WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH #10-22

photo by Robert De Mitri

  • VLADIMIR IVKOVIC – ‘Oddity Influence Mix’ [Oddity Radio]                                                                                     

A fine way to comprehend a small part of the spiritual musical inheritance of the longstanding Serbia-native, Düsseldorf resident eclectic electronic visionary DJ and producer and Offen Music head, Vladimir Ivkovic.          

  • Vilnius, Lithuania industrial techno producer Mirror Slave – “Multiplayer” from V/A “WhyPeopleWar – Fundraiser for Ukraine vol.1” by whypeopledance x ledotmat musique                                                              

Over one hundred artists from all over the world and various disciplines joined forces to raise funds for Red Cross Ukraine and help innocent people. “WhyPeopleWar Vol. 1 and 2” fundraiser compilations with around 140 tracks! quickly assembled by the mighty Record Label and Collective from Lithuania, whypeopledance.

  • Japanese new beat /industrial /techno artist Baroque ” Siren (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Siren” EP [TJALK RECORDS]                                                                                                                                                                   

Killer New Beat meets Industrial Techno knocker from Sannomiya‘s producer with pounding walking beats, crisp percussions, obsessive buzzing low ends and icy cold arpeggiated synth drama.                                                      

  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave collaboration between Greco/German DJ-producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and Buenos Aires-native Damian, Local Suicide & Skelesys – “Weird Encounters (Anatolian Weapons Mix)” from “No Evidence” EP [Samo Records]

Frenzy productive period, topped by high-quality delivery, for the Berlin-based Greco/German couple, here once again with esteemed Argentinian support from Skelesys, for celebrating FacetsSamo Records label 5 years of activity. Amongst such an array of fine remixes, Athenian eclectic electronic visionary producer Anatolian Weapons injects crisp syncopated tribal patterns to turbulent obsessive rhythms and groovy acid-flecked droning bassline on which float alluringly disconnected echoing vocalizations, sure to knock your dancing party’s socks off.

  • UK industrial techno producer Lesser Of “Begin To Collapse” from “Momentary Loss” EP on SUBVERTED

Up-and-coming UK producer blends dark, hard-hitting, quick tempo Industrial Techno with ethereal trancey shades transporting the ravers to a gripping transcendental state of endless alienating dancefloor abstraction. War relief humanitarian fundraising 2-track single.

  • Brighton, UK dub /post-punk /techno /industrial /electro producer Kutkh Jackdaw – “Innocents” (unreleased 2015) humanitarian fundrising single
  • UK experimental/hypno-beat /synth /trance /electronic producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “The Mohican Trance Leopard” from the upcoming “Surface Air” album 12″ on Malka Tuti
  • Prague-based synthwave/synthpop/electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN – “Правда I Любов Переможе Над Брехнею Та Ненавистю” from V/A “4UA” Ukrainian aid sampler on UNIZONE
  • Bristol-based kraut /drone /noise /psych /leftfield electronics musician B. Rupp “Dreams About Heroin” from cassette album “Breeders” on Opal Tapes
  • Swedish electronic techno experimentalists SHXCXCHCXSH “Stio” from upcoming LP “Kongestion” on Avian    
  • Greek industrial techno /electronic musician-producer Michalis Vassiliou, AKA MBasix (M_Basix) “Caned it from cassette album “A CZone in Hell” on SUBSIST
  • London based acid /breakbeat /techno producer L/F/D/M “Blood Byze Leech” from upcoming “Gold Like Glass” cassette album on Osàre! Editions
  • Los Angeles based, UK industrial techno producer (former Sandwell District), SILENT SERVANT “Solitude Illuminated” title track from upcoming 12″ EP (LIES-178-OD01) on L.I.E.S. Records                                             
  • London, UK experimental /dark ambient /ritual /broken techno producer TROJΛNOVSKX – “Sige (OAKE Remix)” from “Blaec Waella” EP [Metempsychosis Records]
  • Leipzig based IDM /acid /electro producer XY0815 – “Sensinneuse” off of “Sensinneuse b/w Visionneuse” lathe cut 7″ single on brokntoys
  • Berlin/Athens collaborative electro Lo-fi /EBM /psych /techno /synth project of Gerard Papasimakopoulos and Fringe Society, AKA Modern Ruin “Shelter Hum” from V/A “WhyPeopleWar – Fundraiser for Ukraine vol.1” by whypeopledance x ledotmat musique                                                                                                             
  • Nice-born, Brussels based industrial /noise /post-punk /dark electronics producer and Unknown Precept co-founder AIR LQD – “Two Fingers Against Your Eyes”
  • Lebanon Hanover – “Gallowdance (Deflex Rave Edit)”                                                                                                          
  • Russian synthwave /EBM /coldwave /electronic producers Namesis and Sunko, AKA Ninetees “Plastic” from the cassette album “On The Knees” on SOIL
  • Italian experimental /raw /EBM /acid /darkwave /techno new project of the now veterans of the sector Violet Poison and NGHTLY, AKA Elica Mayres – “La Danza Delle Serpi” from the upcoming cassette “Neuromancer” on Raw Culture [30 Limited Tapes Series]
  • UK industrial techno /EBM /goth collaboration Lesser Of ft. The Punished Suicides “Ache (Original Mix)” from “I Need You To No End” EP on Revok Records
  • Derry-based industrial / dark experimental electronic / EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AKA Autumns “Strong Man Competition” from ther cassette “Mouth Closed” on Dertriti
  • Cardiff based industrial /new beat /synthpop /dark electronics DJ and producer David J Bull “Fantasy” from the “Body & Beat” EP on 
  • Argentine experimental /industrial /breakbeat /techno producer-DJ Dominique Slva “Lovers Cannot See (SARIN Remix)” from “Siren Song” EP tape on X-IMG
  • L.A. based production /DJ wave /techno /electronic duo Ray Barragan and Lionel Rifkin, aka Club Tularosa – “Glory (Louisahhh Remix)” off of upcoming “Glory” EP [Me Me Me]                                                                        
  • Techno /electro collaboration between Brazilian producer João Komka and Hamburg-based, Russian DJ, producer and vocalist Xenia Beliayeva, Komka / Beliayeva “Dark Sea” single
  • London based former Andrew Weatherall’s engineer and one half of The Asphodells, ambient /IDM /electro /electronic DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay “Free Andromeda” title track from the upcoming album “Free Andromeda” on Höga Nord Rekords
  • EBM /Darkwave /Electro duo from Canada , Visitor – “Digital Game (Xarah Dion Remix)” from upcoming “Technofossil / G.O.L.D remix split” album with XTR Human on Braid Records.                                                      
  • Berlin based experimental techno US producer Torn Hawk “Shift That Skin” from the album “Ski Mask, Jolt Cola, Saturday Detention” on Valcrond Video
  • Foggia, Italy drome /EBM /techno /electronic producer 5P4C3 — “When The Villian Come In Scene” from the album “Eternal Witness” [Diffuse Reality Records]
  • Italian acid /techno production duo T.E.W. – “Superficiality” from “MINERAL04” Split EP with Sigma Tibet on Kalahari Oyster Cult
  • Wicklow, Ireland experimental /leftfield /electronic producer T-WOC “Verbal Dice” from the cassette album “Limbs” [Remote Town]
  • The Hague‘s electro producer Sander Evers, AKA Cliff Dalton “We Are The Little Ones (Legowelt Remix)” from the upcoming “Blue City” EP on LDI Records
  • Leipzig-based breaks /electro producer and co-founder of Trade Policy (also Mørklys band half of Yarn Init), Varum “NHK” from V/A “End Broken Windows Vol.1” [Palms Out Sounds]
  • Houston, TX acid /electro producer (one half of the Chateau Royal label), Rapha “Agressive Dissorder” from “DDS06″ split EP 12” with Olivia on Dalmata Daniel
  • French acid /electro producer Maelstrom – “Acid Zdoch” from “Maelstrom / Locked Club & RLGN” Split 12″ Acid Avengers series [Acid Avengers 021] on Tripalium Corp                                                                                                
  • French dark electronic /sci-fi /acid /electro DJ-producer (head of New Flesh and Rave Or Die labels) from Lyon, UMWELT “Architect Of Memory” from upcoming Split EP Umwelt vs Serge Geyzel “Moon Chasers” 12″ [Zodiak Commune Records]                                                                                                                                   
  • Belgian downtempo /Anatolian /electronic project of twin brothers Jimmy and Noé Moens from Brussels, HUN HUN “PunchTürk” from the album “Y Bab Adöy” on Lurid Music
  • Melbourne, Australian ambient /house /midtempo /breaks /techno duo Sleep D – “Phantom” from the upcoming album “Greasy Beats and Blobs Vol. 1” on Cocktail d’Amore                                                                           
  • Beringen, Belgium house /indie dance producer Naethan – “Chimaera (Several Definitions Remix)” from “Chimaera” EP on Atmosphere Records                                                                                                                 
  • Mexican dark disco /indie dance duo Roliva & Technicism – “El Ride (Cabizbajo‘s Rolling Remix)” off “El Ride” EP [Dogs & Vultures]                                                                                                                                                                
  • Mexican nu-disco /indie dance trio The Menzia – “Thunder (Alex Aguayo Remix)” from “Thunder” EP on Espacio CIELO
  • Berlin, Germany based disco /indie dance producer Florian Herzberg AKA My Secret Playground – “Modern Stalking (Original Mix)” from “Fears of Tears” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • UK ambient /drone /electronic /guitarist-musician Andrew Chalk “Song of the Sea” from the album “The Circle of Days 5”
  • Los Angeles-based experimental /electro-acoustic /ambient musician and photographer Danny Scott Lane – “KUNDA” from the split mini CD/cassette “Temple Of Solitary Reflections / UNTITLED” with X.Y.R. on Handstitched*
  • Philadelphia based ambient /drone /piano /field recordings Baltimore‘s musician (member of Hotel Neon, Gray Acres, and Mordançage), Andrew Tasselmyer “The Other Side” from the album “Limits” on Laaps
  • Italian experimental /dark ambient /electro-acoustic project of Stefano Musso, aka ALIO DIE “L’estasi del silenzio” from the album “Distillation of Time”
  • Swedish ambient /drone /piano producer Ljudvägg – “Tafatt” from the ‘Nuggets’ series single “Ambient Nuggets #6: Knivtid & Ljudvägg” on Purlieu Recordings
  • UK ambient /drone /electro-acoustic project of Tim Martin, AKA Maps & Diagrams “The Unknown” from V/A “Places for Peace” pro-Ukraine Unicef fundraising compilation on Home Normal