WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – FEBRUARY #08-23


  • Seems Legit! Selectors Series 026 – OREN G                                                                                                           

Tel Aviv-based DJ, Netil Radio radio host, and music collector, Oren Greenberg kicks off the first Seems Legit! Selectors Series Mix of 2023 with an hour-long ‘brilliantly selected mix of EBM, Electro, Coldwave, Industrial, Techno, and around.

  • Bavarian ambient /IDM /breakbeat /electronic producer MPU101 “VMCPU810” from the album “MPU103″ 12” [ILIAN TAPE]

‘Moody Waves Towards Essence’ Reminiscent of mid-’90s lo-fi Skam/Warp abstractions, the Bavarian sound artist crafts a lush and slow alternation of vaporous expansions and vivid resonances infused with poignant melancholy, nostalgic melodies, sidereal frequencies, and sparse hypnotic broken rhythmic patterns, to build an enveloping and entrancing sensory journey of wistful contemplation, rooted in measured yet profound emotions, cleared of any roughness, ceaselessly cast towards contemplative and serene horizons, yet subtly intersected by murky and haunting underlying streaks, of seemingly blissed-out boundless soundscapes.

  • London, UK EBM /industrial /techno producer EVIL DUST “Youth Crime” from upcoming V/A “KLUSTER WINTER” compilation [Kluster]

London producer strikes with slick techno prowess through a euphoric combination of burning emotions and visceral grooves rooted in the unyielding impetus of a sonorous, punching bassline, fueled by heavy-hitting drum kicks and ricocheting metallic clanks, to undulate haunted, eerie synth swirls, with the drilling hypnotic danger of an electrifying dance floor blast.

  • London-based acid /techno /house /electro Texan DJ-producer (AKA Chupacabras) AKA Acid Freq. “Confidential Meeting” from the upcoming cassette release “Direct Out” [Draconian Steps 004]

The first teaser, “Confidential Meeting”, dives into a tinny haunting underworld of looming shadows and slightly screeching frequencies to create chilling and disturbing wanderings of minimal and bouncy acid-streaked Electro, driven by thudding kicks and slashing snares enshrouded in droning reverberating menace, whilst swaying obsessive lilting stacks of clicking dash keys drift towards alienated and sneaking dancefloor perceptions.

  • England, UK ambient /atmospheric /field recordings /experimental /electronic sound artist Heavy Cloud “Mechanical nite flight” from “Aerial” album
  • Brooklyn, NY ambient /minimal /neo-classical /baroque /synth /electronic musician Faten Kanaan – “Ard Diar” from the upcoming album “Afterpoem” on Fire Records
  • Netherlands/US ambient /drone /minimal /electronic /experimental sound artists Maurits Nieuwenhuis & Innesti, Dynastor & Innesti “A Tentative Understanding” from upcoming “Meander” album on ARCHIVES
  • Cleveland, OH ambient /drone /kosmische /minimal electronic sound artist, Imaginary Softwoods “Diagram Of The Universe” from the album “The Notional Pastures Of Imaginary Softwoods” [Field Records]
  • Hamilton, Ontario-based ambient /drone /tape loops /neo-classical /soundscape /electronic musician Douglas Tewksbury, AKA Tewksbury “BANDA MOUNTAIN (IKSRE Remix)” from upcoming complimentary remix collection “Brutes Remixed” on Hush Hush Records
  • Paris, France ambient/ electro-acoustic guitarist & sound maker Alexandre Navarro – “Distancias” from the split album “Phases / Dream Vestibuli” by Alexandre Navarro / Caya via Handstitched*
  • Belgium/UK ambient /psychedelic /drone /electro-acoustic duo Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk, AKA Elodie “Vent Blanc” from the album “Clarté Déserte” on La Scie Dorée
  • Manchester, UK ambient /electronic /dub /world folk musician John Haycock “Cascades” from the upcoming album “Dorian Portrait”Manchester, UK ambient/ electronic/ dub/ kora/ world folk musician John Haycock “Cascades” from the upcoming album “Dorian Portrait” on Second Thoughts Records
  • French ’80s minimal synth electronic pioneer, ADN’ Ckrystall “Navajo Space-Ship Swing” from the upcoming lost 1984 unreleased kraut/psychedelic mini-album “Frankraut” 10″ vinyl format on Macadam Mambo
  • Danish experimental /ambient /electronic pop collaboration of Loke Rahbek and Lust For Youth‘s Malthe Fischer AKA Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star “Palatine Light (Bonus Track)” from the ltd. vinyl album “Two Autumns / Spring Snow” collection of the last two collaborative cassette EPs + bonus tracks [Posh Isolation 273]
  • Los Angeles ambient /drone /psych /house /electronic producer and Jungle Gym Records co-head Jared Carrigan (AKA Freaks Of Nature), AKA René Najera “000605_0590” from “2023 Japan Tour CD-R” [Jungle Gym Records]
  • Basel, Switzerland ambient /acid /techno DJ-producer and Swim label head, Mark Lando – “Formation” off “Salk Zone” EP [swimtrax001]
  • San Francisco experimental /analog techno /leftfield house /electronic producer Spencer G. AKA Solotape – “Cycle C” off the upcoming album “Days On End (pt. I)” [Silva Electronics]
  • Nižnij Novgorod, Russia Italo disco /synthpop project Night Caller – “Kranvatten” from V/A “SPAZIO INVASORE Vol. 01” cassette compilation [Spazio Label]
  • German witch house/ goth/ dark ambient/ space/ psych/ ritual/ industrial/ experimental project MATER SUSPIRIA VISION “Das Universum bist Du” from the album “SPACE NECRONOMICON” (music for and inspired by the Cosmotropia de Xam film “Space Necronomicon”) on Phantasma Disques
  • Valladolid, Spain techno /industrial /EBM producer Veiled Venus “Auspicio” single
  • Paris-based EBM /industrial techno producer Termination_800 – “Create The Change” off V/A “Various Artists Vol.2” compilation [VIVES]
  • Madrid, Spain EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer and Barro Records head, NÖLE – “MENDEKUA” from V/A “MENDEKUA” EP 12″ [Xtraperlo Records]
  • Colombian EBM /electro /techno producer Felipe Novoa AKA Magnum Opus – “Photovoltaic” from V/A “Under The Stone Vol.1” compilation on Bruto Industries
  • Medellin, Colombia techno /electronic body music side project of Faunes Efes (aka Filmmaker), DJ Shulgin – “Lab Raid” off “A Chemical Love Story” EP [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Berlin-based, Rome-bred Italian EBM/ hard techno/ experimental electronic producer-DJ-performer Lady Maru “die Zeiten” from V/A “EGRC01. Vol. 1” compilation [Ego Riot]
  • Greek-born, Amsterdam-based EBM /acid /techno artist and co-founder of collective His Dark Elements, Pablo Diskko, AKA Extase Urbaine – “System Karma” from upcoming V/A – “Rites of Passage” EP 12″ on Athens’ FERMA
  • Dessau / Berlin acid /techno producer Baybisbald “Time Drags” Turkish earthquake relief fundraising single [SNTCHRSXCLSV003] on Snatchers
  • Barcelona based, Italian electro /leftfield /techno DJ-producer and Obscura Music label head, Fedele – “Spike Express (The Hacker Remix)” from “The Awake, Pt. 2” EP [Obscura Music]
  • Zagreb-based ambient /techno /breaks /electro producer & DJ, Ivna Ji “Maar” from V.A. – “Antarctica, Station 4″ compilation 12” [Noise To Meet You]
  • Russian acid /electro DJ-producer duo Larionov & St. Theodore – “Razor Edge” from V/A ‘5 Years of Hilltown Disco’ EP 12″ on Hilltown Disco
  • Frankfurt & Halle/Leipzig, Germany acid /trance /breaks /electronic duo, not even noticed – “UFK” from “MASA 005” EP [Masa Series]
  • Bristol, UK breaks /leftfield techno producer and Dialogue label head, Jo Kašpar AKA Memory Play – “Protect Your Joy” off “Choice” EP [Control Freak Recordings]
  • Edinburgh genre-bending techno /breaks club dance producer Dansa “Kill The Body And The Head Will Die” off the debut solo eponymous EP on the Palidrone label
  • Geneva-based, Brussels born Italo disco/ jackin’ house/ prog trance/ new beat producer Reda Saiarh “I’m Not Your Friend” from “Comfort Zone” EP [Human Endeavour Records]
  • Los Angeles dream pop /electronic duo Desire – “Silver Machine” (The Hacker Remix) [Italians Do It Better]
  • Lana Del Rey – “A&W (CyberKills Remix)” from “VERANO (Volume 1)” edit EP
  • German booty bass /g-tech /hip-hop /electro-funk producer-rapper-DJ, $ombi “Wellen (Jensen Interceptor‘s Lagoon Funk mix)” from “Wellen” EP [International Chrome]
  • Bristol, UK “Electronic Rock n Roll” 5-piece Holy Youth Movement “Better Together (Hardway Bros Dub Intervention Mix )” from “Better Together (Hardway Bros Remixes)” EP Produced & Mixed By Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream / Sabres of Paradise/ Andrew Weatherall)
  • Frankfurt Am Main‘s Italo /cosmic disco /synth wave producer Philipp Lauer AKA Lauer – “Wilson” off V/A “Playground 10 Years Compilation” [Playground Records]
  • Berlin-based dark disco /wave /indie dance producer Franz Matthews – “Sonnenallee (Tegel Boys Remix)” off “As I Am” EP [HIFI/LOFI Records]
  • Spanish EBM /Synthwave /Italo Trance producer Alen Skanner “A Million Years” from V/A “Epifania Part II” compilation on Ritmo Fatale
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Synthwave/Cosmic /Italo Disco producer Neurotiker “Bon The Rabbit” from the EP “The Showstoppers” [Revo Disc]
  • Tallinn, Estonian techno /Italo disco /synth wave /electronic producer Sugar Rody – “89’s Wave (Louis De Tomaso Remix)” from [HEAR0060] – The State Of Mind ” EP [HEARec]
  • Las Palmas, Spain based Balearic /house /disco producer Sauco “Twisted Funk” off V/A “Disco Selections Vol.2” EP [Ravanelli Disco Club]
  • Italian electro-body-music-dark disco producer, musician, DJ, and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “False Piste (Plexi Glass Remix)” from “Scaleno” EP [Ulla Records]
  • Brighton, UK cosmic disco /progressive house /techno DJ-producer Ross Harper – “The Power Of Three (Roi Retro Future Remix)” off “The Dark Album, Remixes, Volume 1” EP on City Wall Records
  • Melbourne based trance /techno /progressive dance producer DJ Alan “Wallaby Dance” off upcoming “Digital Destination” EP on Helix Discs
  • Berlin based Australian breaks /deep house electronic producer Fantastic Man “Beyond Control” from “Visions of Dance Vol. 2” EP
  • Shenzhen, China ambient /techno /noise /electronic project KAGAMI Smile “Floating Moon” from the album “An Image of You Below”
  • Tokyo based ambient /drone /experimental composer-sound artist, Odoma “On Absence” from the upcoming album “Jam Karet” on Neotantra
  • Canadian experimental /ambient /drone sound artist Bradley Deschamps, AKA Anthéne “Shelter” title track of the upcoming “Shelter” album on DRONARIVM
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands ambient/ modern-classical/ electro-acoustic collective Wanderwelle “Leviathan” from the album “All Hands Bury The Cliffs At Sea” the second entry of their trilogy for Important Records
  • French/Swedish ambient /ethereal /drone /electronic collaboration between Alexander Lux and Ludvig Cimbrelius, AKA Ayaavaaki & Purl “Xenogeneic Links (Sphere II)” from the upcoming album “Ancient Skies” [LILA लीला]
  • Tucson, AZ ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic sound artist STEVE ROACH “Future Informing” from the double CD album “Rest Of Life”
  • Russia/UK long-distance synth-guitar field recording ambient collaboration between psychedelic improvisational drone project by St. Petersurg‘s Anton Bogdanov and Farnham‘s experimentalist James Edward Armstrong, AKA Pool of Light & Slow Clinic “Transparency” from the album “Descend” on Chitra Records
  • Ambient /experimental /drone /neo-classical collaboration between UK cellist and composer Simon McCorry and Canadian sound artist Bradley Deschamps, AKA Anthéne & Simon Mccorry “Uncertain sunlight” from the upcoming album “Florescence” on Oscarson
  • UK ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /soundscape sound artist Ray Robinson AKA Wodwo “Ar Maidin” from the album “Skinning You”
  • Italian dark ambient /drone /experimental sound artist (member of Autumn Of Communion, Moss Garden, Ishqamatics, Angling Loser, Memex and The Ashes Of Piemonte), AKA Nacht Plank “Notes From An Open Window” off the album “Notes From An Open Window -Volume 1” on Neotantra