WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – February #07-22

Photo by Josef Hoflehner

  • Sonidos Subterraneos podcast | Episode 115 | FILMMAKER                                                                                        

Courtesy of Medellín‘s Sonidos Subterraneos label/podcast, prolific Colombian cult DJ, producer and Body Musick label curator Faunes Efe AKA Filmmaker deftly experiments with sharp, sinister and seductive slivers of Electro, EBM, Industrial and Techno to harness the cold power of the machinery to a dark, bodily and dystopian dancing trance.          

  • Philadelphia based, former NYC resident acid /electro live performer-DJ-producer (part of the group Seer) Matt Parent, aka M PARENT – “Regression” from the EP “Who Is Your God?” [Sons Of Traders Records]

After the raw, chugging and industrialized heady electro vibrations from uncompromising Russian experimentalist Stas Zavyalov, Berlin‘s label SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS returns with the twisted yet minimal, rambling storytelling electro jams by M PARENT. Channelling the improvized energetic dynamism of his live performances, the Philly based, once NYC denizen, deploy the right amount of deep buzzing basslines to set the stage for a booty-shaking layering of icy hallucinating synth strains, hypnotic skipping broken beats, and anxious stabs, at times around minimal distorted and wicked vocal repetitions, rising and falling in trippy frequencies of mind-warping acidic dancefloor grooves.

  • Italian EBM /industrial /techno producer Endless Nothing – “The Pain of Absence” from the upcoming “Omnia Fert Aetas” EP on SHISHI

EBM /Techno artist from Italy delivers cinematic, frigid and ritual dancefloor menace that expands cold and stark vibes of apocalyptic doom with hard-hitting mechanical beats along with turgid snappy kicks, enshrouded by eerie hallucinatory synth frequencies, to stimulate relentless droning anxious catharsis within the dangerous heady domains of “The Pain of Absence.”

  • Berlin-based dark disco /wave /indie dance electronic collaboration Local Suicide & Franz Matthews – “Love Terrorist” from V/A ” 9 Years Compilation” on Playground Records

The unstoppable Berlin-based Greek/German pair Brax Moody and Vamparela team up with FrancoGerman DJ and producer Franz Matthews to tantalize, ensnare and pop off our secretive ‘nice and sleazy’ grooves with another irresistible club-ready swirling disco wonder, driven by mechanical syncopated rhythms and obsessive disruptive strains to channel insatiable desires through an intoxicating plane of haunting temptations, wound by flashing and warped icy bright synth drifts, waxing and waning over a sinister buzzing bassline, whilst a tantalizing kinky vocal interplay of male/female seductions whisper, taunt, and tease into a warm erotic swathe of dangerous dancefloor persuasion. 

  • Danish ambient /experimental /electronic solo project of Posh Isolation label co-founder’ Loke Rahbek aka, CROATIAN AMOR “Remember Rainbow Bridge” title track from the upcoming “Remember Rainbow Bridge” LP on Posh Isolation
  • Israeli ambient /noise /drone /industrial multidisciplinary duo Eyal Bitton & Itzik Avizohar, AKA Kashaiof “MA Op. 1” from the cassette album “MA” on London’s Under My Feet.
  • Bradford, UK spectral electronic /post-rock /downtempo /ambient project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “An Absolute Living Hell (Part 1)” from the upcoming ninth LP “Bloodsport” via This Is It Forever
  • Italian Braindance /minimal techno /electro twin duo Marco and Fabrizio D’Arcangelo from Rome, D’Arcangelo “Familiarity” from the upcoming vinyl album “Arium” on A Colourful Storm
  • Northern California based dub /electro /psychedelic /dungeon disco project of Scottish sound-ingeneer, Sordid Sound System “Pneumonia Gulch” from V/A “Stealth Weapons III” compilation on Invisible, Inc.
  • Berlin-based indie electronica unit of Modeselektor [Gernot Bronsert + Sebastian Szary] and Apparat [Sascha Ring], AKA Moderat “Fast Land” from upcoming 4th LP “MORE D4TA” on Monkeytown Records 
  • Berlin-based ambient /psych /downtempo /electronic producer Airaboi – “Resilience Transmissions” from upcoming V/A “Risks Issues Opportunities II” on R.i.O. Label
  • Ukrainian-born, Poland-bread and Austria-based electronic pop multi-instrumentalist and singer Katarina Gryvul “Tysha (Maoupa Mazzocchetti Remix)” from the second LP “Tysha” on Standard Deviation
  • Russian techno /electro producer from Moscow, GESLOTEN CIRKEL “Quiker” from the EP “185” on SolarOneMusic
  • Birmingham, UK grinding industrial techno moniker of Justin K Broadrick (also Jesu, Godflesh, Final and Techno Animal) aka JK FLESH “Brain Wash” from the album “New Religions Old Rules” [Avalanche Recordings]
  • Italian noise /industrial techno producer YARI GRECO “Blasphemous Circle (Original Mix)” from the EP ‘Where The Hands Touch’ on Berlin’s Autonoma Industriale
  • Athens, Greece experimental /industrial /techno producer DΛS – “Data Receiver” from V/A “What doesn’t kill u makes u weird at intimacy” on Athens’ Modified Boredom Label
  • French industrial techno producer KET ROBINSON ”IKYCTO (Drums Inferno)” on Gomboc Records X Series
  • Industrial techno collaboration between Berlin-based Liber Null boss Manos Simotas (aka Unhuman) and of half of Spanish techno stalwarts NX1, aka UNHUMAN + SURIT – “Recreation Room” from upcoming “RADIATION SICKNESS” EP incoming on Megastructure
  • São Carlos, Brazil EBM /electronic producer Lucas Novaes, aka Lucas “Neglected Body (Original Mix)” single.
  • Berlin-based, Rome-native industrial /EBM /techno /electronic producer Lady Maru “Boundaries” single on Chronicles Records
  • Bogotá, Colombia EBM /industrial /dark future techno producer ULISESS “堕堕堕堕堕堕堕 (Instrumental)” from “Lustfuckness” EP
  • Montpellier, France ambient /EBM /darkwave /techno /dark electro producer Fille de minuit – “Essaim” from “Rouge” EP
  • Barcelona based darksynth /synthwave electronic solo project Nightcrawler “Partners in Pain” single
  • Sydney based EBM /Industrial /New Beat /Dark Electronic music project BLACK DAHLIA “Semantic Satiation” single
  • UK EBM /industrial techno producer BALROG “Slagheap Society” from the LP “The Northern Powerhouse” on Instruments Of Discipline
  • French techno /noise /electronic act from Nantes, Le Crabe – “Amour Unilateral (Pantser Fabriek Remix)” from the EP “Amour Unilateral (The Remixes)” 10th-anniversary celebration [Nu Body Records]       
  • Brooklyn, NY based Electro /Noise /Acid /Industrial /Techno Bay Area‘s DJ and producer Éstudy – “I Can’t Wait” from upcoming “Stunt Double” EP [Pildoras Tapes]                                                                                 
  • Russian synthwave /EBM /coldwave /electronic producers Namesis and Sunko, AKA Ninetees “Soon (Moken Remix)” from the upcoming cassette album “On the knees” on SOIL
  • Rennes, French Italo /techno /synth wave /coldwave trio Depht Mod “Open” from the second EP “Catch the Blue” on Tripalium Corp.                                                                                                                                         
  • Turin-based synthwave /dark techno producer MATTEO TURA “MORGANA’S LAUGH” single
  • Italian acid /rave /industrial /dark techno producer and Insane Industry & Das Kollektive head, Lobotomija “Rubber Doll” single
  • Berlin-based, Italian industrial /dark techno /electronic DJ-producer Lady Maru “Present Hell” from V/A “Into Darkness No. 3 (Negative Disco: Industrial Fever)” on Dark Carousel
  • Portland-based EBM /industrial /techno artist (formerly one half of Soft Metals), Ian Hick “Bare Head” from upcoming “Ten Sigma” EP on FERMA
  • San Francisco based trippy techno producer Lindsey Herbert – “Cosmic Interference” from upcoming V/A “Core Values Vol. 1” on fellow US label Crisis Of Man                                                                                            
  • New York‘s EBM /wave /electro solo project of post-punk icon and founding member of Crash Course in Science, Michael Zodorozny “Constant” from the “Other Side” album on Electronic Emergencies
  • Bristol, UK techno /noise /hardcore 4-piece SCALPING “Flashforward” from upcoming debut album “Void” on Houndstooth
  • Sydney techno /electro duo Askham & S. Tonkin “Idle Pulse (Assembler Code‘s Resonance Mix)” from “Idle Pulse” EP on Sidney’s Dialectic Recordings
  •  Italian electro DJ/Producer Alessandro Geo aka Circuitry Man ‘I’m the future’ from the forthcoming EP “I’m the Future” on his own label Geotronrecords.                                                                                                         
  • Leeds, UK based breaks /electro-funk DJ-producer from North Wales, The Droid – “Merge” from upcoming V/A “End Broken Windows Vol.1” cassette on Palms Out Sounds                                                          
  • Bristol-based melodic electro DJ-producer and Distorted Sensory Perception label co-founder, Jon Chmielewski, aka ZOBOL “Schrodinger Equation” from the debut LP “Waveform Trajectory” on Wave Function                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Israel‘s indie dance /psych /post-punk /electronic producers Ofir Tako & Zehava – “ Raash (Curses Remix)” from “Ba’alat_EP” [Logical Records]                                                                                                                   
  • Dutch trance /Italo /electro producer Lennart “I Don’t Know Your Life ft. Lola (Kendal Remix)” off of 4-track EP “Vitamin D” on KopjeK Records                                                                                                                         
  • Glasgow, Scotland acid /house /electronic producer Ewan McVicar “Movin’ On Over” from “Movin’ On Over” EP on Optimo Music
  • Moscow-based Siberian prog /trance /synthpop DJ-producer (aka Altai Princess), NATASHA BAI “Transsib” title track from the debut EP “Transsib” on Ransom Note Records
  • Jakarta born Nu-Disco / Indie Dance /’Jungle Body Music’ DJ & Producer Past Futura – “Arcadia of My Youth” from the upcoming EP “Chaos in Paradise” on Ulla Records
  • Napoli-based Siberian house /techno /electronic DJ-producer Anfisa Letyago “Nisida (Michael Mayer Remix)” from “Listen & Nisida (Remixed) Vol. 2” via her own label N:S:DA                                                             
  • Cosmic disco /Synthpop triumvirate of Sergio Mesa (IAMNOTAROBOT), David Jornet (Strange2, AMPbEND) and vocalist Maia J, AKA Hypnotique – “Ce monde” off “Solitude” EP on BordelloAParigi       
  • Belgian cosmic disco /synth wave producers Dimitri Andreas and Spacid, AKA Marching Machines “Megalitica” from upcoming “Melancholie 0100” EP on Wrong Era                                                                               
  • London-based, Italo/French electronic /Italo /cosmic disco collaboration Dario Dea and Sacha Muki “Libera (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)” from upcoming “Adastra” EP on Paradiso                                             
  • Italian Trance /Indie Dance /Italo-Disco DJ-producer UABOS “Soul on Soul” title track from the upcoming EP on AEON                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Spanish tribal /indie-dance /synth-pop /cosmic disco duo Alex Sosa and D Low, aka SOSANDLOW “Happy Ending (Machinegewehr Remix)” new single on Sinchi                                                                           
  • German/Hungarian cosmic disco collaboration, Freudenthal & SouveQ “Proto Moto” from upcoming V/A “Cross Vault 09” on Buttress Records                                                                                                                  
  • London, UK synthwave /cosmic /Italo disco producer Louis De Tomaso – “Philip” from V/A “Liquid Sky” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Barcelona experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /house /electronic duo IRO AKA “Blooms in” from the compilation EP “Ametrine Horizon” [20192021]
  • ItaloFrench acid /tribal /psychedelic /downtempo /electronic duo A-Tweed & Kubebe – “Bouganvillea Batucada (Original Mix)” from upcoming “The Garden” EP [Sonido Moderna]
  • Rome, Italy drum & bass /breakbeat /electronic producer Leone510 – “Labyrinth” from “It’s Our Time” EP via Lorenzo Dada’s Electronic Music Division                                                                                                              
  • Toronto‘s synth/sequencer/drone organic electronica solo project of multi-instrumentalist Dave Read (bass/synth man from long-running Canadian space rock heavyweights Moths & Locusts and Anunnaki), AKA El Hombre Al Agua “Montana Dynamite” from the third LP “Memories Can Be Injected” on Echodelick Records and Up In Her Room
  • Halifax/Bristol, UK ambient /experimental collaborative project of Katie English (Isnaj Dui) and Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz), Busy Microbes “Scope” from the upcoming album “WF 50 – Calling” on Woodford Halse
  • UK ambient /post-rock /dreampop /chillwave /electronic producer Stumbleine “Disquiet” from the EP “Spirit and the Decay”
  • Glasgow, Scotland ambient /experimental /piano /post-rock /art-rock band LUTHIA “EXP_#9​-​11” B-side of “Roslyn” single
  • London, UK ambient pedal steel reclusive, lone, multi-instrumentalist Howard Hughes Suite “Desert Spirit” from the upcoming album “High & Lonesome” on The Slow Music Movement Label
  • England, UK ambient /deep /drone /electronic producer Halftribe – “Float” from V/A “Meditations 11” compilation on Shimmering Moods Records
  • Texas based ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic artist Zach Frizzell AKA Zakè “Remembrance [anthéne rework]” from the 2xLP album “Remembrance” via Zakè Drone Recordings
  • Detroit-based ambient /drone /electronic project of Los Angeles native Tony D’Oporto (aka Gnomes of Kush, Gnome & Spybey, Crisis Actor and Suffering for Kisses), THE GNOME “Tranquility” from the album “Pleasant sounds for unpleasant times Vol. 2” album on Ant-Zen
  • Cádiz, Spain Ambient /Drone /Soundscape /Electro-Acoustic musician DAVID CORDERO “Sukkwan Island” from the album “Winter Landscape” on ARCHIVES
  • Ireland ambient /electronic /experimental project of Lee Norris (AKA Norken, Metamatics), AKA Nacht Plank “Troarn-Quench Mix” from the album “Lost And Damaged” (originally released in 2003 on Hydrogen Dukebox) via Neotantra
  • Irish ambient /jazz /classical /electronic guitarist, composer and improviser from Cork, Jonathan Deasy AKA Quiet Clapping “A Walk Through The Snow” from the album “Lyra” [Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series / Rohs! Records].