
  • Orlando, FL retro /new beat /EBM /synthwave producer Arcade Apocalypse – “Digital Fallout” off “Continue?” EP [FenixFire Records]
  • French Electro band Unité November – “Category Management” off of “Enhanced Productivity EP (Management Part 1)” [Magnetic NetLabel / M.N.L.039]
  • Tel Aviv based techno /electro /breakbeat electronic DJ-producer Jackov Carel, aka JACK.C “Mask”
  • Chernobyl, Ukraine sci-fi /techno /electro artist Lectromagnetique “Typhoon” from “Alive” EP [Lectromagnetique Records]                                                                                                                               
  • Tokyo-based, French IDM /electro sonic craftsman Franck Collin aka Fleck E.S.C. “Chicken Breast” from “Off Line” EP 12” [Diffuse Reality Records]
  • Bogotà, Colombia ghetto tech /electro producer Aleroj – “King Stage” from upcoming cassette V/A “JukeLab Tektronics” [Ovelha Trax]
  • London, UK-based ghetto tech /breaks /electro /drum & bass DJ-producer Tensor – “Apocalypse Party” off V/A “WORLDWIDE PLAYERS 2” compilation [Das Booty]
  • Dutch acid /breaks /electro /techno producer Remco Beekwilder “The Dusk Hour” from “The Dusk Hour” EP” [EMERALD]
  • Leeds, UK electro /trance /breaks /broken techno DJ-producer (co-founder of On Rotation, and half of Space Cadets), Lisene “Cloud Chamber” from upcoming “Square One” EP [Craigie Knowes]
  • Austrian/Italian indie dance /wave /psych /cosmic disco /electronica production duo Nick Hanzo and A-Tweed “Khwan” off  upcoming V/A “Pals Vol. 7” compilation [Play Pal Music]
  • Berlin-based, Stockholm-bred disco /electro /house DJ-producer Johan Norling, aka DJ City – “Black Nikes” from “Black Nikes” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Berlin based, Canadian Italo disco/techno /electro DJ-producer Lazercat “Take Me To Your Discothèque” from “Void Droplets” EP [Vortex Traks]
  • Berlin based acid /electro /house DJ-producer Rosa Red “Acid Wave” from “Rhapsody” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Cordoba, Argentina house /indie dance /techno production-DJ duo She Teiks – “Border” from V/A “Jarana vol.1” compilation [Teqwave Records]
  • Miami-based, Mexican dark cosmic disco /wave /indie dance producer Manuel Castaneda a.k.a. Rigopolar – “Teachers” from “Situs” EP [Tour De Infinite]
  • Düsseldorf, Germany acid /psych /trance /house /techno DJ-producer (half of Bar, Stabil Elite), Lucas Croon – “New Zulp (Delfin Mix)” from upcoming V/A “Life Of Phoroma” compilation [Terra Magica Rec.]
  • Beirut, Lebanon melodic techno /indie dance producer GUTENN “Aether (Original Mix)” from “Aether” EP [Slow Cycle Records]
  • Berlin/Santiago chillrave /deep house /slowmo /downtempo /electronic duo Pulli & Chomba “The Call Of The Samurai (Joe Carl Remix)” off “Tales Of The Samurai” EP [down.]
  • Tel Aviv‘s /dub /psych /tribal /house /techno /electronic DJ-production duo Project Runaway “Charly” from “Charly” EP [all my thoughts]
  • Dutch cosmic-jungle-ambient-breakbeat-braindance producer Samuel van Cleef AKA Tommy The Cat “Far & Beyond” from “The Cosmik Connection Vol.4″ EP 12” [Unknown To The Unknown]
  • Tokyo-based ambient /breakbeat /house /techno producer and City-2 St. Giga label owner, DJ Trystero “Ashlar” from the debut LP “Castillo” [Incienso]
  • Swedish experimental techno producer Peder Mannerfelt – “Big Ball” off “Hyperchase” EP [Nervous Horizon]
  • Belgian IDM /glitch /experimental electronic duo from Brussels, SUUMHOW “#### THIS WORLD” from the upcoming album “YEARS FAILED SUCCESSFULLY” [n5MD]
  • Helsinki based ambient /glitch /experimental /electronic sound artist Tom Lönnqvist “ALONE” from the album “ENTER” [Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux]
  • Swiss/German ambient /drone /experimental duo AN MOKU & STEFAN SCHMIDT – “RiR ° 2” off upcoming album “Raum im Raum” [Karlrecords]
  • Philadelphia based ambient /drone /piano /field recording /electroacoustic musician (member of Hotel Neon, Gray Acres, and Mordançage), Andrew Tasselmyer “November 10th” from “Improvisations” EP
  • Chicago, IL based ambient /drone /experimental /improvised artist (Tyresta), Nick Turner “A Place to Hide” from “Under Dark Pines” Limited Edition Lathe Cut 7″ EP [Full Spectrum Records]
  • UK experimental /ambient /electro-acoustic /tape /electronic collaboration Marta Salogni & Tom Relleen “Internal Logic II” from the upcoming album “Music For Open Spaces” [Hands In The Dark]
  • Japanese ambient /cinematic /post-rock /modern classical band Anoice “The Suspicion” from the 4th EP “Unerasable Fire” [Ricco Label]
  • Russian ambient /drone /experimental synth-guitar project RIMIDAL. V “Вселенная за дверью” title track of the album “Вселенная за дверью” [The Day of life forgotten]
  • Volkhov, Russia ambient /drone /experimental guitarist and sound artist, Andrey Novozhilov “Absolution” from the album “Existence” [Reflection Nebula]

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