WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #8


  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk ‘Rest In Peace Mr Weatherall You Have Been An Inspiration To Us All.x’                                                                                                                                                                     
  • French experimental electronic producer, live performer and Microdosing label head, Julienne Dessagne, aka Fantastic Twins – “Read My Palmer, Laura” off of upcoming V/A – “Bongo Beats & Bankruptcy: The Sound of I’m a Cliché” 3xvinyl compilation via Berlin-based I’m a Cliché

One of the key records of my ‘dance-electronic education’ was certainly the “Super Discount” series, released in 1996, of four 10 inches which, in mosaic, made up the cover of the full-album titled ‘Etienne De Crecy Present Super Discount’ via the Alex Gopher / Etienne De Crecy’s label Disques Solid, which shortly thereafter would have dropped the debut EP of Cosmo Vitelli (aka Benjamin Boguet).
More than 2 decades later I’m a Cliché, the label founded by CV in 2004, is going to unleash a triple vinyl album compilation, permeated with the imprint’s distinctive, imaginative and eclectic, electronic sound walking the line between dance club and home listening, just as the first hypnotic preview by the ever addictive French producer Julienne Dessagne, aka Fantastic Twins, with a whimsical dance-inducing fusion of hypnotic psychedelia with post-punk discordant grit, propelled by bass-heavy pounding rhythms.

  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER – ???????????????????? & ???????????????????? – off of V/A [TJVA01] debut Lyon‘s TJALK RECORDS compilation                                                                                                       

Brand new French label hailing from Lyon, set up by artist Noize Maker, that promises to ‘navigate between Techno, EBM, Synthwave’. The first sampler regroups some well-known names from the French scene with an effortless barrage of raw, aggressive, and blistering EBM-embedded industrial techno detonations, from which departs only veteran underground electronic activist Jonathann Cast with a dark robotic vocal electro stomper

  • Russian Raw Dark DIY Electronic Waves Distørshn Shape “Rubber’s” from “Rubber’s Lover” cassette EP on Italian Olympics Limited

Along with two cuts, Russian producer channels raw and edgy physicality and heavy dark dance-floor grit through a skilful, angular and crushing distillation of the most impactful sonic elements from EBM, acid, darkwave, noise and industrial.

  • Moscow‘s ritual/ethnic/psychedelic project Waves of the Presence “Afternoon Gloom” from “Continuous Presence” on The Day of life forgotten
  • French experimental/post-rock/ambient/electronic elusive duet from Paris, 2KILOS &MORE “Decibels” from the new LP “Exempt” on Ant-Zen
  • Experimental/ambient/electronic project of Glasgow-based, Finnish-born artist Maria Rossi, aka CUCINA POVERA “Salvia Salvatrix” off the upcoming second album “Tyyni” on Night School.
  • US soundtrack/experimental/synth/electronic composer and Clipping member, Jonathan Snipes “Welcome To The Game” from the O.S.T. LP “MOPE” on Deathbomb Arc
  • French psychedelic/cold wave/dark electro outfit from Paris, VOX LOW “It’s Rejuvenation (Tolouse Low Trax version)” from “RELECTURES (REMIX)” EP on Born Bad Records
  • Colombian via New-York dark analog synth wizard Daniel Olarte aka Fiero “Rite of Purity (Fiero Remix)” from “Rarities & Remixes” EO on Synthicide
  • London, UK industrial/noise/techno/cyber-punk electronics project of Rommek & Aimee Mullen, aka TORN RELICS “Blood Stained Tapestry” from the upcoming album “Abolish The Dogma” on Leyla Re
  • Corfu-based Greek experimental dark ambient electronic project of Dimitris Doukas, RESTIVE PLAGGONA “Served Cold” off of new cassette “Sadness Party” via Several Minor Promises
  • Italian/Swiss industrial/EBM/dark techno/acid electronic duo of CCO and Daniele Cosmo, co-owner of Lux Rec., Savage Grounds “Front Line” from upcoming EP “Body Weight Compressor” on Infoline Global            
  • French dark techno/EBM/minimal/electro producer Jonathann Cast “Graceless Night” off of V/A [TJVA01] debut Lyon’s TJALK RECORDS compilation
  • Greek EBM/industrial techno/dark electronic producer from Athens, MORAH “Mpekia” off ‘#010′ 12″ on Athens’ Vanila Label
  • French dark ambient/IDM/ techno project by Etienne Zasko (aka YØKAÏ), ZAGAM “The Eternal Lair” on Vumantra
  • EBM/electro/industrial/techno collaboration between Berlin-based Bloody Mary and Barcelona-based, Venezuela-born and Classicworks co-founder Cardopusher, Bloody Mary & Cardopusher – “Out Of Control” off upcoming “Conformity Kills” EP on Dame                                                                                           
  • Glasgow based techno collaborative duet QUAIL+ AISHA “The Fall” from “The Fall” EP on Soma
  • Birmingham, UK industrial electronic techno producer Anthony Child aka SURGEON “The Golden Sea” title track from new EP on Ilian Tape
  • Greek/Brazilian experimental techno collaboration Penelope’s Fiance & XIAO QUAN – “Faithful Executors (Tao Inner circle: The Beginning)”                                                                                                                         
  • UK industrial techno producer (former Sandwell District), SILENT SERVANT – “New World” from “Air Texture VII” compilation curated by Rrose & Silent Servant
  • Brooklyn, NY techno/house producer and L.I.E.S. Records head Ron Morelli “Exhibition of Counterfeits, Part 2″ from 12” EP “Exhibition of Counterfeits, Vol. 1” on BITE
  • EBM/electro/industrial/techno collaboration between Berlin-based Bloody Mary and Barcelona-based, Venezuela-born, Classicworks co-founder Cardopusher, Bloody Mary & Cardopusher – “Out Of Control” off upcoming “Conformity Kills” EP on Dame                                                                                          
  • New York based acid/house/techno moniker of ChileanAmerican producer Nicolas Jaar, aka A.A.L (Against All Logic) “Alarm” from the new album “2017-2019” on Other People
  • Prague‘s experimental/electro producer ALIVER “Rychtyk” from the new EP “Comfort Zone” on Atrophy Records
  • Russian-born/Riga-based dark electro producer Dmitry Distant feat. Waterflower -“Tur” from V/A “606” 12″ EP on Waste Editions
  • UK based Australian breakbeat/electro producer NITE FLEIT “Folie A Dreamland (Jensen Interceptor Remix)” from the EP “Dance Trax Vol.26” on Unknown To The Unknown
  • San Fernando Valley‘s acid/funk/house/ambient techno producer SFV Acid “Jasons II” from 12″ EP “ResedaVill” on BAKK
  • Russian dark disco producer and DJ (1/2 of Getsuga Tenshou) from Saint Petersburg, Evgeniy Tanaisov, aka ETANE “Pali” from upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 013” via Ombra International                                              
  • Bastia, Corsica dark disco/electronic trio and label heads, Le Disko – “La Noche” off upcoming 2-track 12″ EP on From Disco to Disko                                                                                                                                 
  • Saint-Petersburg based Russian electronic music collective of drummer Anton Berezin and multi-instrumentalist Grigoriy Babak, WOLFSTREAM “Horse” from upcoming “Eastwood” EP on Playground Records                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Experimental/psych/house/techno electronic collaboration between Russian brothers Panorama Channel and Lithuanian producer Pletnev, Panorama Channel & Pletnev – “Blavatsky (original mix)” from upcoming EP “Blavatsky” on Biologic Records                                                                                                           
  • Milan-based, Chinese ambient minimal techno Dj/producer Muning An/安沐凝, EVEREST “Space Art (Original Mix)” from “Space Art” EP on Italy’s 24/H
  • Budapest, Hungary analogue synth electronic project of Balázs Reményi aka Barli Renez ”Trippingly”
  • Norway neo-kraut/synthwave/electronic project DONNER “Floating Landscape”
  • Manchester, UK ambient/electronic producer SANGAM “The Things” from V/A “Memory Residue VHS” on Forgot Imprint
  • Los Angeles based avant-garde synthesists/composers Jill Fraser and Peter Grenader, aka The zZyzx Society “Linear A” from S/T album
  • Carolina, Puerto Rico ambient/drone producer TROVA “Cerro”
  • German dark ambient/drone producer EISENLAGER “Wie man in hysterischen Zeiten überlebt” from “Selbstverteidigung gegen frisches Obst” album on Kalamine Records
  • Chinese ambient/vapor wave producer 輕描淡寫 – 她还想入非非呢 – from 小圈子 cassette/vinyl EP on Shenzhen’s VILL4IN / Pure Life Tapes