WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH #10-23


  • Horror Show#2 // EKATA                                                                                                                                             

In the second volume of Warsaw’s Horror Show Mix series curated by Ultra, Up-and-coming London-based Electro purist DJ-Producer and Natural Selection resident Ekata deftly combines spacey sci-fi atmospherics and ominous darkness with distinctive sparkling energy and a deep sense of groove.

  • Russian techno /bass /breakbeat DJ-producer Anton Berezin (Seven Knives, Wolfstream, Otchim), aka BEREZA “The Nomad (Benedikt Frey Remix)” from “The Nomad” EP [System 108]

Slow-downed trippy remix treatment from dynamic German visionary drives a mesmeric echoing shuffling realm of faltering chugging basslines, swirling chants, rising and falling circular tones, shaking abrasions, and dub-inflected hypnotic skipping beats, rotating endlessly into surreal layers of mind-expanding bliss.

  • Kraków, Poland based EBM /Italo /acid /techno /electro funk multi-disciplinary artist CHINO “VNTBLK” from “Common Oddity” EP 12” [Mindri/Pinkman]

In the first preview from the upcoming four dread-laden apocalyptic funk cuts by Polish underground maestro, snapping gurgling low end undulations and tight lashing snares that seamlessly interplay into relentless winding propulsion, cloaked in decayed and eerie dystopian gloom, disheveled by frenetic squeaky flitters and ominous synth strains, rising and falling in hi/lo frequencies of mesmeric and energetic rhythmic frenzied groove to urge your body to follow suit.

  • Detroit-born/New York-based synth wave /electro /new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Spark Knock” off upcoming V/A “Frigio All Stars Vol. 5″ 12” compilation [Frigio Records]

New Yorker Nico Nightingale spreads off-kilter electro funk dystopia that sparks through an intoxicating humming ambiance of chirping and squeaking synth frequencies, fluttering around murky stuttering bass lines laced with rippling buzzes, thumping broken snares, and a myriad of twisted hypnotic vocal observations, expanding surreal thought forms from heady dancing moods.

  • Tel Aviv-bred, Berlin-based psych /indie dance /slow techno /dark disco electronic producer (aka Lott), Yotam Russo “Flamingo In The Pool feat. Local Suicide (Original Mix)” off upcoming “How To Spell Rhythm” EP [Rotten City Records]

As a last-minute addition, lush, seductive, chillin’, and intoxicating Disco reverie to be savored with your favorite drink, waiting for the summer to come…

  • Italian dark ambient /ethereal /neo-classical vocalist and multimedia artist Jolanda Moletta “Spell I: Let the Waves In – Live” from “Full Moon Session” live album
  • Sydney, Australia ambient /drone /neo-classical /experimental /electro-acoustic /electronic interdisciplinary artist, sound engineer, and composer, Jack Priest “Residue” off upcoming “The Risk Of Hyperbole – Vol.2 – Object” 2nd of 3 album series [Art As Catharsis]
  • Sweden ambient /experimental /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist R. Alkestrand AKA Triangular Waves “Long Way Back” off the album “Dissolving Patterns” [Fallen Metropolis]
  • Dallas, TX based ambient /drone /neo-classical /electro-acoustic sound artist Todd Gautreau AKA Tapes and Topographies “Five Year Plans and New Deals” from the upcoming album “Microtones”
  • Maryland based ambient /drone /waves /space musician Mattson Ogg AKA Dura “Approach” title track of the upcoming album “Approach” [Aural Canyon]
  • Sweden analog psych-disco trio from Gothenburg, The Exorcist GBG “Starlight” from the album  “Exorcist : III” [Höga Nord Rekords]
  • Chicago, IL EBM /kraut /cosmic /wave /analog synth trio Traxx, Andrew Bisenius, and Jason Letkiewicz AKA The Creative Technology Consortium {CtC} “A Retro Vice” from the upcoming triple album “Panoramic Colorsound” [Dark Entries Records]
  • Berlin-based Dutch IDM /techno /rave /electro producer Maurice Hermes (aka Neugeborene Nachtmusik), aka Auva Duhr “Born in a Trap” from “Twilight” EP [Freedom Club]
  • Amsterdam based ambient /techno /downtempo /electro DJ-producer Mayo “Longing Without The Expectation Of Satisfaction” ltd. lathe cut 10″ [brokntoys]
  • UK dark /space /ambient /analog experimental collaborative project by Andrew Bunsell and Tom Relleen, AKA Staran Wake “Rogue Light” from the album “Staran Wake” [Hands In The Dark]
  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient /drone /experimental sound artist The New Emphatic “The Marshall Islands” from “Human Nature” album [Waxing Crescent Records]
  • Bristol, UK IDM /braindance /acid /electro producer Lee – ‘Crystalline’ from V/A ‘Artificial Intelligence VOL. II’ compilation [Artificial Intelligence]
  • Lithuanian downtempo /slow /breakbeat /psych /electronic producer Dovydas (1/2 of Electric Shapes and Far East Flight), AKA Jokios Kultūros – “Celebration Of Existence” from the upcoming LP “All Is One” [Electric Shapes]
  • Lithuanian experimental /leftfield /electro /kraut /psych /electronic producer Gediminas Jakubka, AKA Patricia Kokett “Sangre Seraph” off upcoming “Psykhe” EP 12″ [Isla to Isla]
  • Düsseldorf / Cologne German-Anatolian psych /acid house /folk electronic production duo Mîro and Îrfo and Salon des Amateurs residents, Mekine U Teksi – “Totschaften” from the album “Steppenroboter versus Transeuropa” [themes for great cities]
  • Bristol, UK-born, New Haven, Connecticut-based dark electro-disco /retro synth horror DJ-producer, film score composer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, Antoni Maiovvi “Until The Ceiling Collapses Under The Weight Of Our Guilt” off upcoming horror soundtrack album “The Dead Of Winter”
  • Experimental industrial techno act Homva – “Nagini” from the cassette EP “Tiranidra” [HOMVA028]
  • London-based, Italian-born experimental /IDM /dub /drum & bass /breakbeat /techno DJ, producer and co-founder of Baroque Sunburst label, Dario Picchi AKA Soreab “Dust Eater” from “Sensitivity 6.0″ EP 12” [Avian]
  • Hamburg based ambient /acid /dark electro duo Wosto and Kluentah, aka FALLBEIL “Rackelhahn” from the forthcoming album “The Mockturtle” on Macadam Mambo
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /EBM /techno /electronic solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Ultraviolet Catastrophe” from the cassette EP “Artillery Material” [Opal Tapes]
  • Melbourne-based EBM /new beat /electro /techno producer, composer and DJ, Brixx “Double Axe (Forces remix)” from the remix single “Conversion Therapy Remixed”
  • Brooklyn, NY-based techno /industrial /EBM /synth wave artist Madeline Seely AKA Nuxx Vomica “FTEV” from the upcoming cassette EP “FTEV” on Synthicide
  • New York/Bogotà indie dance /new beat / EBM DJ-producers Facets featuring Alpha & Necromante “Voltage Spike” from V/A “Love Never Dies” EP [Ombra INTL]
  • Los Angeles based EBm /industrial /minimal Synth Pop duo Spike Hellis “Flight (Pressure Mix)”
  • Belgian EBM /dark electro /techno producer Steve Deconinck, aka VV303 “Our Church ( Club mix 2023 )” from upcoming V/A “Our Church” EP on Nu Body Records
  • Valladolid, Spain techno /industrial /EBM producer Veiled Venus “Desvelo” from “Gaslight” EP
  • North Macedonia/Morocco industrial ritual techno collaboration Kronom & Prophän – “Kibrit” from Kronom‘s “Ognot” EP [Psychophonie De L’éternel]
  • Tunis experimental /noise /techno producer DJ Bad Poetry – “MECHANICAL MAN” from V/A “ZMAM MEKANIK” EP [MRAMA DIVISION]
  • French industrial /techno /electro DJ-producer from Grenoble, Michel Amato aka The Hacker, aka AMATO “The Storm” from upcoming EP 12″ “Red Team” [Pinkman]
  • Greek industrial /electro /dark electronics /experimental artist Boris Barksdale “My Favorite” from the split album “Zero Gravity” by Raw Ambassador & Boris Barksdale [Smashing Tape Records]
  • Ibiza-based, French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Blinder” from “The Ghost of Formentera” EP [Specimen Records]
  • London’s IDM /acid /electro producer MOY “Frequency of Creation” from [AF048] “Dark Frontier” EP [Analogical Force]
  • London, UK based acid /techno /house /electro Texan producer (AKA Chupacabras) AKA Acid Freq. “Castle Ave” from the cassette EP “Direct Out” [Draconian Steps]
  • Vilnius-based breakbeat /psych /acid /electro producer Alex Pletnev (AKA Ponty Mython), AKA Pletnev “When The Job Is Done” from “When The Job Is Done” EP 12″ [Burnin Music Recordings]
  • Italian 70s/80s horror soundtrack electronic synth producer from Rome (MinimalRome, Mannequin, Bordello A Parigi), Heinrich Dressel – “Lambda 2077 (Francisco Remix)” off upcoming album “Lambda 2077” [Slow Motion]
  • Spanish EBM /dark electro /techno DJ /horror disco DJ-producer from Bilbao, WLDV “La Herencia” from “The Fourth Kind” EP 12” a tribute to Valencia’s ‘La Ruta del Bacalao’ or ‘Ruta Destroy’ [Aspecto Humano]
  • Bristol-born and Berlin-based, UK dark electro-disco DJ-producer, film score composer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, Antoni Maiovvi “Widowbird” off EP “Birds of Paradise” [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Berlin-based Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco live project by producer Kalipo and DJ/producer couple Local Suicide fronted by Greek native Dina P., aka DINA SUMMER “Mars (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix)” from “Rimini Remixes” EP [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Lausanne, Switzerland acid /house /disco /indie dance production duo and Folklor club curators, Adolpho & Franky “Red District Ballade (Zillas On Acid Remix)” from “Red District Ballade” EP [Folklor Nation]
  • London, UK based house /electro /indie disco producer JOBE – “Off Script” from “Off Script” EP [Kiosk I.D.]
  • Tel Aviv, Israel dub /downtempo /psych /house producer ALEK LEE “Fun Control (Original Mix)” off upcoming “Fun Control” EP [Playground Records]
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco producers Moo Moonster & Parissior – “The most urgent of messages” from upcoming V/A “UCOR Vol.3” EP [United Colors of Rhythm]
  • Lausanne, Switzerland acid /house /disco /indie dance production duo and Folklor club curators, Adolpho & Franky “Red District Ballade (Zillas On Acid Remix)” from “Red District Ballade” EP [Folklor Nation]
  • Twilight 22 – “Electric Kingdom (Gael Gael edit)” from “REPHRASE COLLECTION 2023” [HARD FIST]
  • Valencia, Spanish acid /cosmic disco /indie dance DJ-producer and Sincopat label owner Marc Martinez Nadal aka AFFKT ”Bsoul (Original Mix)” off “Unchained” EP [SINCOPAT]
  • Glasgow, UK old-school /Italo /nu-disco /synth producer Marshall Brill AKA Vital Spark “Leijonat” off EP “Diskoteket” [Curriculum Vital]
  • Sidney, Australia experimental /acoustic /minimal /electronic improvisational music artist Material + Object “Enter” from the upcoming “Telepath” album [Editions Mego]
  • Sidney-based, La Plata, Argentina-native ambient /cinematic /post-rock /electro-acoustic sound artist Francisco Sonur “Rosa y Nestor” from the album “Then the light comes all over the land” [Mahorka]
  • Montreal, Quebec experimental-drone-minimal-sound-installation artist, composer, and curator France Jobin “String 9” from the remastered edition + bonus of the 2008 album “10-33CM” [Room40]
  • Australian ambient /drone /ethereal /field recordings /soundscape composer and artist, Cat Tyson Hughes ‘Swells’ off the upcoming debut album ‘Crossing Water’ [Past Inside the Present]
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone /space synth /electronic project of Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Impressions From Otherwhere” from Polypores/Field Lines Cartographer Split 12″ [Castles In Space]
  • Japanese ambient /drone /cinematic /soundscape /electronic music producer HIROSHI WATANABE aka Kaito “Immersed Field” from the album “IMMERSED FIELD” [Cosmic Signatures]
  • Italian ambient /drone /minimal /electro-acoustic sound artist, Ivano Pecorini – “Lethe” off upcoming album “Tra macerie di Lutto” [Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series]
  • UK folk horror electronic soundtrack “haunted mixtape” new project by The Slow Engineer, Ericius Rustling and Everyday Dust AKA The Three Ravens “Part.1” from S/T cassette (inspired by the medieval folk song of the same name, first transcribed to paper in 1611 by Thomas Ravenscroft) [Dustopian Frequencies]