WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH #13-22

  • Sonidos Subterraneos | Episode 121 | LA UNION METALURGICA                                                                        

Revealed with last year’s brilliant debut album on New York‘s L.I.E.S. Records imprint, Barcelona based duo Nicolas Ballesteros and Lautaro Carbajal, AKA La Union Metalurgica, started, from their early stages in 2020, to delve into the equally abstract, crumbling and distorted, industrial and experimental sounds conjure up by the crashing ruins of the decaying dystopic Western society.

  • German trance /hard techno DJ/production duo from Cologne, Tanzanfall “Darkness Is Beauty in The Right Hands” single [Darkart]

‘Fusing Warehouse aesthetic with 90s Nostalgia’, German producer delivers melodic and trancey Industrial Hard Techno spell through heavy stomping beats that stir deep bass vibrations, and scattered synth strains into a hypnotic turmoil above slow serene swirling glows and blurry indecipherable entrancing vocals, rising mercurially into alternate dimensions of pleasure and pain to light a darkened dancefloor with staggering beauty amid dystopic modern-day brutal chaos and doom.

  • Italian psych-ethno-electro-disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni “Red Siren (Local Suicide‘s Blood Red Siren Mix)” [Paradise Palms Records]

Berlin-based, Greco/German Production/DJ couple Vamparela and Brax Moody’s re-work sways with bass fueled energy and exuding stifling and staggering synth obsessiveness, arouses by throbbing mesmeric grooves from a heavy, bouncy bassline, to drive heady compulsive synth swirls and droning frequencies, cut by steady hypnotic snares, and ritual, rolling percussions, surrounded by sparse teasing ethnic vocal chants, to compel off-kilter brightly exotic yet disturbing mind-bending dancefloor reveries.

  • Detroit IDM /future funk /electro duo of Drexciya‘s Rudolf Klorzeiger (aka Gerald Donald) & To-Nhan, aka DOPPLEREFFEKT “Neuroplasticity” from the upcoming new album ”Neurotelepathy” via Leisure System

Bypassing past, present and future, after three years of experimentation in isolation, continues full acquaintance and mastery of the machines from the iconic Detroit duo, teasing the upcoming album with a tinkling and chiming dystopic model of sheer minimal electro prowess, at the same time starkly mechanical as it is pulsing with wistful emotive expressiveness, to ponder about the possibilities and pitfalls of what’s to come.

  • Barcelona based avant-garde /experimental /electronic artist Marina Herlop – “Shaolin mantis” second single from the upcoming debut album on PAN                                                                                                                                                   
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic producer from Milan, TAGLIABUE – “Energia Radiante” from the upcoming concept album “Un’ Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni” [Invisible Inc.]                             
  • Italian experimental /techno /tribal /electronic duo Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri, AKA TAMBURI NERI “Bolle di Dolore” title track from the upcoming EP “Bolle di Dolore” on Danza Tribale                                                               
  • Italian ethnic /downtempo /acid /tribal /psych /cosmic /electronic DJ/producer based in Rome, A-Tweed – “Midi Cooper (Tassilo Vanhoefen Remix)” from “Slime Mould Maze” EP
  • Rotterdam based ambient /drum & bass /electro /breakbeat producer Mick Woods – “Echo Tango” from the cassette album “Sapien Sounds” on brokntoys
  • Montreuil, France Industrial /Ambient /Drone /Gothic /Darkwave /Electronic project Attention fête “AOûT PLUVIEUX” from V/A “BALANCE LOST BALANCE (AN HOMAGE TO BALANCE)” album on LIOC
  • Greek post-industrial /breakbeat /ambient /techno project by Vasilis Angelopoulos, CONJECTURE ‘Spoliarum’ from the 2-tracker ‘A Lance For A Glorious End’
  • Italian experimental /acid /ethnic /cinematic /electronic music project by RBMA alumnus Marco Segato and photographer/video-maker Alessio Costantino (aka Askmeaboutdogs), AKA NARVALOS “Abuela” from the upcoming album “PoP (La Fuga)” on Sons Of Traders Records
  • Athens based ritual electronic project Current XXIII “Litany X” from the cassette album “Chaos Universal” on Phormix
  • UK based electro /rave /industrial /post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “All We Ever Wanted” (Bauhaus ‘The Sky’s Gone Out’ 1982) from upcoming V/A “HONORIS III TRIBUTE TO BAUHAUS” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • French New Wave /Coldwave /Schlag-Wave band from Rennes, Gwendoline “La Fin Du Monde (Umwelt Remix)” off upcoming EP [Mega]                                                                                                                              
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “La Notte Del Plenilunio”                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Paris based EBM /industrial techno producer Termination_800 – “Spec Ops (Notausgang Luv Shred Remix)” from upcoming cassette EP “Opfor Target” soon on Crave Tapes                                                                                            
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina industrial /techno /EBM producer KRSSV “Clamor” from the upcoming EP “Carakter” on Of Dolls and Murder
  • French industrial /EBM /acid /electro /techno producer Terence Fixmer “Countdown” from the upcoming “Countdown” EP on his own Planete Rouge Records
  • Rochester, NY synthpop /darkwave /minimal synth /techno /electro producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Heat Flash (The Hacker Remix)” off of “Remix EP on NEIN Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden acid /dark techno /rave /EBM producer Alexander Kassberg AKA Starving Insect “In Human Gore Imbued (Umwelt Remix)” from the LP “Gospels Of The Worm” on Rave and Revenge
  • Voronezh, Russia based acid /electro musician-producer Nikita Theodorov, AKA St Theodore – “Desolated Landscape” from V/A “Deviate VA004″ EP 12” on DEVIATE rec
  • EBM /Darkwave /Electro duo from Canada, Visitor – “Precious Moments (Morah Remix)” from “Technofossil / G.O.L.D remix split” album with XTR Human on Braid Records.
  • UK EBM /new beat /dark disco Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss, Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth – “Number Wang” from upcoming “Kutt-Outs” EP [Roam Recordings]                                                                                                                            
  • Berlin-based industrial techno /dark electronics artist Secondary Drive “Primary Signs” from “Aphasia” EP second chapter of the Tales of Psychofonia label trilogy
  • UK industrial techno producer LESSER OF “A Broken Mirror Cuts Your Face” single
  • Greek industrial /dark electronics /electro artist Boris Barksdale “Hands Off” from V/A “International Chromies Vol. 10” UA humanitarian relief compilation on International Chrome
  • Berlin-based raw industrial techno producer Younes Jamil “Venomous Pleasure” from the upcoming “Arachnida” EP on SCTR
  • Polish industrial /noise /hard techno producer HATELOVE “‘I’m Not Afraid To Die I’m Afraid I’ll Survive And Have To Watch You Suffer” title track from the new EP on Arfa ArcanA
  • Dublin-native experimental /industrial /techno producer Simon Hayes AKA Swarm Intelligence “The Glory Is Yours” from the upcoming s/t EP [Swarm Intelligence]                                                                                                       
  • Berlin-based techno producer and Drawner Record head, Arkan – “Placebo Effect” title track from the next EP on Drawner Records                                                                                                                                               
  • Munich based trance /techno DJ and producer CAIVA “Take Me Higher” from debut “Fatigue” EP on Lobster Theremin
  • Rubi, Barcelona IDM /noise /techno /electro project of Rafael M. Espinosa (aka Univac), AKA Geistform “Note Repeat” from the EP Antena” on Trauma Collective
  • Dark ambient/minimal wave/electronic solo project of a former member of English 80s electronic band Shoc Corridor, Chris Davis – “Motorcade” from “Floating In A Forest” EP
  • Utrecht, Netherlands EBM /techno /new beat /industrial /synth-pop /electro producer OorsprongPark – “Baroque Fetish” from the upcoming cassette EP “La Prossima Vittima” on Italo Moderni
  • French acid /electro DJ/Producer from Toulouse, Brandski ‘Whiplash’ from the UA Charity Compilation “Peace & Solidarity” on French label Frequency Shift Recordings
  • Brussels-based experimental /minimal electronics producer Maoupa Mazzocchetti feat Phillip Jondo – “1000 Tooth Smile” from “UXY Dosing© Vol.2” album [Nine Tracks Ú̴̖̜̽̐́̆̋͛͊͠͝nselected by Judaah] second instalment in the Italian producer’s UXY Dosing© (UD) series [MDMMaximal Dance Music]  
  • The Hague, Netherlands acid techno producer CrusHerr – “Tanz Acid” from the upcoming album “Den Haag Acid Pack” on new Suction Records sublabel Dope Sheets
  • Gothenburg, Sweden experimental /dub /minimal techno producer, and iDEAL Recordings head, Joachim Nordwall AKA The iDEALIST “COURAGE DUB (FOR STANISLAV DEEV)” from V/A “NO WAR!” humanitarian cassette compilation on iDEAL Recordings
  • Tokyo, Japan acid techno /breakbeat /wave /electro DJ-producer SHUN – “I’ll Never Reach Your Level (Younger Than Me Remix)” from the upcoming V/A “Corpus Vol 2” [Insult To Injury]                                                               
  • Melbourne, Australia psych /ethnic /organic /downtempo /electronic producer Warwick Ferguson, aka THE ODDNESS “Facing Atlas” from “Perseus” EP Vinyl 12″ on Shango Records
  • French dark disco/electro DJ & producer Kimshies – “12 Windows” from upcoming V/A “Dimensional Rejuvenation” EP [Ombra International]                                                                                                                             
  • Vienna based indie dance /disco /electronic duo Wiener Planquadrat “Im Dschungel” title track from the upcoming EP “Dschungel” (IDI005) on Local Suicide’s label Iptamenos Discos
  • Spanish dance technopop collaborative project of seasoned producer Nacho Marco and trusted vocalist Garen Moreno, AKA Jet Hummer “Last Night” from “Last Night” EP on Running Back
  • George Michael – “I Want Your Sex (Lewandoski Edit)” #64 off “REPHRASE COLLECTION 2022” : bandcamp exclusive free download EP via HARD FIST
  • French electronic /dark disco /indie dance duo Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys “Wolf’s Call” from the UA Charity Humanitarian Compilation “#StandWithUkraine” on Correspondant
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco /electronic musician-producer from Los Mochis, CHINOSYNTH “AH (Anna Forest Remix)” from the upcoming EP “AH” on HEARec                                                                                         
  • Brussels based acid /dark cosmic disco /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “Nothing Is Ever Lost” from “Time Well Spent” EP on TAU                                                                        
  • Middlesbrough Italo disco /house /indie dance producer and Paradiso Records founder, REES “Three Eyes (Tjade Remix)” off of “Three Eyes” 12″ on Bordello A Parigi                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based psych cosmic nu-disco /synthpop duo of French-born Alex Arslan, and Italian Riccardo Pirotto, AKA Panna Cotta “Sunrise” title track from the debut album on Amsterdam’s Lumberjacks In Hell                          
  • Leiden, Netherlands funky /indie dance/nu-disco trio Kraak & Smaak “Fittipaldi” single
  • French experimental electronic musician Alexandre Bazin “Percussion-Resonance XIV” from the album “Percussion-Resonance” on Important Records / Cassauna
  • Louisville, Kentucky based dark ambient /drone /electronic project by experimental artist Kensaku Nishizato (Nurse With Wound, Val Denham, The Sword Volcano Complex collaborator), AKA Sinister Senile “Inner Light” from the album “Life of the Dead”
  • Chinese experimental /ambient /psych /minimal rock group from Wuhan, Hualun(花伦)“当南国亭 Nangokutei” from the soundtrack album “Before “Next Spring Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
  • Monterrey, Mexico ambient /experimental sound artist TORRES トレス トレス – 感覚 – from the album – 雨の午後 – via NO PROBLEMA | DIGITAL
  • St. Louis, Missouri ambient /drone /abstract /electronic producer Haunted Ghost “Insides” from the cassette album “Inside Magic” on Liminal Garden
  • Chicago based ambient /abstract /glitch /experimental musician Cinchel “Fear distance” from the cassette album “A plan for some/time” on Trouble In Mind Records
  • Lawrence, Kansas ambient /drone /noise /electronic musician SELVEDGE – “Vellum” from V/A “Music For Clean Water” humanitarian refugee relief compilation on Wormhole World
  • Melbourne based ambient /field recordings /drone artist Karl Willebrant, aka WILLEBRANT “Cowwarr II” from “Cowwarr___ ” album third instalment in the Fieldwork Series
  • Swedish ambient /folk /field recordings /drone /electronic producer, c o m t e “Beech” from the new album “Cipher”
  • Berlin based, Canadian experimental /ambient /neo-classical multi-instrumentalist and guitarist (aka Sailors with Wax Wings & Nadja), Aidan Baker “You Are All At Once” title track from the album “You Are All At Once” on Somewherecold Records