WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – March #13-21

  • BLACK DAHLIA – The Midday Mix on FBi Radio [Feb ’21]                                                                                     

To celebrate the release of the stunning “Animasochist” EP via Berlin label X-IMG, Sydney based dark electronic music project BLACK DAHLIA delivers an uncompromising set of new beat, EBM & industrial stark and cold vibrations.

  • Berlin-based Italo /EBM /electro producer Markus Gebauer AKA Interviews “Cosmic Shuffle” off S/T EP 12″ on Brokntoys.

London based label never misses a beat, this time is Berlin-based producer to stand out with a ‘throbbing blend of Italo, EBM and electro’. Our fave from the overall impressive lot is the 80s flavoured, killer retro-futuristic electro-disco jam, “Cosmic Shuffle”, alluringly propelled by a Moroder-esque menacing and hypnotic disco bassline that bounces and gallops, wandering ceaselessly, swept down by sharp snapping, whipping beats and haunted by icy synth stabs, to induce a multidimensional dark and mysterious cosmic trip of heady aural incantation.

  • West London based experimental horror electronics producer Tommy Gillard (one half of Zov Zov with Oliver Ho), aka Curved Needle “Rain Of Molten Iron” title track from the upcoming EP “Rain Of Molten Iron” on Artificial Dance

With the help of his longtime partner in crime, Oliver Ho aka Broken English Club, West London based producer Tommy Gillard revives as Curved Needle, delving into the intense, hideous innards of enigmatic twisted body music and visceral off-kilter experimentation. Harsh, stuttering bass pulses stack obscure constipated vibrations with droning synth chords and ominous dry rhythms, while ominous decrepit yet powerful atmospheric vocals release primal repetitions erupting into “Rain of Molten Iron.”

  • UK/Australian dark disco collaboration between Tronik Youth and Stockholm Syndrome, aka Stockholm Youth “Fallin (Günce Acı Remix)” off upcoming “Fallin” EP [Nein Records]                                                             

Istanbul based Dj /Producer Gunce Aci adds darkened trippy layers of ominous oscillating bass tone vibrations laced with harsh twinkling auras of eerie squeaking synth strains, to rise anxiously into an edge of seat cliff hanger momentum, falling surreptitiously into the swaying dance floor mayhem, strewn in flashing drone alarm, while distant paranoia-inducing whispers echo half- hazardly into the mind-expanding droning textures of aural bliss.

  • Ambient electronic live collective based in Poland, How To Disappear Completely ”Fractured (Wolf Maps Edit)” from “Altered I” EP an ongoing remix project.
  • UK experimental /minimal /electronic producer Guy Alexander Brewer (formerly half of d&b duo Commix), aka Shifted – “Natural Elevation” off upcoming 4th LP “Constant Blue Light” on Avian
  • US/UK ambient /industrial /electronic duo Tony D’Oporto and Mark Spybey, “Born to fly” from the upcoming album “The seventh seal” on ant-zen
  • Italian synth ambient /pop solo artist SSIEGE “Nebbia Spugna” from upcoming EP “Meteora” on Knekelhuis.  
  • Nashville, TN ambient /electro /synthwave project of Matthew Pusti, aka Makeup and Vanity Set “The Dark Knight” from the LP “Heart of Batman” soundtrack to the documentary “Heart of Batman” from Batman: The Animated Series deluxe Blu-ray.
  • Industrial power noise project of FrancoSpanish veteran artist and Unknown Pleasures Records owner Pedro Peñas Robles, HIV+ Nerfs (feat. Barkosina of Years Of Denial) from “Theatre Of Cruelty” album [a tribute to the French poet, novelist, actor and playwright Antonin Artaud (1896-1948)]
  • Greek EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics project SECOND TENSION “Metasiban” off the forthcoming EP “Schisma” on Ancient Methods
  • Canadian experimental /EBM /industrial /dark electronics duo ORPHX “Suspended Animation” off upcoming V/A “VA II” on KHIDI                                                                                                                                                          
  • Secretive EBM /body music /wave /dark synth /porno industrial project, Wet Skin – “Abstract & Free (Statiqbloom Remix)” off debut cassette album “Animal God” on X-IMG23
  • Medellín, Colombia industrial /techno /dark electro producer Alex Restrepo, aka Sadxmafioso – “Kommakult” off “Kommakult” EP on SOIL
  • Northern California industrial /EBM /breakcore /noise /acid /techno producer Memory Clap Acid “Mala Conexion (W/ Felicia Constantine)” off upcoming Split cassette EP “ISTIC(S)” via Phage Tapes   
  • Naples, Italy industrial /electro /trap /goth /dark electronic /EBM producer Nicola Cimmino (aka Nathaniel) aka SHARPLINES “Passion & Blazing Guns” from upcoming EP “Stranger To Stranger” on Ancient Methods
  • Venezuela/Greece experimental /acid /industrial techno collaboration Cardopusher x DJ LOSER – “Elegia Euphoria” off V/A “POISON TEARS” (M.A005)                                                                                                                       
  • Bogotà, Colombian Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM producer and founder of DClock Records, Jesús David Restrepo, AKA Damaged Clock “Memories” off upcoming cassette EP “The Art of Bass” [Pildoras Tapes]         
  • Italian EBM /Industrial /Wave /Synthwave /Techno project of Raw Culture label boss from Rome (part of trio Fauna53), aka Asymmetrical “Several Futures” off upcoming album “Blind Faith” on Raw Culture                     
  • Italian rave techno producer Gigi Galli “Sgretolato (Blac Kolor Remix)” from “Mind Transmissions” cassette album on Drøne
  • London/New York crime-wave project from Giallo Disco masterminds Anton Maiof aka Antoni Maiovvi & Gianni Vercetti Balopitas aka Vercetti Technicolor, ACID VATICAN “Glass Eater” off the new EP “Holy See” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • French electro /techno producer David Carretta “Standing In The Forest” from V/A “Valley of Tears Vol. 3” on SOIL
  • Germany-based Japanese/Italian dark industrial techno duo Ayako Mori & Lady Maru – “Destroy The Energy” off upcoming “Mental Disorder” EP on Elektrotribe Records
  • Bristol, UK minimalist drum & bass / dark techno /electronic producer Kristian Jabs aka Pessimist “Nothing Positive” from the EP “All Hope Lost” on Berceuse Heroique
  • Barcelona-based post-industrial /tribal /post-punk /minimal synth duo DAME AREA “No Pares De Trabajar” from the upcoming album “Ondas Tribales” on Mannequin Records
  • Philadelphia psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid – “From Afar” off upcoming EP “Sorry I Was in VR” on Nocturne
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands dark acid/breakbeat/electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Thread” from V/A “Acid Cyborgs Are Sick 02” EP on Everyone On Acid
  • French acid /breakbeat /electro producer RIGSON “Object Sky” from V/A “Dancefloor Dreamtronics Volume One” on Ganzfeld Records
  • Philadelphia dub /psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid “You You You You” from the upcoming “A Wonderful Time in a Terrible Club” EP on Inside Out Records
  • UK-born, L.A.-based, horror /EBM /industrial /dark electro /electronic music producer/DJ Thomaas Banks – “And The Machines Began To Breathe [Ole Mic Odd‘s Acid Machine Remix]” off upcoming “The Dark” EP on his own label Sinahti
  • Barcelona‘s Arnau Obiols aka VELMONDO – “NameYourPrice Edit 007” from “NameYourPrice Edits” series on Les Yeux Orange
  • Russian dark electronic ‘brutalist house’ duo from Moscow, ODOPT “Dub State” from the EP “Incident”
  • Rostock-bred, Frankfurt transplant experimental /new wave /electro producer Stefan Haag (aka Chinaski), aka S-F-X • “Mutant Slurp” off cassette album “2021” on A Futura Memoria
  • London based former Andrew Weatherall’s engineer and one half of The Asphodells, Italo /cosmic /proto-techno /electro /cosmic /electronic DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay “Flight 47” from new cassette album “A Snowstorm In The Tropics” on his new label Dungeon Module
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia acid /psych /trippy /electronic producer Vitorijoski – “Witches And Demons” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL018: Valiant Fury” EP on Ombra International                                                                                      
  • Amsterdam based Italo disco/psych/cosmic disco Italian producer Daniele Labbate (aka Disco Mortale), aka Daniel Monaco – “Darab” from V/A “La Danse #2” [HRDF13] compilation album on HARD FIST
  • Berlin-based Italo/cosmic disco Italian DJ/producer Franz Scala “Just a Dream” from V/A “Modernation Vol.3” (Special Edits) on Italo Moderni
  • Mexican indie /dark disco /electronic producer (aka Mahkina), Alex Aguayo – “Erase your Memory” from V/A “ODD Pleasures V.A. Compilation Vol.1” on ODD Pleasures
  • Russian nu-disco /ethnic /tribal /electronic project of brothers Andrey and Stas from St. Petersburg, Radial Gaze “Refined (Theus Mago Remix)” off “refined” EP on Thisbe Recordings                                                                   
  • Zagreb-based experimental electronic producer Napalma – “It’s Not You It’s Me (Neon Lies remix)” from V/A “Collective Reverbs” compilation on Ziva Muzika
  • Frankfurt, Germany experimental /IDM /dark electro /techno producer DEFECT DATA “Displacement” from the EP “Deleted Scenes”
  • Spanish experimental /dark ambient /acid /techno duo from Valencia, Spammerheads “Lluvia ácida” off the cassette album “Sound Of Spam” on FIXREC
  • UK experimental analogue electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka, Pye Corner Audio “Wanna Show U Acid” from the EP “Midnite Acid”
  • Japanese experimental /dub /drone /electro /acid /ethnic new project of Tokyo-based artist Hoshina Anniversary, aka Suemori – “Yakkosan” off upcoming “Maebashi” album on Osàre! Editions
  • Experimental /electronic /psych /downtempo open music laboratory for improvisation and self-healing, founded by Italian producer/DJ Eva Geist, Poetas Sónicos – “Har” off V/A “Zauberstab Volume 1” on LÍO Press                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Italian cosmic disco /electro-disco /electronic Florence Renaissance producer TULIOXI “I’m used to music (Disco Mortale Obscure Vision)” upcoming EP on Lyon’s Mélopée Records                                                              
  • Spanish ambient /psychedelic /tribal /electronic Barcelona-based collaborative project of Arnau Obiols (Velmondo) & David Iriarte and Carles Rocamora (Iro Aka), Velmondo & Iro Aka “Wavefold” from “Les Illes Del Cel” EP on Hivern Discs
  • Ambient/Neo-Trance/Tribal-Kraut collective lead by half member of The Pilotwings from Lyon, Louis E Bola, Eiger Drums Propaganda “Anchor In Mystery” off upcoming 2xLP album “Eiger Drums Propaganda III” on Macadam Mambo
  • East London, UK ambient /breakbeat /drum&bass /dub /electronic producer Joe Baker, aka Forest Drive West “Ritual” from “Dualism” EP on Livity Sound
  • Spanish ambient /experimental /IDM electronic producer HANUT MUNSON “Earthly interlude” from the EP “Zoopraxiscopy” on EVEL Records
  • Portuguese ambient /drone /minimal /cinematic /classical /piano project of Afonso Dorido, aka Homem em Catarse “Santa Marta das Cortiças” new single off upcoming álbum “Sete Fontes” on Regulator Records
  • French Alps-based, English ambient /drone /field recordings acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist (aka Seabuckthorn), Andy Cartwright “A Diary of Sorts” from the album “Unstill” on Facture
  • Bradford, UK electronica/post-rock/ambient project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “John McGinn Versus Norwich” from upcoming cassette album “Providence” on Box Records
  • Italian ambient /abstract /post-digital /electronic project by Daniele Fabris, aka LEDEN “Si Era” from the EP “Tenpo” on HIDE
  • Oakland, Ca ambient /drone /electronic artist Sean Conrad (aka Channelers), aka ASHAN “Sky Of Shapes” from the album “Shadow Of A Flame” on Inner Islands
  • Japanese-born, Melbourne-based ambient /drone /electronic artist AI YAMAMOTO “Forest Bathing” from the album “Love me Tender” on Past Inside the Present
  • Sumatran Black drone side-project Ataşehir “Standing at Her Apartment Window I Saw a Sultry Mist Floating Above a Deserted E5” from the third album “When the Time Comes” on Istanbul based Sumatran Black Records
  • US ambient /drone /neo-classical project of Vancouver based ambient composer Scott Morgan (Loscil) and North American cellist Mark Bridges (Kranky Ltd, T.R. Jordan), High Plains “Token” off V/A “Complete Drive ” compilation on THESIS