WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – March #10-21

  • Güney G AKA Günni – Gesellschaftliche Erwartung #17 [Lustpoderosa]                                               

This week’s DJ set, courtesy of Lustpoderosa, comes from Bavarian -based (part of RIO GRANDE nights @ MS Zufriedenheit, Würzburg) DJ Günni with an imaginative, off-kilter, and an immersive wobbly rhythmic trip into an enthralling and dazed hypnotic flow, blending ambient, drones, psychedelia, acid, drone, tribal, wave and synth, that unravels in visionary and arcane multi-shaped sonic realms unexpectedly thrilling to explore.        

  • Russian dark electronic ‘brutalist house’ duo from Moscow, ODOPT “A14″ off upcoming “Sample Commerce Shot” EP 12″ on [Emotional] Especial

Finally unveiled the mind-bending full version, sneak previewed 4 months back, from Moscow‘s ‘brutalist house’ duo that sways through edgy synth drone spin hypnotic spacey layers reverberating over sneaky, propulsive rhythms, glitchy swirling dimensions, and deadly relentless groovy bass line pulsations, to ebb and flow narcotically with a magnetic pull that deceives the senses to open alternate doorways of the mind into, equally obscure and sideral, post-industrial funk bliss.

  • French new beat /synth electronic producer from Paris, Yan Wagner, AKA The Populists “Air Rance” off upcoming S/T EP on XXX label                                                                                                                                  

Genre-bending imaginative Parisian producer drags you through and then lifts you up, pulling you into a crisp, swirling and trance-inducing cinematic flow warping time into crunchy, stacked, mechanical steps and hollow bamboo beats, relentless meandering bassline undulations, icy bright synth strains with piercing tinks, wiry swirls, and minimal distant primal grunts to elicit a faraway journey of epic, radiant aural desires.

  • French ambient acid electro producer from Nantes, Tom Ferreira, aka FASME “Comme Ça La Nuit” from “Stretched World” EP [NN016] on Nocta Numerica Records

Stunning new EP from French producer, ripe with spacey and chiming synth scapes swirling on driven crispy electro beats and saucy bouncing bass lines, droning, eerily into layers of mind-expanding, sometimes acidic, dimensions, to push the boundaries of tingling sentient sensations into aural cosmic synthetic bliss.

  • UK analogue synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Quarry Rave”
  • Bologna-based avant-garde /noise /shortwave /ambient /experimental American multi-media artist (member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society), John Duncan “The Rabid Position” off upcoming “SOFT EYES” album (iDEAL210) on iDEAL Recordings                                                                                                                           
  • Miami based ambient/electronic project of Noir Age label head, Richard Vergez, aka Night Foundation – “I Had A Feeling” off cassette album “I Had A Feeling” on Psychic Liberation label’s “Sonic Encyclopedia Series”
  • Cape Town, South Africa new wave /minimal synth /coldwave project of former members of English electronic band Shoc Corridor, Chris&Nogi “Autumn Ritual 1” from “Autumn Rituals and Refugees” 8-tracks taken from 4-track-cassette tapes recorded in 1985-1988 via Electronic Emergencies
  • Italian post-industrial /dark ambient /drone /electronic solo project started in 2015 by Piedmont-based experimental artist Enrico Cerrato, aka PETROLIO “El Silencio” from “Club Atletico” EP on Depths
  • London-based, Spanish experimental /noise /industrial producer Iker Ormazabal, aka IOM “ger5” off the album “Synthetic Dreams of a Carpet Moth” on Industrial Complexx
  • Birmingham, UK rhythmic noise techno iconoclast Karl O’Connor (Downwards records, Sandwell District collective, British Murder Boys), REGIS “Hollow Moment ( Dub Version )” [unreleased] on Downwards
  • Vienna based dark electronics / ambient / drone / industrial UK producer Mahk Rumbae a.k.a. Codex Empire and one half of Industrial act Konstruktivists, Antechamber “Foundation Myth” off upcoming V/A “His Dog And Pilgrim” [VA#002] on Last Embassy                                                                                                                   
  • French industrial hard techno producer OGMAH “Despite Slavery (Aneed Remix)” from upcoming “Despite Slavery” EP on Home Mort
  • Colombian EBM /post-punk /acid /dark electro-conspirator /activist /DJ and producer, SPÆCIALISTA “Muerde Y Huye” off upcoming V/A “Universidad de Vampiros” compilation on SHISHI RECORDS
  • French ambient/EBM/Industrial/dark electronic producer Alpha Sect “The Insanity” from upcoming cassette EP “Black Synapse” via Pildoras Tapes
  • UK-born, L.A.-based horror /EBM /industrial /dark electro /electronic music producer/DJ Thomaas Banks “And The Machines Began To Breathe [Filmmaker Remix]” from “The Dark EP Remixes”
  • Los Angeles based rave /techno /electro producer LOWER TAR “That Sh*t In Your Brain” off Split cassette album “L.A.U.R.A. 002: SEVERE BREAKAWAY” with Sigsaly on L.A.U.R.A. Recs
  • French harsh trap /industrial punk side project of producer IV Horsemen, aka ALEISTER BLAKE – “AD WRECKAGE” from upcoming “CYBER FAME, REAL PAIN ” 6-track cassette on Clan Destine Records
  • London, UK based acid /funk /house /electro Texan producer Chupacabras “ Basic Program” upcoming on Zement                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Brussels, Belgium industrial / dark electronic / noise producer Mehdi Kernachi irl, aka AIR LQD “Devil Made Me “Do It” from Split “Cotidie Morimur” cassette album with Autumns on Deviant Pleasures
  • Paris‘ raw industrial pop / dark electronic /techno punk project of RAAR label co-founder and female DJ/producer LOUISAHHH “Love Is A Punk” from the album “The Practice of Freedom”
  • Los Angeles based EBM Rhythmic Industrial Electronics solo project MODEBIONICS “Misfortune of War” from the EP “Misfortune Of War (demo instrumentals)”
  • Skinny Puppy – “Addiction” (WLDV Edit)                                                                                                                  
  • Industrial rave techno producer Three Faces Of Eve “1995” off Shed Some Skin” EP on OBSCUUR Records
  • Strasbourg, French ambient /techno /electronic producer KRAUSS “Kepler-22” off “Espoir EP on Beryllium Project
  • Mysterious industrial techno producer TEX 86 – “You’ll Never Get Rich” from forthcoming CT007 on Sidney’s Cult Trip
  • London, UK dark electronic / dark wave / techno act Passarella Death Squad “No Mas” (feat. Emilie Albisser) new single via Passarella Records.
  • Moscow based techno producer, composer, DJ, part of the multidisciplinary community Esthetic Joys, YSSUE “Ready?” off upcoming “Procrastinator” EP on PRIVATE PERSONS                                                                                           
  • Greek electro-industrial audio-visual unit hailing from Athens by songwriter and music producer Giannis Papaioannou along with the words of Angelica Vrettou and voice of the legendary Thekla Tselepi, aka Mechanimal – “Θόρυβος (Noise)” title track from the new album “Θόρυβος (Noise)” on Inner Ear.
  • Marseille, France experimental /dub /kraut /minimal /synth-punk project of Simple Music Experience co-founder and member of Violent Quand on Aime, Théo Delaunay (also Constance Chlore, Simplists, Ono Omen, United Assholes and half of Succhiamo), aka Panoptique “”Sable” from “How Did You Find Me?” album on Macadam Mambo
  • Utrecht based EBM/industrial/dark techno/minimal electro musician/producer Roberto Auser “Hidden in Plain Sight” from the upcoming LP “Second Sun” on Dalmata Daniel
  • Dundee, UK electro /techno /drum & bass producer NICOL “Lucid” from V/A “Zadkiel” EP 12″ on Hilltown Disco
  • American Electro duo of Matt Lancaster (South Carolina) and Ryan Phillips (South Florida), Code Rising + Gucci Bass – “Don’t Stop The Beat (Feat. EPG)” from Code Rising ‘s album “A Spectral Odyssey”
  • Liege, Belgium spacey dark electro producer Gravitational Effect “Cosmic Voids” title track from the LP “Cosmic Voids” on Naples’ URBAN DISTORTIONS
  • UK ambient /downtempop /dark electro duo of L-R and Pip Williams, aka London Modular Alliance “Chemical Peel” from the upcoming EP “Cracked Dice” on Central Processing Unit
  • French dark electro producer from Paris, Voiron “Voiron In Effect” from V/A “International Chromies Vol. 8″ 12” EP on International Chrome
  • Dutch space electro artist RXmode, aka RXDX – “Equilibrium (Redexed)” remixed by UK’s Dexterous Numerics                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Dutch experimental /techno /electro producer Lloyd Stellar “The Everlasting Glow” from the album “Computer Generated Music” on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • Greek World /Downtempo focused electronic music producer and DJ based in Thessaloniki, ACANTH “Dzungla Zivi (Apaj Remix)” from “Zamarkand” EP on SHANGO RECORDS
  • Aubervilliers, France Electronic Eastern Synth Folk duo Ko Shin Moon – “Lambaya Püf De (Cornelius Doctor Remix)” off upcoming “Leïla Nova Remixes” on Total Totem
  • Glasgow‘s electronic / dark disco / cosmic disco producer BTCOP “Centre With Soul” from upcoming “Sea Dogs” EP on Evil Plans RECORDS
  • UK ambient /breakbeat /house /electronic collaboration Harvington & Matty On Acid – “Twin Isle Charm” off V/A “The Inner Circle – Vol.1” One Year charity compilation on UK’s The Inner Circle
  • Berlin-based disco /electro /synth-pop /electronic duo Alexander Arpeggio & OhLandy – “Der Anruf” from the fourth Sameheads’ vinyl compilation “VAX!”
  • 1984 synthpop Yugo classic, Denis & Denis – “Ti I Ja” (Facets Edit)                                                                               
  • Northern Macedonian dark disco/Italo disco duo KANTON6 – “Monarhia” off “Plage de la Ville” new single on Skopje’s PMG Tanz Digital
  • Mexico City/Berlin dark disco /electronic collaboration between Duro Label head and duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, Theus Mago & Local Suicide – “To Vathos” off Cologne’s Feines Tier‘s second label V/A compilation “Feines Tier Zoo Vol​.​2”                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Russian EBM /electro /dark disco /electronic producer (a member of Warehouse Moscow community), DISCO MORATO “Seconda Volta” from the upcoming EP “Le Volte” on NEIN Records
  • Chilean born, Berlin-based dark disco /swamp wave producer (half of Random Atlas), Ducati Flux “Trash” off upcoming V/A “Destiny” EP [Ombra INTL017]                                                                                                           
  • Rennes, France Italo /cosmic disco /electronic producer BLAISE BALDA “Connecting Lines (Black Feeling “Infinity” remix)” from “Data Dreams EP Remixed” [WWWEP004] on Where Were We?
  • Electronic /dark disco collaboration by Belgian DJ and producer and Mexico City and Duro label boss, Arthur Johnson & Theus Mago – “In Control” title track from Arthur Johnson‘s “In Control” EP on Duro                       
  • Tel Aviv, Israel dark disco /kraut /electro /techno producer Eliezer “Prime Minister” from Various Artists “Ep LTD 002″ 12” on Latido Records
  • Offenbach-based Brazilian dark disco /EBM /techno /electronic producer Jefferson Celestino, aka CELESTINO “Not Interested (Adāme Remix)” off upcoming “Not Interested” EP on Maleante Records
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic krautrock band CAMERA “TREIBWURST_DLF RADIO SESSION” (2021)
  • Spanish experimental /ambient /glitch /IDM /electronic producer Kothyus – “Divergencia” off the EP “Mecanismos” on People Can Listen
  • Alexandria, Egypt experimental /glitch /IDM /electronic producer ITFLL “Five (ltfll DT2)” from “Deflect Trial” EP on Kaer’Uiks
  • Istanbul, Turkey experimental /bass /dubstep producer GANTZ “Mad Honey” off RUFF12″ EP
  • Bahraini-based Khaleeji folk /drone /noise /post-industrial /musique concrète /experimental musician Sarah Haras “Wish That I” from the album “Mirage” on Chinabot
  • Stroud, UK part Indian part British “cellist sound-sculptor” and Close Recordings founder, Simon McCorry “Strange Charm” from the upcoming LP “And Where Are You Really From?” on Polar Seas Recordings
  • Tenerife-born, Spanish musician and sound engineer (Arte Moderno, Huellas), Javier Segura – “Malagueñas 2” from V/A “LA OLA INTERIOR: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990” on Les Disques Bongo Joe
  • California emo faux-fisa surf-drone solo project Earth Jerks “The Infinite Forest” from cassette album “File: #12” on Computer Tapes
  • Leipzig, Germany dub /deep hypnotic /dystopian modular techno producer Markus Masuhr “Realization” off “Structures of Emptiness” LP on Pragmat
  • Wellington, New Zealand ambient /deep electronic producer Emma Bernard, aka LUDUS “Next Thoughts” from the debut album “Two of the Same” on Strange Behaviour
  • New York ambient /drone /electro-acoustic experiential composer Austin Rockman “Sun Ink” from sophomore album “Our Own Unknown”
  • Derby, UK ambient /drone /industrial /soundscape (one half of JARR) artist, WODWO “Violinore” from the album “Artefacts #2”
  • Manchester, UK based ambient /folk /drone /tape /guitar project of Illinois bred musician Ethan Helfrich (former Rest You Sleeping Giant), Black Brunswicker “The Dance of the Dead of Kutná Hora” (unreleased) from “In The Age of Aristocracy: 2nd Anniversary Extended Edition” CD on Stereoscenic Records
  • Iceland ambient electronic producer Árni Grétar, aka Futuregrapher “Goðheimar” from the album “Leipzig,Belfast,Tálknafjörður” on Neotantra
  • Russian ritual ambient /experimental project of Marina Kryzhanovskaya and Mikhail Kiryukhin, aka LORDS OF INFINITY – “Ewig Ruft Das Meer” from Split album “RAPOON / LORDS OF INFINITY” ltd. CD via Zoharum
  • Australian experimental /ambient /neo-classical composer, multi-instrumentalist from Wollongong, Gregory Paul Mineeff “Mood Triptych” on Cosmicleaf Records
  • Australian pianist and composer based in Melbourne, Christopher Dicker – “The Orchard (I)” from upcoming V/A “Piano Cloud Series – Volume Six” on 1631 Recordings

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