WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – March #11-21

  • ANWAR – Radio Rituel 36                                                                                                                                                 
Courtesy of Radio Rituel show conceived by the musical collaboration between DJs and producers Elena Sizova from Belarus (half of Der Zyklus with Gerald Donald) and German-based / L.A.-bred Natalie Ann aka Blackmoon77 (Mélodies Souterraines / Late-Night Rec., Discos Del Quebrantos), this week’s set comes from their guest Anwar from the excellent UK label Brokntoys with one hour of moody wave and dark industrial, through Martial Canterel, Sam de la Rosa, Twilight Ritual or Solide Einsamkeit… Follow Radio Rituel show on Mixcloud. Enjoy! 
  • Paris‘ EBM /Industrial /techno /electronic artist SUBSTENCIA “Dōjōji” new single

Inspired by Mishima‘s short stories “Dojoji” and ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ video game, Paris based electronic artist SUBSTENCIA unleashes an EBM-strewn industrial clanging and cutting ritual ‘sacrifice’, through eerie spatial auras layering extreme disconnected frequencies, explosive screams, and industrial grit down a steam-powered bass line’s treacherous drive, cut with lashing, hissing beats, maniacal clanks, and haunted blowing synth strains to merge tumultuous disruptions into the relentless churn of apocalyptic doom.

  • Spanish indie dance/dark disco collaboration, Ivan de la Rouch & Mike Sacchetti “Cúrame (Amarcord ‘Curami’ Remix)” off upcoming “Cúrame” EP on Play Pal Music                                                                           

Italian young producer Amarcord reinvents the original through a heady blend of organic and analog electronic instrumentation, infused of distant intriguing CCCP echoes (Italian punk pioneer’s hit is the topic of the week apparently), to weave throbbing bassline danger with martial, marching beats, warm, yet eerie synth tensions, and distant anxious vocals echoing fear, while reaching out from the depths of surreal dimensions amid high pitched buzzing shoots, and ominous baritone guitar expansions to ebb and flow in an intoxicating madness.

  • Bordeaux / Nantes EBM /new beat /psych /dark electronic collaboration of producers Mimmo & Hirschmann – “Danse Macabre” from upcoming “Le Martinet” LP on Ritmo Fatale

Toulouse-based Italo disco imprint slows things down with a dark, mesmeric and eerily esoteric first preview from French collaborative project of Mimmo & Hirschmann, to inject harsh squeaky auras cryptically embedded into the ritual haunting allure of tribal drum beats pounding through fluttering dimensions, distant reverbs of primal screams, and the stinging alarming rain of electronic strains, while sensual, eerie French spoken vocals chant fading desires into a transformative pause, fueling a stuttering bass line and twinkling lopsided synths into a ceremonial implosion. Expect more wicked and metallic sonic investigations into sinister sonic territories with the expected Colombian ace Filmmaker remix.

  • Sofia/Berlin experimental /ambient /electronic collaboration Evitceles & Fortunes Brine – “Fallow” off upcoming V/A “An Embrace” EP a collaborative project between the Bulgarian experimental music collective Amek and the German music label Vaagner, commissioned by Easterndaze as part of the festival’s fourth edition                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Indonesian experimental electronic duo Senyawa – “Alkisah II (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)” off “Alkisah REMIXED” album on les albums claus / Kiosk Radio
  • Early 80s Amsterdam-based experimental /no wave /mutant disco /funkproject of René van Rijn, Electric Party “Portrait Of Ezra Pound” from the retrospective vinyl 12″ collection plus unreleased tracks “Play” on Knekelhuis
  • Experimental electronics project Homva – ” Rodatsa” off “Valtos” limited cassette [HOMVA015]
  • Flensburg, Germany analog wave /dark electro producer Das Muster – “Die Zweite Welle” from V/A “A Call Too Close” charity compilation on brokntoys
  • Berlin based Greek experimental /drone /EBM /industrial /electro /techno artist, Angelos Liaros, aka Blakk Harbor “Concrete Head” from upcoming EP “Petite Mort” on Fleisch Records
  • Argentinian experimental/ EBM/ breaks/ acid /techno producer and founder of the Knife collective, Santiago Lachaise, aka Unknown “Knowledge (SARIN Remix)” from upcoming cassette EP “Lack of Resources” on X-IMG
  • Taiwan experimental /dark ambient /industrial /techno artist R000000M “PAIN (Vū Remix)” off the EP “Atonement” on Vumantra
  • Electro /Industrial /techno /body music solo project from Morocco, Maniaque Nocturne – “Misery Clan” off upcoming V/A “Universidad de Vampiros” compilation on SHISHI RECORDS
  • Cali, Colombia industrial techno project of multi-instrumentalist Paternina Jr., PIGZEN. “Policía Sobornable / Bribery Police” off the EP “Canciones Porcinas y Remezclas”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /industrial /techno /electro producer Estado Critico – “Engendro” off V/A “Naufragio” compilation on Perlas Label
  • Naples, South Italy industrial /electro /trap /goth /dark electronic /EBM producer Nicola Cimmino (aka Nathaniel) aka SHARPLINES “Rising With Movement” from “Hyperdrive” EP
  • Paris‘ experimental /noise /industrial /techno producer Blime Dust – “Come To Life” from “Crossing Sheol” Split Cassette Album with The Undertaker’s Tapes on Apnée Artefact
  • Experimental industrial group from New York, Warcrimes “Decadence” from “Enemy of The State” EP
  • Kyiv, Ukraine EBM /Noise /Techno /Synth duo The Against – “Not Ok” from S/T debut EP
  • Shangai/Montreal experimental techno collaboration Osheyack & Nahash – “Pegged” off upcoming EP “Club Apathy” on SVBKVLT                                                                                                                                                             
  • Argentinian experimental/ EBM/ industrial/ acid /techno producer and founder of the Knife collective, Santiago Lachaise, aka Unknown Feat Bad Faith Actor – “Master Of My Fate” from upcoming cassette EP “Eaten By Hypocrisy” on Italian label Crestfallen Electronics                                                                                                                                 
  • Italian experimental /acid /industrial /techno producer from Rome, Lady Maru – “Method (Original Mix)” off upcoming compilation on Industrial Techno United                                                                                               
  • Mexico City experimental /breaks /synth / trance /electronic musical project of Muk, aka Musetteandrums – “Raveling My Curls” single
  • Leuven, Belgium industrial /dark /acid /techno producer SWART “ Lieben Und Hass” from upcoming V/A “Volume 2” compilation on Sestra Records
  • Utrecht based EBM /industrial /dark techno /minimal electro musician-producer Roberto Auser “Second Sun” title track from the upcoming LP “Second Sun” on Dalmata Daniel
  • Leipzig, German breakbeat /acid /trippy /electro funk producer CREDIT 00 “Jus Tee Naa” from upcoming “Protest Love Songs” EP on Pinkman Records
  • Leipzig-based industrial /EBM /dark techno /electro project by Daniel Myer, LIEBKNECHT “Budva” off V/A “Occupants: Alpha 1” on Science Cult                                                                                                                      
  • Istanbul based analog acid electro producer, Fluctuosa “Fornix Dimm” from upcoming “Physical Hack” EP on Müstesna Records
  • Russian EBM /electro /dark disco /electronic producer (a member of Warehouse Moscow community), DISCO MORATO [Ocsid Otarom] “Foh” from V/A “Raver’s Guide to Love” EP on Syberian
  • Rotterdam‘s Danny Bosten‘s dark electronic techno /synth /electro project DAS DING “Cyborg Democracy” off V/A “The Wild World World Itself is Holy” on Flesh Prison Records
  • Munich‘s Permanent Vacation co-founder Benjamin Fröhlich and Madrid-based, Italian-born and Ransom Note regular Bawrut‘s acid /disco /electro collaborative track, Bawrut & Benjamin Fröhlich – “Kirmes” off V/A “AEON – Versus Vol. 1” EP on AEON label                                                                                                               
  • London based tribal/electro/disco producer Jacek Janiszewski, aka Mytron “Jaguar Head” off upcoming “Doch” EP on Nein Records                                                                                                                                     
  • Swiss indie dance /house /cosmic disco producer and live artist Mono-Tone “Panoramid (Tech Support Remix)” off “Krater 3000” EP on Midnight People                                                                                   
  • Mexican dark disco/electronic producer and Duro label co-founder Mateo González (aka Bufi, and Sonido Fantasma), Theus Mago “Shame” from “Consolidation” EP [PETS134] on Pets Recordings
  • Belgian electronic /dark disco DJ and producer, Arthur Johnson “Always Up (Original Mix)” from “In Control” EP on Duro
  • Berlin-based, UK electronic /dark disco /electroclash Producer/Remixer/DJ and Nein Records label boss Neil Parnell aka TRONIK YOUTH “U R A SLAVE (Mundo D remix)” off upcoming “U R A SLAVE” EP on Nein Records
  • Lisbon, Portugal ethnic /psych /downtempo /tropical /slow techno producer Diogo Graça, aka XCI – “Safety Car” from V/A “Pho Beat Bazar Vol. 1” on Italy’s Pho Bho label
  • UK synth/electronic producer Dark Strands “Repetition Will Kill Us – Original” new single
  • Italian psych /death-disco /tribal house /electronic duo of Claudio Brioschi (aka Brioski) and Andrea Barbiera, aka TAMBURI NERI “Odissea del Ritmo” off upcoming V/A “Ten Years Serendeepity” EP series on Milan’s Serendeepity                                                                                                                                                             
  • Munich, Germany ambient /deep /hypnotic techno producer Lindsey Wang, aka POLYGONIA “Whispering Leaves” from the album “Leaves and Ghosts” on ıo label.
  • French experimental / ambient / deep techno producer from Angers, Hydrangea “Healing Energies”           
  • Dublin based ambient/electronic music producer Mick Chillage “Dead Of Day” from “Soundescapes” EP originally released on Herb recordings in 2007
  • London-based 80s experimental /ambient /electronic pioneer duo of Nottingham‘s Roger Horberry & Andrew Hulme, aka O Yuki Conjugate “Empire” off “Artefacts” album 12″ on Kynant Records
  • Toronto experimental /ambient /power ambient /electronic artist CARES “Heather” from the upcoming album “Nerve Day” on ZABRA
  • New York/Dallas experimental /ambient /electronic musician Elektra Monet “Opal” from upcoming EP “Transience” on Somewherecold Records
  • Cairo, Egyptian experimental /ambient /abstract /IDM /electronic interdisciplinary artist Omar El Sadek, aka QOW – “16” off the debut cassette LP “Dawafer” via Prague’s Genot Centre
  • New York based avant-house / power-ambient project of Philadelphia‘s artist David Coccagna, CHAPERONE “Saint Advantage” from the debut LP “Emotion Hospice” on Bedouin Records
  • Los Angeles based experimental /ambient /electronic producer Jimmy Tamborello, aka DNTEL “Yoga App” from the upcoming album “The Seas Trees See” on les albums claus
  • Argentinian experimental /ambient /psych /ethnic /electro-acoustic /electronic collective Clan Caimán “Risco (Crag)” from the sophomore LP “Asoma (Rises)” on Osaka‘s EM Records
  • Sweden‘s ambient /deep electronic /drum&bass producer Ludvig Cimbrelius (aka ILLUVIA ), aka PURL “Sky (Slow Dancing Society Remix)” from the album “Holographic Prism” the final chapter of The Sky Trilogy on Past Inside the Present
  • UK ambient /drone /electronic project of Dennis Huddleston, aka 36 “The Grace of The Nameless” from the album “Music For Isolation (Suite)”
  • Montreal based ambient /drone /experimental artist Lamasz “Cinquième” from the upcoming album “Successions” on Giraffe Tapes
  • Toronto, Ontario esoteric /ambient /drone /electronic artist (1/2 of Tired Wires), Jack Quinn “Vertigo”
  • Canadian experimental/ambient/drone artist Bradley Deschamps (curator of Polar Seas), Anthéne “Enough” from V/A “Meditations 6” compilation on Shimmering Moods Records
  • Danish Post Rock /Ambient Rock project from Copenhagen, A Reason To Travel “Fleeting Bliss” from the album “Kingdom”
  • Bangkok,Thailand based spacey ambient /drone /psychedelic /electronic artist with Indian and Japanese roots, Sunju Hargun “อากาศ (Feat. Tulwai)” from upcoming album “Extans Mantra (環境) Vol. 4”
  • Italian experimental /ambient /shamanic project of Bologna’s bred Orlando Li Mandri, aka Blòt Heathen “Taiga” from the album “Northen Rituals” on संस्कार Rites