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Weekly Electronic Music Tips // MARCH #12-24

Balfron Tower, London by Ernö Goldfinger



Killer raw and corrosive mix from Glasgow-based DJ, producer & Lifeforms label head honcho, Gavelman tripping seamlessly between Acid, Electro, Techno and Noise.

  • French experimental /synth electronic artist from Bordeaux, VOLCAN “Bisan” from V/A – “S4R001” SOUNDS4RESISTANCE‘s Palestina fundraising cassette compilation [S4R]

SOUNDS4RESISTANCE is a solidarity fundraising project to gather musicians and creatives together for community support in this case “the Palestinian people that have been subject, for over 75 years, to incommensurable violence by the hands of the Israeli settler colonial state and the western imperial war machine.” In recent compilations, I don’t understand if out of ignorance or stupidity, I noticed several NGOs linked to well-known nefarious warmongers of US Imperialism like H. Clinton or G. Soros, as if the same ones who openly or sneakingly provide all kinds of lethal weapons to slaughter civilians, were asking for funds to save them., in this case you can go safe. The French synth musician concocts an intricate bouncy and hypnotizing rhythmical groove of clattering metallic percussions, ceaselessly thudding kick drums and rubbery pulsating basslines, over which mesmerizing Arabic ceremonial chants and swelling stirring bright atmospheric synth epics emphasize the emotional mood amongst tragedy and hope.

  • French electro /wave DIY pioneer Alexis A. since the 90s and founder of the seminal Planète Recordings label and lately of the Heathen Electronic Rec., LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE – “RAFAH RESISTS” from V/A “61 + 1 HYMNS FOR THE CHILDREN OF MYNAS | TEARING OF THE TEMPLE” 61 Artists Unite to Break the Silence: Charity VA Supporting Palestine Children Relief [GLANZ + ELEND]   

Same thing as above, even if I have serious doubts about the last well-known NGO, the huge 61 artist charity compilation more focused on Dark Sounds such as Industrial, Techno, EBM, Darkwave and all around, even if is not missing Trance (Fairground of Tears), Ambient (Vanity Productions) and Italo (Alen Skanner), through the highly passionate Berlin-based avant-garde DIY Record label GLANZ + ELEND.  Who better than an early pro-Palestinian militant as Le Syndicat Électronique, to embody that fiery spirit of resistance, with a hypnotic sharp-edged slab of raw, gritty, dissonant and true-to-the-core electro menace.

  • Toulouse-based French/Lebanese Italo /EBM /Techno /Electronic producer Psaum, aka Arabian Panther “El Oddz” from the upcoming “The Death Of The Panther” EP [Ritmo Fatale]

A staple of our Toulouse dance scene for over a decade, the French-Lebanese solitary warrior for peace and justice keeps the beats boiling with his uncompromising intersection of diverse styles from Italo-Disco to EBM and Techno flecked with Trance and Acid hues and swirling Arabic flourishing, imbued with heartfelt strains of pain, passion, melancholy and rebellion that echo from his heritage, that underlie the buzzing and gripping rhythms, to hypnotise the body and mind.

  • Hyogo, Japan-based ambient /field recordings /piano artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #150”
  • Oslo, Norway ambient /neo-classical pianist and composer Julia Gjertsen “Midnight Sun” [Moderna Records]
  • Portland, OR ambient /Americana /minimalistic /drone /cinematic /improvisation /piano /experimental guitarist, Marisa Anderson “Ralph (Version 1)” from the album “Music From ‘A Perfect Day For Caribou”
  • Sardinian ambient /electro-acoustic /tape loop /minimal composer and Rohs! Records founder, Andrea Porcu (Fka Music For Sleep), aka Come Le Onde “Il giorno che ci siamo persi (feat. Tatsuro Murakami)” from the CD album “I ritmi improvvisi del silenzio” [Rohs! Records]
  • Valencia, Spain IDM /ambient /drone /electronica sound artist Agustín Mena, aka WARMTH “The Black Sand” title track of the upcoming album “The Black Sand” [ARCHIVES]
  • UK ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic collaboration between Ian Hawgood (Home Normal label co-founder) and James Murray (Slowcraft label head), aka Slow Reels “Semaphore” from “Everyday Exotic” album [quiet details]
  • New York ambient /techno /experimental /electronic producer M.Willet – “Conversations With The Big Voice Upstairs” off upcoming cassette album “Feeling the Fields” [Noir Age]
  • UK experimental ambient musician Dylan Henner “Movement I: Our Ancient People” from “The Shepherds [official soundtrack]” for the hand-drawn animated short film by NYC filmmaker Woody Ray Tucker [Phantom Limb]
  • Tokyo-based, Japanese ambient /drone /electronic producer Saitoh Tomohiro “Silent Landscape” from the upcoming album “Mind Data” [Neotantra]
  • UK/Spain collaborative experimental ambient /drone project between Chris Herbert and Elías Merino, Ogive “Isthmus” from the second album “Opalescentia” [ROOM40]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /drone /folk guitar solo project Ethan Helfrich, aka Black Brunswicker “Nordic Winds” single
  • San Francisco-based ambient /electronic artist Xyla “Adjust” single
  • French ambient /experimental /electronica sound artist G.Teixeira, aka Almøst Silent “Skies” from the CD album “Gone With The Sun”
  • Paris, France avant-garde /minimal /ambient /electronic composer and musician Jonathan Fitoussi “Poème Symphonique – Part II” from the album “Poème Symphonique” (a revisitation of Symphony No. 1 “Titan” by Gustav Mahler ) [Transversales Disques]
  • UK ambient /Berlin school /space music /modular/synth/electronic producer State Azure “Ruins of Alpheron” from “Alpheron XI” EP
  • Berlin-based ambient /IDM /field recordings /electro-acoustic /experimental electronica artist Madelyn Byrd aka Slowfoam “Divine Morpho, Shimmering (feat. RAN PARK)” from the album “Transcorporeal Portal” [Somewhere Press]
  • UK ambient /improvised /experimental /electronic producer extnddntwrk “Deeper” single
  • French experimental /ambient /improvisational /sound collage /ASMRbient constructionist Jean-Emmanuel Rosnet “Syzygie” from the upcoming “Les Alentours” LP [Not Not Fun Records]
  • UK psychedelic /soul /improvisational /electronic /orchestral jazz ensemble led by composer, arranger & alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi, aka Cassie Kinoshi’s seed. “iii sun through my window” from upcoming  “gratitude” LP [International Anthem]
  • US/Japan ambient /drone /experimental /guitar /electronic collaboration of Ulla Straus and Kouhei Fukuzumi, aka Ulla & Ultrafog “Lame Mart” from the album “It means a lot” [Motion Ward]
  • London-based IDM /ambient /dub /cinematic /experimental electronica artist and composer since 1991, Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner “Odalisk Broadcast” from the album “The Phenol Tapes” [Fabriek 180]
  • Cairo, Egypt ambient /glitch /dub /experimental electronic duo ABADIR & Onsy, aka 0N4B “Like a Floating Leaf” from the album “Somewhere, left behind” [3XL]
  • London-based experimental electronic and digital musician known as Inga Copeland (formerly member of Hype Williams), aka Dolina “Dejavu” from DIY concept album “Unrecognisable” [Relaxin Records]
  • UK ambient /post-rock /broken beats /slowcore /electronica producer Peter Cooper, aka Stumbleine “I Can Stop Anytime I Like” off the upcoming 8th studio album “Deleted Scene” [Monotreme Records]
  • UK sci-fi /soundtrack /electronic /indie pop project of songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist (aka Suncutter, and 1/2 of The Sound of Science), Kevin PearceMoonbeams: The Twelve Hour Foundation Remix” from the remix album “Science Fiction Ballads for the Lost Generation: The Remixes” [Castles In Space]
  • Swiss tropical /ethnic /organic /downbeat /electronic producer, DJ, and live-act Dominik Traub aka Dandara “Intro” from “&Chakib” LP [Wonderwheel Recordings]
  • London, UK experimental electronic producer Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet “Skater” from the album “Three” [Text Records]
  • Trentemoller– “Miss You (P A N Re-Touch)”
  • French acid /psych /trance /tribal /ethnic /techno /Afrohouse /balafon /electronic DJ-producer Praktika – “Dr. Balafon (feat. Innocent Kimpé)” from the upcoming “BALANI FACTORY” LP [Blanc Manioc]
  • Milan-based acid /cinematic /psychedelic /tribal /downtempo /electronic /spoken word poetry duo Claudio Brioschi and Andrea Barbieri, aka Tamburi Neri “La notte” from the upcoming second “La Notte” LP 12″ [42 Records]
  • Milan, Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic DJ-producer, Tagliabue – “Abisso” from the upcoming “Abisso” EP 12″ [Subject To Restrictions]
  • German techno /dub /soul /jazz /cinematic electronic eclectic electronic singer-songwriter and musician (aka Feathered Sun), Raz Ohara – “Instant Mastery (Die Wilde Jagd Remix)” from upcoming “Tyrants Remix” EP [Denature Records]
  • Finland‘s ambient /IDM /drum and bass /breakbeat /experimental versatile producer-pianist Otto Taimela “Sunflower Seeds” off “Sunflower” EP 12″ [Cold Blow]
  • South West, England ambient /experimental jungle /drum & bass producer Eusebeia “Vice & Virtue” from “Snakes & Ladders” EP [Samurai Music]
  • Toronto/Berlin-Mauritius ambient /psych /trance /breaks duo Pletnev & Fourmi Rouz, aka Moisk “A glass of coke with ice” from “Tetris Life’’ [Terra Magica Rec.]
  • Philadelphia psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid – “Ceremonial Slab” off upcoming charity compilation V/A – “Shelter Me – In Crisis” LP [Paisley Dark Records]
  • Casablanca, Morocco electro /breakbeat /house producer and Convergence label founder, Kosh “Human Condition” from “The Chopper” EP 12″ [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  • Berlin-based ambient /Detroit techno /deep house /electro producer Dan Meyer, aka Exotha “Soulseekers” title track of the upcoming EP [Nocta Numerica]
  • Berlin-based ambient /acid /dubstep /tech house /breakbeat electronic producer SANSIBAR “Elastic” from “We Rise” EP [Sin Sistema]
  • Bristol, UK dubstep /techno/ breakbeat /electronic DJ-producer, Laksa – “Enjoyment” off “Voices” EP 12″ [Ilian Tape]
  • Italian IDM /braindance /acid /electro /electronica veteran twin brother duo from Rome, D’Arcangelo – “Walker Two” from “D’Arcangelo / Karsten Pflum” split EP Acid Avengers series [Tripalium Corp]
  • San Francisco-based, México City-native acid /techno /electro DJ-producer Eichef – “Anywhere (Original Mix)” off upcoming V/A “DIGITAL ESCAPE VOL. 001” [AKELA RECS]
  • Maracaibo-born, Berlin-based techno /breaks /bass /electro producer Manao “X07 (feat. Viikatory)” from “Definicion Cero” EP 12″ [No Static / Automatic]
  • Berlin-based ghettotech /electro producer BOOTY-BUSTER “Ride Shit Down” from “Crime Pays” EP [Crazed Behaviour]
  • Detroit‘s techno /electro solo project of Tameko J. Williams (aka DJ Maaco, aka D.I.E), Detroit in Effect “Tear The Roof Off” from the unreleased “GET UP / THE MEN YOU’LL NEVER SEE” EP [M.A.P.]
  • Italian techno /electro producer from Rome, T/ERROR “Rising Tide” from “DATA SURFER” EP 12″ [New Interplanetary Melodies]
  • Swedish Techno /Electro DJ-Producer Dataintrång “Alternate” from the forthcoming LP “Your Reality Is A Fantasy” [FU.ME rec]
  • Berlin-based acid /deep techno /wave /psych /dark cosmic disco producer Pyrame – “Electronica Melancholia (Volta Cab Post Punk Ride)” off “Electronica Melancholia Remixes” EP [Thisbe]
  • Mid-80s Chicago‘s duo synth wave duo Algebra Suicide – “An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows (Mmyylo Edit)” (originally from self-released second 7″ single in 1985)
  • Oakland, CA industrial /acid /techno /electro modular synth producer SIGNAL 72 “AREA 72″ from “ALONE IN THE DARK” EP
  • Savoie, South of France cinematic /darkwave /industrial young electronic producer Yorismäki “Hunger” off the CD album “Vacuity Pulse” [Unknown Pleasures Records]
  • Paris, France dark ambient /cosmic /industrial /techno /electronic producer Substencia – “Introitus” from “Pervasive Ignorance” EP [TJALK RECORDS]
  • Berlin-based industrial /post-metal /noise /electronic collaborative project between Blime Dust (Hugues Dop) and Incendie (Arthur Bdt), Human Spine “Transition” from S/T EP [Voidance Records]
  • Chile EBM /cold wave /minimal synth /techno producer Atmósfera Hostil “Mi hermano fuma pasta” from “Un Nuevo Amanecer Se Desvanece” EP [Kontratake Kollektive]
  • Derry-based industrial /experimental electronics /EBM project of Christian Donaghy, aka Autumns – “Swollen But Golden” off upcoming V/A “Brutality III” compilation [Brutal Forms]
  • Industrial /Techno /EBM DJ-producer Meshes Ft BB Deng – “Satisfy Or Terrify” from V/A “The Semiconscious System II VA” tape compilation [Idlestates Recordings]
  • EBM /industrial techno producer METAKROSS “Breath” off upcoming EP “ECHOES” [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Marseille-based, French cyberpunk /trance /industrial /dark techno /EBM producer ROÜGE – “Until Next Moon” from “Legacy” LP 12″ [Midnight Mana]
  • Paris-based industrial techno DJ-producer Mind/Matter “Les Trompettes De L’Enfer” off V/A “REGARDE LE MONDE BRÛLER vol.1” compilation tape [Intervision]
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics / EBM /rave /acid /industrial techno producer Maxime Fabre, aka Crystal Geometry “The Intelligence Briefing” from V/A “KR050: 5 years anniversary” compilation [KR Records]
  • UK industrial /EBM /techno producer EVIL DUST “Sadistic”
  • Berlin-based acid /psych /dub /trance /techno /downtempo /dark pop artist Nadia D’Alò (INIT), DALO “Shovel” from the upcoming “Duster” LP 12″ [R.i.O. Label]
  • EBM /indie dance /wave /dark disco collaboration between Greco-German producer-DJ duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and Argentinian Panko, aka Local Suicide & Panko “Frenesí” [U ́re Guay Records]
  • Valencian EBM/Trance cult classic from 1991, Chimo Bayo – “Asi Me Gusta A Mi (Alen Skanner Remix)”
  • Early 80s Spanish ‘technorchestra’ band TodoTodo – “Nativa (Gael Gael Edit)”
  • Bronski Beat Feat Marc Almond – “I Feel Love Medley (DayVentura‘s Frankfurt Mix)”
  • J4ckson & L4swell – “Way L Goes (Benedikt Frey Mega Dub)”
  • Madrid‘s acid /indie dance /Italo disco DJ-producer and Logical Records head, Ivan De la Rouch – “Como Que Por Que?”
  • Mexican acid /trance /techno /indie dance DJ-Producer Hugo Vallejo “Noche De Baile” from the upcoming “Intervalo” EP [Nein Records]
  • Mexican/French acid /trance /indie dance /disco /tribal /psych /downtempo collaboration between producers Bufi and Lille’s Kubebe (member of the electronic band, Volcan La Peté), Bufi & Kubebe – “El Jockey (feat. Abrao) (TYU Remix)” off “Sternana Remixes” EP [Duro]
  • Moscow new beat /trance /disco producer Orchid “Cherry Colla” from “No Peace and Quiet” EP
  • Canadian techno /indie dance DJ-producer Nathan Hall – “Existential Anthem (Theus Mago Remix)” off “Existential Anthem” EP [You Plus One]
  • Synth heavy /Italo remix of Dutch Hi-NRG disco electronic live alias of Simon Weis (Isaie Reuling), aka Isaie – “Ace (Gerd Janson Special Dance-Mix)” off upcoming”XXX014RMX” EP [XXX]
  • Bob Sinclar feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – “Steel Storm (Musumeci Remix) – “MoBlack & Africanism” off “Steel Storm Remix” EP [MoBlack Records / Yellow Production]
  • Turin-based, Italian electro disco /Italo /house producer Hey Cabrera! “Italo Void” off “Italo Void” 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Paris-based house /Italo /wave /indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer Joe Lewandowski “Long (Original Mix)” [Sweet Music]
  • English ambient /field recordings /hauntology /folktronica /spoken world collaboration of Rebecca Denniff (Subphotic, Storm Chorus) and David Owen (Band of Cloud, The FLK, Storm Chorus, The Hollow Men), Bonfire Hill “Summoning” from the EP “Rituals”
  • Athens, Greece ambient /drone /cinematic /avant-garde /neo-classical sound artist Apostrophe “Sentimental” from “Cinématique / Sentimental”
  • Newcastle, Australia industrial /ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental producer J. Campbell “The Lighthouse” from the album “Erosion Of Memory'” [Nice Music]
  • Belgium ambient /field recordings /experimental /electronic /drone project of David Nizet, aka Sons Of Melancholia “Sentiment Océanique” from the EP “Voyageur Immobile” [Facade Electronics]
  • Dayton, OH minimal analog ambient project of Brian Grainger (aka Coppice Halifax), Milieu “Water 3.2” from the double album “Across the Surface of the Water” (distillations of recorded material from the ‘River Mural’ album by Coppice Halifax) [Milieu Music]
  • Legendary North American composer, live electronics innovator and founding member of Musica Elettronica Viva in Rome, Richard Teitelbaum “Asparagus (Original Soundtrack)” from the soundtrack for Suzan Pitt’s cult 1978 animation “Asparagus” 2×12″ LP [Black Truffle]
  • Seattle, WA based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /soundscape /experimental Turkey-native sound artist Derya Susman, aka Deli Kuvveti “Echos betrayed in nocturnal light” from the CD album “Distant Vistas” [Slow Tone Collages]
  • Belgium-based ambient /electro-acoustic /field recordings /experimental electronics composer, sound artist and vocalist, Christina Vantzou “After Five: Christina Vantzou & Ensemble Live at The Barbican” (performance of the album “No. 5”, originally released by Kranky in November, 2022)
  • Athens-based experimental /industrial /dark techno producer Sawf  – “Live at Athens Conservatoire for Chaos Festival” [HOMVA031]  

Balfron Tower, London by Ernö Goldfinger

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