WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH/APRIL #13-23

photo by Bill Henson


  • 𝑯𝑶𝑹𝑹𝑶𝑹 𝑺𝑯𝑶𝑾 #5 // MIDNIGHT CHAOS                                                                                                               

Made of two young resident DJs from the Parisian collective @atriumcorp, with the alliance of their strength, the violence of their sounds and the beauty of their harmony, Midnight Chaos intends to bring a fresh and electrifying air of renewal to the EBM-fueled Techno Industrial scene.

  • Croatian/Slovenian EBM /electro /synth electronic music producer duo Le Chocolat Noir and Christian Kroupa (Alleged Witches), AKA Black Dot “Morality Of Violence” from upcoming “Structure Without Tomorrow” EP 12″ [Mechatronica]

Slavic duo ignites an obsessive and ominous bass-driven New Beat-dusted, Dark Electro ride laced with neurotic Suicide-esque vibes, enclosed in shadowy surreal Industrialized domains. to conjure swirling, hovering synth swarms, compulsive heavy throbbing low ends, relentless punchy snares, rolling hypnotic crisp percussive loops, and distant child-like cries from a primeval underground lair of sinister menace, where wicked warped vocals gloat, taunt and gaslight with venomous airs to stir the bewitched masses into a raging storm of vengeance.

  • Leipzig, Germany techno /breaks /electro new project of DJ Unisex & Friedrich Ernst, AKA Self Learning System – “Deep Sea” off upcoming V/A “Our Own Algorithm VOL.2″ EP 12” [DISTRITO 91]

Heady, vibrant and futuristic Detroit-style Electro-Funk jam from Leipzig-based duo’s very first composed cut, ignites high-energy synth melodies, skipping punchy broken beats, prowling fidgety bass lines, and glaring stabs into a trippy nostalgic scene, lined with stuttering “Deep Sea” vocal repetitions, alarming swirling flashes, and bouncy oscillations to get the dancefloor grooves moving until the early am light.

  • Moscow-based EBM /trance /acid /electro /techno producer Kovyazin D “Moscow Central Circle” part of upcoming V/A “Eight Years Of Love” compilation [System 108]

Moscow producer combines Acid /Electro /Techno /Trance and EBM elements in a dizzying and urgent train ride obsession along Moscow Central Circle to inspire mechanical marching beats, crisp rolling percussions, rumbling and throbbing acidified low ends, airy rotating effects, and liquid trancey synth stab melodies into an all-night excursion, rising and falling in hypnotic time-lapsed momentums to light grey doomy Moscow airs with restless frenetic dancefloor vibes.

  • Collaboration between Spanish ambient experimental composer Pepo Galán and Australian dream-pop vocalist and musician Karen Vogt, aka GALÁN / VOGT “The Dark Opens The Way (Markus Guentner Remix)”
  • Los Angeles ambient /drone /ethereal /meditative /soundscape sound artist and singer Cynthia Bernard, aka MARINE EYES “Idyll (Ludvig Cimbrelius resting in clouds mix)” from “Idyll (extended edition)” CD reissue [Stereoscenic Records]
  • Brisbane, Australia experimental /ethereal ambient folk artist Ellena Ramsay AKA Fhae “Comb” from the album “Sombre Thorax” [4000 Records]
  • Oslo, Norway ambient /neo-classical pianist and composer, Julia Gjertsen – “Embers” from V/A “Fractals” compilation [Moderna Records]
  • Portland, OR ambient /neo-classical project of Keith Kenniff (Helios, Mint Julep), Goldmund “Together To Become”
  • Los Angeles ambient /experimental /electronic duo Brother Graybill and Sister Jem, AKA Pudding Moon “Knowing” from the debut self-titled EP
  • Kingston upon Hull, UK ambient /jazzy /downtempo /electronic producer, musician, composer, and DJ (part of Fila Brazillia and Pork Recordings co-founder) a.k.a The Solid Doctor, Steve Cobby “Viva Melvin” from the album “The New Law Of Righteousness” [Déclassé Recordings]
  • First track in 27 years from the early alias of Brazilian electronic music artist Amon Tobin, Cujo – “Early for Clink Street” from the upcoming album “Nomark Selects, V.1” [Nomark]
  • Experimental modular synth electronic project of Scotland-based English artist ALAN CURRALL “Brown Rain” from ltd. cassette album ” Buried Structures” [TONN Recordings]
  • Tbilisi, Georgia ambient /downtempo /techno /electronic sound artist and Khidi Club resident, Saphileaum – “Plum” from the album “Intrapersonal Experience”
  • Stockholm, Sweden experimental /krautrock /analog electronic producer Joakim Forsgren, aka AUTORHYTHM “Intercellular Communication” from the upcoming album “Songs for the Nervous System” [Thanatosis]
  • Berlin-based slo-mo techno /acid /Berlin school /krautrock /kosmische producer TM Solver – “Echo Line (Benedikt Frey Vapour)” from the upcoming album “Subtraktiv Additiv” [R.i.O. Label]
  • Brighton, UK experimental /ambient /cinematic /IDM /electronic producer ITAL TEK “Darking” from upcoming 7th album “Timeproof” [Planet Mu]
  • UK ambient /IDM /braindance /breaks /downtempo /electronic producer Dialed “Martis” from the upcoming album “Dials And Tribulations” on Touched Music
  • Bologna, Italy-based ambient /bass /techno /breaks /drum & bass producer Rakel Drvbizky AKA Knarzy – “Mind Odyssey” off “Mental Breakbeats EP [Girovelle Psicotroniche Records]
  • Eora, Australian ambient /techno /breakbeat /drum & bass producer Irene J. “About That” off “About That / Cloud Over Ashfield” two-track singles series [Gimme A Break Records]
  • Groningen, Netherlands experimental electronic producer (Noisia), THYS “I Am A Strange Loop” from the album “Shoulder To Shoulder” [VISION]
  • Belgrade-based ambient /psych /kraut /downtempo /electronic sound artist Nebojša Bogdanović, aka Schwabe (TAPAN) – “Space (KOMPLEKS Remix)” off 2-tracker “TAPAN & Knower Remixes by Kompleks” [Elephant Gait Music]
  • Bangkok, Thailand-based ambient /psych /dub /tribal /downtempo /electronic alter ego project of label co-founder Sunju Hargun, AKA Khun Fluff – “Daw (Konduku Dub)” from V/A “Kāthā Remixes (ST๐๐๘)” EP 12″ [Siamese Twins Records]
  • Italian ambient /breaks /psych /downtempo /electronic production trio Piezo, primordial OOze / xàr num, & Aitch, AKA Cortex of Light – “Future Curvature” from V/A “Pro Unlimited” compilation [Comic Sans Records]
  • German psychedelic cosmo funk band Takeshi’s Cashew – “El Topo (feat. Niklas Wandt)” from the album “Enter J’s Chamber” [Laut & Luise]
  • Paris/Montreal house /leftfield /techno/space electronica collaboration between producers Chloé Thévenin (aka Chloé) and Ben Shemie, AKA High Season – “Hseas” off upcoming LP “The Call” [Permanent Vacation]
  • Paris-based electro /breakbeat /trip-hop experimental multi-instrumentalist Alban Mercier AKA Officium “Loose Fit (ft. Catherine Danger)” from the upcoming album “Lazybones” [Teenage Menopause Records]
  • Swiss/French dark ambient /drone /industrial /dub /downtempo /trip-hop project of producers NVST and Théo Muller AKA The Drift Institute “Reality Sucks” from the upcoming album “Damages And Their Slices” [Pensaments Sònics]
  • Paris house /leftfield /techno /electro artist-producer Chloé Thévenin aka CHLOÉ – “Warm Gun” first single from the “Barbi(e)turix” compilation [Verticale Barbieturix]
  • Italian experimental /EBM /electronic /techno producer Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison), aka Diana Berti ”Noi Non Ci Saremo” from V/A “MRG014” cassette compilation [Marguerite Records]
  • UK Industrial /EBM /techno /Synth /Electronic project from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Resurrector feat. Black Dahlia” from the sophomore album “The Incomplete Truth”
  • Scottish EBM /techno-industrial producer Kenny Campbell – “The Echo Of Desire” off V/A “Under The Stone Vol.2” compilation [Bruto Industries]
  • Saint Petersburg acid /techno /electro /breakbeat producer Sinusoidal “Le Liminal (feat. WTNS)” from “Moral Decay” EP [ Pinkman Records]
  • French/Italian EBM /techno /electro duo Marc Ayats and Jørgen Thorvald, AKA Ayats Thorvald ft. Poltergiest. “Saisons qui tuent (MUNSINGER remix)” off the new EP “Saisons qui tuent” [A-Traction]
  • US/Russian EBM /industrial /techno production duo Punshukunshu & Meshes – “Souls Of Torture” from V/A “Prompt/Imagine” compilation [Webuildmachines]
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /Techno /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Alpha Sect – “Median Waves” off upcoming V/A [TJKVA03] CD compilation [Tjalk Records]
  • German acid /electro /techno /spoken word project of one of the founders of the R.i.O label and half of the duo INIT, Nadia D’Alo, aka DALO “Woodpecker” from “GUM” EP 12″ [Tresor Records]
  • Frankfurt, Germany dark-techno-industrial-doomcore duo Mental Fear Productions “Data Runner” from “Praise The Mutilated World” EP [New Flesh / Rave Or Die]
  • Tokyo-based bass /breakbeat /electro-funk artist Kanse “An Attitude” from upcoming EP “An Attitude” [Liquid Love Records]
  • Berlin based ambient /bass /breakbeat Enrica Falqui and Dea Dvornik, aka ERIS – “Sagittarius A” from “WUB001″ split 12” EP by Mars Leder / ERIS [WARNING]
  • Charleroi, Belgium cold wave /electro producer/DJ (Roulette Rekordz head honcho and half of Cercle Futur), Poladroïd “Return Of The Wavejumper” from “Return Of The Wavejumper” [Microm Records]
  • Dakkar, Senegal techno /breakbeat /electro producer (AKA Galass / Thunderstorm97), MIDNIGHT MENACE “Left and Right”
  • Athens, Greece/Distrito Federal, Mexico experimental /IDM /industrial /breakbeat /techno /electronic duo Anastasios Tatsis and Manolis Elijah Sueuga, AKA Ice_eyes x Sueuga “Incubar” from “Superficie” EP [Arboretum]
  • Paris-based electro trance /Italo production duo Eliott Litrowski & Voiski, AKA Superski “Tropical Cyclone” from “Mondo Moderno” 12″ album [Cracki records]
  • German acid /electro /house /breakbeat producer Niklas Wandt “Bodyzeit” from upcoming “WAR1207″ EP 12” [WARNING]
  • Berlin-based Italian native rave /house /trance /EBM /breakbeat /techno DJ-producer (Wax / Tusk Wax co-founder and one half of Y2C with Curse), Younger Than Me – “Don’t Fly The Elephants” from V/A “Shifted Frequencies” 12″ album [Ulla Records]
  • Toulouse, France Italo /Trance /Synthpop /Indie Dance producers and Ulla Records founders, Austher & Naranja ft Bolides – “Collision” from upcoming Austher’s EP “Resilience” [Melopee Records]
  • Mexican Italo /synthwave /dark disco producer Daniel Solís, AKA Second Gate – “Santero (Bonnie Spacey Remix)” off “Santero” EP [Bonkers]
  • Krasnodar-based eclectic electro /post-punk /synthwave /electronic DJ-producer Konstantin Isayev (AKA Rambal Cochet), AKA Volta Cab “Praxis Und Theorie” from the upcoming EP “Alphabet of Humanity” [THISBE Recordings]
  • Edinburgh-based, Scottish electronic /leftfield pop solo project of John Bryden AKA Eyes of Others “Big Companies, Large Tentacles (Fantastic Man Remix)” from “Big Companies, Large Tentacles” single [Heavenly Records]
  • Mexico City techno /dark disco /electronic producer Santiago Bernal, aka TH3OS – “T3RR3MOTO” off upcoming EP  [Controlla]
  • Valencian Dark Disco /Italo Body music /Indie Dance producer Mundo D “Two Planets” off upcoming V/A “A Retro Futuristic Collage” compilation [Club Mackan]
  • Estonian nu disco /Italo /indie dance DJ-producer. Angé featuring Riccardo Alescio “Autocratico (Original Mix)” [Nothing Is Real]
  • Argentina/Chile trance /acid /indie dance production duo, Javier Ferreira x Persona RS – “Shifting Sands (Original Mix)” off upcoming V/A “Muy Duro Vol. X” compilation [DURO]
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK house /disco edit by label boss, Man Power “Real Basic Love” (UB40) off upcoming EP “Me Me Me present: Talent Borrows (Genius Steals) Vol #1” [Me Me Me]
  • Tel Aviv house /techno /indie dance producer Roy Heyman – “Perc Nights” off EP “Perc Night” [U’re Guay Records]
  • Tel Aviv, Israel dub /downtempo /psych /house producer Alek Lee – “Fun Control (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)” off upcoming “Fun Control” EP [Playground Records]
  • French house /tribal /downtempo /ethnic /Middle Eastern electronic collaboration, Jarl Flamar & Olkan – “The March Of Ur” from V/A “Musique de Fête, Vol. 3” EP [KasbaH/Nowadays Records]
  • Paris-based ethnic /organic house /downtempo /cinematic dance music producer blue Dietrich – “Dissolved (THE ODDNESS Remix)” from “Dissolved Mirage” remix album [Kośa Musica]
  • Norfolk, UK ambient /nu-jazz trio Mammal Hands “Kernel” off of the fifth album ‘Gift from the Trees’ [Gondwana Records]
  • Japanese ambient /cinematic /classical /electronic solo project of Tokyo-born, FLAU label owner, composer and producer Yasuhiko Fukuzono, aka LAU “Landia” from the upcoming LP “Everis” [Lo Recordings]
  • Norway ambient /sound collage /electro-acoustic solo project of Hans Marius Jacobsen, AKA Duelling Ants “Treetops” from cassette album “Here’s A Little Forest” [Folded Note Records]
  • British experimental /ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic duo of Craig Murphy and Lee Norris, AKA Solipsism & Nacht Plank “Imperfect Queen” from the upcoming LP “The Cerenarian Sea” [Neotantra]
  • London based ambient /neo-classical Piano musician and composer, Alice Thompson “Gauldrons” from the EP “From The Bay Of Storms”
  • Lakewood, Ohio ambient folk project The National Park Service “Room for love” from upcoming album “Room for Love” [Lily Tapes & Discs]
  • Scotland UK based ambient /drone /experimental /soundscape /electronic musician, Everyday Dust “Death Of A Compass” from long form cassette album “Mysteries From The Magnetic Realm”