WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // FEBRUARY #08-24

Everything Visible Is Empty(色即是空), 1975 by Toshio Matsumoto



Louisville, Kentucky-based producer and Dead Channel Records head honcho with one good hour and a quarter replete with unhealthy mutant electronics varying seamlessly between oddball Acid, Sizzling electro, lopsided House, damaged Techno, alienating Wave and proto-EBM.

  • New Zealand-based ambient /IDM /downtempo /techno /electronica composer, producer and Involve Records head, Bevan Smith (aka 1/2 of Feeling Flying, Aspen), aka Signer “216” from “Selected Dreams 20202022” archival cassette album [HOTHAM SOUND RECORDINGS]

Prolific and eclectic NZ-based synth electronic musician with a mesmerizing collection of his distinctive boundless ‘Isolated Dreams’, wavering between mind-melting beat-laden sinuous deep atmospherics, blurred, at times resonant subtly angsty and jarring, meditative interludes of immersive ambience and translucent synth-laden escapism, to mould a vividly sensorial dreamy and cathartic headspace of reverberating emotive intensity.

  • Veteran Italian industrial /EBM /techno producer Gionata Bettini, aka Jørgen Thorvald – “Downward Spiral” from the 14th EP ”State Of Agitation” [Still Distant Records]

In his 14th EP legendary Italian producer carries on fusing classic inflammatory rave-y Industrial, EBM and Techno sounds with unflinching primal adrenaline Punk spirit, in this case further fueled by a killer Crystal Geometry remix.

  • Barcelona-based veteran acid /techno /house British producer Craig Stainton (aka Acid Phreex, Mantra, Monofix, 1/2 of Nite Vision), aka Myriadd “At One” from “Time Will Tell” EP [Creme Organization]

A distillation of atmospheric Electro-smeared House wizardry from the good old Creme Organization imprint associated with the equally treasured veteran, Chicago house-devoted producer. Steady punchy beats punctuate looping call and response between a rubbery bouncy bassline and slightly angsty rolling synths, while distant futuristic translucent strings whirr and gleam in the background to lock you into a melting state of dancing hypnosis.

  • Japanese ambient /field recordings /classical /piano composer and multimedia artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #148”
  • Nottingham, UK ambient /downtempo /field-recording /musique-concrete /electronica /experimental music artist Simon Collison, aka Site Nonsite “Creative Life Store (Karen Vogt‘s High as a Kite Mix)” from “Remixed” remix cassette album from the Japan series
  • Sheffield, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /electro-acoustic artist and musician Mark David Hadley “Windfall” from the mini album “Homegrown Apples” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Berlin-based ambient /piano /modern classical /electronics /spoken word /classically trained cellist, composer and storyteller Lih Qun Wong, aka Lihla “Resonance” from the vinyl 12″ debut album “Socha’’ [A Strangely Isolated Place]
  • Lithuanian/Spanish ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic collaboration between Dovydas Vasiliauskas & Agustín Mena, aka Misleading Structures & Warmth “A Distant Retreat” from the upcoming album “Barren Reflections” [ARCHIVES]
  • Berlin-based ambient /drone producer Anasisana “Tender Whispers” from the cassette album “Transmogrify” [Amulet of Tears]
  • Enigmatic Swedish ambient /drone /avant-garde /drone /dungeon synth/ noise /experimental synth project Sabine’s Equation “Summer” from the cassette album ” Triton’s Cave” [Moloton]
  • Thessaloniki, Greece ambient /field recordings /electroacoustic /experimental trio Eventless Plot “Part II” from the album “After the rain” [Granny Labels]
  • UK ambient /fourth world /minimalism /electronic /spoken word sound artist Kirk Barley “Apricity (ft Ugnė Uma)” from “Young” EP [Odda Recordings]
  • UK ambient /IDM /experimental /electronica multi-disciplinary creative Payta “Soul Connection” off the cassette debut album “Samsara” [Bricolage]
  • Austria-based Dutch ambient /minimal /electronic producer Martin Nonstatic “Beyond Lightning (Part 3)” from “Beyond Lightning” LP [Dewtone Recordings]
  • London-based 4 string quartets composed by Katie English (Isnaj Dui, Busy Microbes, Littlebow, The Doomed Bird Of Providence) and Mark Kluzek (The Doomed Bird of Providence), Katie English & Mark Kluzek “The Clearing – The Leaf Library remix” from “BEL – Remixes” EP [Eukaryotic]
  • Thailand/US ambient /vaporwave /dreampunk collaboration WDE x Negative Architecture – “Cybersecurity” from the album “Follow Attraction” [Mobile suits]
  • Osaka, Japan ambient /chillwave /dreampunk producer Noda Yûki, aka suigetsu “Snowfield” from “Ethereal Kid” LP 12″ [VILL4IN]
  • Lithuanian ambient /field recordings /dub techno producer Tadeuš Jatkevič, aka Akmuo – “You will Always be Remembered” from V/A “Tribute to Shebuzzz” fundraising compilation LP [secret domain]
  • Russian ambient /drone /dub /techno /electronic producer Heavenchord “05” off the album “Atmospheres & Soundscapes” [Cold Tear Records]
  • Berlin ambient /house /dub techno producer Rising Sun “Eternal 1” off upcoming EP ‘’The Eternal’’ [Echocord]
  • Parisian ambient /experimental /trance /deep techno act Polar Inertia “In Dark Territory” from “Environment Control” 2xLP 12″ [Northern Electronics]
  • Los Angeles-based lo-fi /ambient /breakbeat /electro /downtempo electronic producer Fields Of Mist “Orbital Mist” off “Biospore Farmers” EP 12″ [Ilian Tape]
  • Ukrainian ambient /IDM /breaks /synth /psych /electro producer Poly Chain “Turbulent”  off V/A “Braindance” compilation LP 12″[Die Orakel]
  • Lithuanian ambient /experimental /IDM /breaks /techno producer Viktoras Urbaitis, aka TEATRE “Freefall” off the new album “Scenes” 
  • Toulouse, France ambient /industrial /jangle /bass /breaks /dub /electronica producer Juli “Sentinelle” from the EP “Natural Noise Machine” [Egregore Collective]
  • Belgian industrial /IDM /techno /noise electronica producer (The Incredible Three, Imminent Synapscape), Olivier Moreau, aka Imminent “Mythralität” from “Mythrality” EP 7″ [ant-zen]                                                 
  • Zurich-based wave /psych /kraut /electronic duo Dâdalus & Bikarus – “Tous Tes Mensonges (Andrei Rusu Remix)” off “Kraus is the Limit (Remixes)” EP 12″ [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Rome, Italy breaks /psych /bass /downtempo /electronic duo FLVXXX Feat. A-Tweed “Chant” from “Murdah / Chant” EP [Local Knowledge]
  • UK psych /dub /chug /tribal /ethnic /disco producer Al Wootton “Tone Circle” off “River Songs” EP 12″ [TRULE]
  • Barcelona-based, Yekaterinburg-native breaks /wave /electro /downtempo producer Linja – “Thousand devils from “Memories Raw” LP 12″ [Solitary Listener]
  • London-based ambient /electronic /drum & bass producer Heron Flow “Twisted Sister” from “The Balaclava Diaries” LP [ThirtyOne Recordings]
  • Rotterdam‘s broken soul /techno /breakbeat /house producer Black Cadmium “What Have We Become” from “Engkanto” EP 12″ [Omnidisc]
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /techno /jangle /drum & bass producer Kloke “Experience” off “MINDGAME 3″ EP12” [Mindgames]
  • Serbian deep space electro astronaut Vladan Cvetkovic, aka Kalson feat. Direct Control – “Solarni Sistem” from Kalson’s “Solarni Sistem” EP 12″ [Dominance Electricity]
  • Netherlands ambient /breakbeat /electro producer M-seq “Guardian Of The Threshold” from “RT759 – Electro Archive” archival compilation album
  • Russian acid /bass /breaks /machine funk /electro producer Raw Takes – “116ctro” off upcoming V/A “Various Artists Vol.2″ EP 12” [Source Material]
  • Stockholm native lo-fi /industrial /leftfield /psych /breakbeat /DIY electro producer Arvid Wretman, (aka Your Planet Is Next), aka Fog Man “Freaks” off upcoming 7″/cassette LP “Ready 2 Fog” [Warning]
  • L.A.-based acid /funk /techno /electro hardware producer Michael Padgett, aka Ole Mic Odd “Hive Mind” off the forthcoming EP “Mythical Realm” EP 12″ [KRI]
  • Santiago, Chile lo-fi /experimental /EBM /industrial /noise /mutant techno producer ccciclo – “Interrupcion Subita” from upcoming cassette EP “Futuras Formas Repetitivas” [Dead Channel Records]
  • Swiss industrial /acid /electronic /post-punk /electro body wave duo Kleio Thomaïdes & Shlomo Balexert, aka Bound by Endogamy – “Idly” from “Bound by Endogamy / Raw Ambassador” split series EP 12″ [Acid Avengers 028]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina acid /psych /electro DJ-producer and Perlas label head, Marceas “Dificil Pero No Imposible” from the upcoming EP “Secuencias que vivimos en la calle” [PERLAS]
  • London-based Ren Schofield’s experimental /breaks /noise /techno electronic project, Container “Eraser” from upcoming LP “Yacker” [ALTER]
  • Berlin-based Post-Industrial /EBM /Techno producer Andrea Riberti, UNCONSCIOUS “Justice” from “Il Punto Di Non Ritrono” LP 12″ [Oráculo Records]
  • Noise /Techno /EBM /industrial producer of Belarus-Russian origin Peter Cross, aka Metakross “Never Stop” from “Follow The Bell” EP [Industrial Complexx]
  • Berlin-based dark industrial ritual techno artist Mina Lord – “More Equal (Llimbs Remix)” from “Animal Farm” EP [Lethal Curse]
  • Lithuanian Industrial /Techno /EBM producer Bask – “Kreuzigen” off V/A “BombTrap 17″ EP 12” [Bombtrap Records]
  • Netherlands-based techno /industrial /EBM  Scottish DJ-producer Swærm “Realise The Consequences” from upcoming cassette compilation V/A “Various Artists Vol.3” [Vives]
  • Western New York-based harsh industrial techno producer STCLVR – “Gnash” off forthcoming V/A “Brutality III” compilation [Brutal Forms]
  • Catalan industrial techno /EBM duo Mario F. & Jogile D., aka SMFORMA “Blue Romance” from “It’s a Weird Place” EP 12″ [SOIL]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina industrial /techno /synth wave /dark electronics /EBM producer Nicolás Pomilio, aka Sektor Voltage “Chica Final” from “Animal en extinción” LP
  • Los Angeles based industrial /synth-pop /EBM duo Faith In Flesh “It’s Too Dark” from the cassette debut “New Wounds To Answer To” EP
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Crash Test Dummy” from “DYNAMICS OF A CRASH” EP
  • Ukrainian EBM /Italo disco production duo Vladyslav Putistin & Lvcerate – “Danza Industriale (Lennart Remix)” from “Hot Flashes” EP [Sharped Records]
  • Berlin-based EBM /Techno /New Wave /Dark Disco collaborative live project of Kalipo and duo Local Suicide, aka DINA SUMMER “Excess” off “Hide & Seek” EP [Iptamenos Discos]
  • UK dark-psych-dungeon-acid grunge punk artist, ZHENG “Zero Time” off upcoming 4-track EP “Zero Time” [Ombra International]
  • Indie dance /disco /Arabic /ethnic /Italo body music collaboration between Palestinian electronic artist Samir and Nein label boss Neil Parnell, aka Sarv + Tronik Youth – “Arabia Felix Feat. Monixa” from “Arabia Felix” EP [Nein Records]
  • French retrowave /EBM /electro /synthwave producer Heels Machine “Warm Stilettos” ( Normal‘s “Warm Leatherette” cover)
  • Spanish EBM /techno /electronic producer Alen Skanner “Launch Sequence” off V/A “Unknown Prospect Vol.2” EP [Second Sight]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina indie dance /dark cosmic disco DJ-producer Corporal Moore – “La Cima (JAMES ROD Remix)” off “La Cima” EP [Golden Soul Records]
  • Parisian house /electro /dark disco DJ & producer Captain Mustache “Shifting Basslines feat. Chicks on Speed (Whitesquare Mix)” from “The Super Album (Remixe)” EP 12″ [Kompakt Records]
  • Indie dance /acid /house /wave /dark disco collaboration between Tel-Aviv-based electronic DJ-producer and French duo, Niv Ast & Kimshies – “She Said (Late Night Version)” off “She Said” EP [Ritual]
  • ’80s Italo disco band  MIDNIGHT PASSION – “I NEED YOUR LOVE (DISCO PAESE EDIT)” originally released in 1985 on Cruisin’ Records and ZYX Records [Mélopée Records]
  • Milano-based synth funk /Italo Disco /Italian dance wave movement producer Eluard – “Comic Bad (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” off “Dirty Hall Remixed” EP [Slow Motion]
  • France-based dark space disco /indie dance Mexican/French production duo Leonor & Iba Boo – “Cold” off upcoming “Yo Soy” EP [Polaris Records]
  • Indie dance /acid /house /wave /dark disco collaboration between Tel Aviv-based electronic DJ-producer and French duo, Niv Ast & Kimshies – “She Said (Late Night Version)” off “She Said” EP [Ritual]
  • Parisian psych /kraut /new beat /techno producer Sapphist Eye “Seedy Streets (Club Tularosa Remix)” from “Another Side” EP [Lumière Noire]
  • Berlin-based Italian 90s /Progressive House /Trance /EBM /Breakbeat /Techno producer Francesco Mingrino, aka Younger Than Me “Zarathustra Dance” off the upcoming debut LP “The Golden Age Of Love” [90’s Wax]
  • Glasgow-based acid /chug /psych /electro /techno /dark disco producer BT COP – “BT C.o.P. (Rude Audio Remix)” off “Sabre 540” EP [TICI TACI]
  • Ghent, Belgium ambient /new beat /chug /techno /synth-pop musician, producer and DJ Boris Zeebroek (member of Hong Kong Dong), aka Bolis Pupul “Ma Tau Wai Road (with Salah Pupul)” from the debut LP “LETTER TO YU” in collaboration with Soulwax [DEWEE]
  • Алла Пугачева / Alla Pugacheva – Журавлик (hokki Edit) [originally from 1980]
  • Dutch disco /house artist and producer Tom Trago “Take A Chance” off “Pearls for Pleasure Vol. 1” [TT imprint]
  • Berlin-based breaks /house /electro producer DJ Fuckoff “Want Me” [Unknown To The Unknown]
  • Spanish resident, UK Breaks /Minimal /House DJ-producer Miller – “The Ways Are Mystic” off “Dracula” EP 12″ [Real Gang Records]
  • Melbourne ambient /broken beats /house /techno DJ-producer babyxxan “Geneva Airport” from “In – Tran – Situ” LP 12″ [Public Possession]
  • Israel acid /breakbeat /leftfield /house electronic producer and Tofistock label head (aka DJ Headshot), Olsvangèr – “Grand Slammin” from upcoming “Icy Hookups″ EP 12” [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  • Stockholm‘s experimental /ambient /techno producer Sonja Tofik “In the Internal” from “Respire” LP 12″ [Northern Electronics]
  • Ambient /drone /experimental /electronic collaboration between Berlin’s Katharina Schmidt and London’s Rob Soma-Lewis, aka Bauer + Katharina Schmidt “Coastal Array” from upcoming cassette LP “Open Water” [Moon Villain]
  • Italian dark ambient /post-industrial /field recordings /music concrete /drone project of sound artist Luca Valisi with contributions from Monica Calanni Rindina, aka P.U.M.A. “Red House” from “Red Winter” LP [Reverse Alignment]
  • New Orleans-based classical /ambient /field recordings /drone /electronic music composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly “Calton Road Cobblestones” from “LF17 / Edinburgh” EP [Mortality Tables]
  • Turku, Finland industrial /dark ambient /drone project Torus Dome “Gods of the Inner Earth” from the LP “The Manifested World”
  • San Francisco‘s ambient /IDM /experimental /ethereal /drone /minimal techno /deep house /downtempo /space music /electronic veteran producer Brock Van Wey (AKA Earth House Hold, East Of Oceans), AKA bvdub “Kingdom Come” from “Leaving” album


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