WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // FEBRUARY #06-24

Jacques Tati “Playtime” 1967


  • Feber Feber 2024 by DJ REMASURI

Leipzig based DJ Remasuri, active since the second half of the 1990s, with an energizing and gripping retro-modern concoction of both groovy and cosmic dancing sounds, varying from Italo, Acid to Electro and House and all in between.

  • French industrial /wave /techno /electro producer and DJ, Poperttelli ”Teknos Torony” from “Foule Barouf” EP 10″ [Pinkman]

Unsettling and immersive industrial-tinged technoid electro dive into eerie greyish atmospheric realms with shuddering and rattling rhythm patterns, churning low ends, slowly awash with foreboding synth sweeps, whilst brooding with relentless, sinister and seething energy.

  • The Netherlands-based Japanese ambient /IDM /house /psych /breaks /experimental electronic producer and sound sculpturer So Oishi “Rays” off the “The Lithosphere” EP 12″ [Something Happening Somewhere]

Japanese sound artist chisels a swaying intricate and immersive head trip, cocooned by a crinkling depth of wavering vivid and lightly crisp, stacking percussions, insistent whirring loops in sync with sinuous mellow emotive ripples, subtle dissonances, warm bass pulsations, to gently both soothe and stir the senses in a contemplative haven dimension.

  • Enigmatic French EBM /techno /machine funk /electro producer KafkaCtrl “Morphing Blood” from upcoming “The Lost Intruder” EP 12″ [DISTRITO 91]

Equally magnetic and dynamic, moody and dystopian Electro Machine Funk drive, ignites by feverish swarms of crisp syncopated rhythm patterns, topped by strident echoing FXs and eerie arpeggiated glowing synth swells, to explore deep, disturbing and spectral dance floors imbued with unwavering electrifying vibrancy.

  • Stockholm-based ambient /drone /neo-classical cellist, artist and composer from Helsingborg, Henrik Meierkord “Epiphany” from the album “Proscenium” [Whitelabrecs]
  • UK/Argentina ambient /minimal /modern classical collaboration between pianist Andrew Heath and guitarist Fernando Perales (aka Mi Cosa de Resistance), Andrew Heath and Mi Cosa de Resistance “The Night Waiter” from the upcoming album “Café Tristesse” [Audiobulb]
  • UK ambient /drone /meditation /deep chill /electronic sound artist Tarl Broad-Ashman, aka Drifts In Autumn “An Island for Us” [Distant Noise]
  • Mumbai, Indian ambient /drone /meditative /space music artist Spacecraft “A Divine Glow from the East” from upcoming EP “Drifting in Peace” [Ambient Soundscapes]
  • Brighton, UK ambient electronic music artist Winter Silhouette “A Slower Pace” single
  • Canadian ambient /drone /soundscape /synth /electronica sound artist Anthony Paul Kerby (aka The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, The Winterhouse), aka Nunc Stans “A New Day Begins” from the album “For All We Know” [DataObscura]
  • Bristol, UK ambient /electronic sound artist, Saloop “Tether” from the album “Scēp” [Neotantra]
  • Perth/New York experimental /ambient /psychedelic /electronic long-distance collaborative project of David West (Rat Columns, Lace Curtain) and R.A. Jones (P.E member and former Gospel of Mars Eternal Tapestry, Jackie-O-Motherfucker and Parquet Courts collaborator), aka Scythe “Embryo” off upcoming new vinyl 12″ album “Head X’Change” [A Colourful Storm]
  • UK-based neo-classical 4 string quartets composed by Katie English (Isnaj Dui, Busy Microbes, Littlebow, The Doomed Bird Of Providence) and Mark Kluzek (The Doomed Bird of Providence), Katie English & Mark Kluzek “Siyr Siylur Remix” from “BEL – Remixes” EP [Eukaryotic]
  • Swedish ambient /atmospheric /ethereal /atmospheric house electronic artist Ludvig Cimbrelius (aka PURL), aka Illuvia “Sun Circles (Blue Moon)” from the CD album “Chandra’s Dream” [LILA लीला]
  • Baltimore, Maryland lo-fi /trip-hop /ambient /chillout /electronic /barber beats /vaporwave /downtempo electronic producer Oblique Occasions “disease vector” from the album 静かな絶望
  • Basel, Switzerland ambient /psych /breaks /cosmic electronic producer Dylan Spence, aka Other System “Sea Of Edge (In Flagranti remix)” from “Known Sea” EP [Codek Records]
  • Tbilisi, Georgia ambient /chill /hypnotic /minimal /electronic /deep techno producer Gurami Gharibashvili aka BLNDFLD “Whispering Trees (Adhémar Aerial Interpretation)” from the cassette album “VIVID” [self-released]
  • Berlin-based German cut-up /slow-mo /psychedelic /downbeat /electronic multi-instrumentalist and DJ, M.RUX “Cecegi” first single from the upcoming LP “REKORDER” LP 12″ [YNFND]
  • Berlin-based, Asunción/Istanbul world /folk /cosmic electronic live duo, Santi & Tuğçe “Ganymede’s Ocean” single
  • Tel Aviv experimental /breakbeat /acid /psych /electronic producer, one half of Red Axes, Niv Arzi, aka Nic Arizona “Akalaton (TAPAN At War Remix)” off “Shavua Tov Remixed” LP [Malka Tuti]
  • Lisboa, Portugal ambient /downtempo /tribal /psych /ethnic /electronic DJ /producer Khalil Suleman – “Moving Around” off upcoming V/A “Fala Nocturna, Vol. 1″ EP [Fala Nocturna]
  • Berlin-based Venezuelan ambient /downbeat /electronic producer, Arutani feat. Sea Change “We Don’t Know” single [Laut & Luise]
  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient /techno /broken beats /house producer Bergqvist – “The Moon” from V/A “AniaraWL03″ EP White Label series 12” [Aniara Recordings]
  • Montreal, Québec ambient /aquatic /dembow /bass /house collaborative project of Michael Red and Ultima Esuna, aka Oro Azul “Atlantis” from “Water Seeds” EP [Mood Hut]
  • West London‘s ambient /halftime /soulful /drum & bass producer Qumulus “Inner Belief” off “Cinematic Soul” EP [Modern Conveniences]
  • NYC-based experimental /percussive /techno /dub /bass /electronic producer-audio engineer Andrew Nerviano aka Plebeian “Cassone” off upcoming “Contrast” EP 12″ [Grid]
  • Romanian abstract /ambient dub /drum & bass /electronic artist DYL “Glasshouse 3″ from upcoming Glasshouse” album 12″ [Detach Recordings]
  • Mongrando, Italian ambient /techno /leftfield /breaks /house producer Kreggo – “Hi Tec Perc” from upcoming “Swaying” EP 12″ [Nous’klaer Audio]
  • Ukrainian ambient /IDM /minimal /techno producer, Stanislav Tolkachev “Frozen No More” from “Vira” EP [Semantica Records]
  • Sofia, Bulgaria percussive /house /techno DJ-producer and Sofia Records co-owner, KiNK “Time” from “Time : Freedom” EP [Sofia Records]
  • French industrial /ethnic /experimental /tribal /electronic duo of Somelikos (2kilos) and Phil Von (of mid-80s group Von Magnet), META MEAT “hue” from “voices” 7″ EP [ant-zen]
  • UK dark ambient /fourth world /dub /experimental electronica new project of veteran musicians Roger Horberry (co-founder of O Yuki Conjugate), Dan Mudford (ex-Sons of Silence and co-creator of the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack), Joe Lamb (ex-Sons of Silence) and Malcolm McGeorge, aka Open Yellow Circle “Spiral Jetty” from the vinyl 12″ “New Meridian” album [Optimo Music]
  • Greek ambient /IDM /dark techno /downtempo /modular synthesist Bakis Sirros, aka Parallel Worlds “Fragmented” title track of “Fragmented” LP [DiN]
  • Indonesian ambient /dub /drone /tribal /psych /techno experimental producer Aditya Permana, aka BAUR – “Terowongan Jadi Underpass” from BAUR’s “Pecundang” EP [DIVISI62]
  • Strasbourg, French industrial /drum & bass /techno /percussive /broken beats /downtempo DJ and producer and co-founder of the Bande Magnétique label, Itako “Perception” off upcoming “SMT004” EP [Samet Label
  • Canada / Morocco dark ambient /industrial /ethnic /ritual dark techno producer Hedon “Abhorrence” from “鬼面 : 영혼의 양수” EP [GWI MYEON RECORDS ]
  • Italian industrial techno producer Not So Heavy “Your Nails in my Brain (Chasing Shadows Remix)” from “Your Broken Screams” EP [Revok Records]
  • Sacramento, CA-based industrial /dark electronic /darkwave act led by Lynette Cerezo, aka BESTIAL MOUTHS “SLITSKIN (ORPHX REMIX)” from the remix album “BACKBONE” on Negative Gain Productions
  • Paris, France electroclash /industrial techno punk duo Maelstrom & Louisahhh – “Rough & Tender (Provocation)” off the second album “May the Rage Burn a Path for Joy” [RAAR]
  • London-bred, Portugal-based industrial techno /EBM punk producer Toni Quiroga, aka DONNA HARINGWEY “Get out of me (The Undertaker’s Tapes remix)” from upcoming remix album “Exiting The Vampire Castle” [Strange Therapy]
  • Bogotà, Colombia Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM DJ-producer, Jesús David Restrepo, aka Damaged Clock “Electro” from “Six Months” EP [Brutal Forms]
  • Mexican EBM /wave /industrial /techno DJ-producer Lio Rivak, aka L.R.V.K. “Sympathy for the Devil (original mix)” off “Sympathy for the Devil” EP
  • Italian industrial /EBM /noise /techno producer NGHTLY “Disturbed Lines” off upcoming V/A “Bombsplit 03” EP [Bombtrap Records]
  • Milan, Italy dark techno DJ-producer SCARLETT ‘Nature’ from forthcoming “Infrastructure” EP [Black And White Records]
  • Paris-based post-punk /psych /dark electronic dance duo, Nova Materia “I’m Immaterial (La Mverte Remix)”
  • London-based EBM / industrial /techno /rave /acid house/ electronic band of Gerardo Delgado and Quinn Whalley, aka Paranoid London “Fields Of Fire (with Jennifer Touch)” from the 2×12″ LP “Arseholes, Liars, and Electronic Pioneers” [Paranoid London Records]
  • Italian EBM /Synth-Punk band founded  by Frasco (Bloodygrave & Die Lust, SPO) and Jules (Cronaca e Preghiera, Nono) joined by Danilo Fatur (CCCP Fedeli alla Linea), Zona Utopica Garantita [ZUG] “Lifetime Shock” from V/A “MRG016” cassette compilation [Marguerite Records]
  • Experimental electronics /breaks /Phuture techno /electro solo project by Colombia‘s drummer and synth music producer Christian Valderrama, aka PANORAMA LINEAL “Terminal Void” from “Ultraviolet Ethereal Echoes” EP [Analogue Texture Records]
  • Paraguay‘s electro /breaks /techno DJ-producer Forma – “Scam” from “Fragmentos – Forma / Alld33333” split EP [Of Dolls and Murder]
  • 1986 Chicago‘s Trax Records iconic classic Sleezy D – “I ve lost control (kafkactrl recoding)” unofficial EBM vision
  • Georgian acid /rave /breakbeat /electro /trance DJ-producer (fka Tonyo), Fluchtlink – “Cheesy” from “Rumbla” EP [IDA]
  • Dutch acidcore /techno producer and Uncompromising Analog Terror label head, J.Slofstra, aka The Untitled – “De Nachtwaker (Alpha Cyclone Remix)” off  upcoming “Nachtwaker” EP [Freedom Club]
  • Parisian psych /kraut /new beat /techno producer Sapphist Eye “Seedy Streets” from the upcoming “Another Side” EP [Lumière Noire]
  • Stockholm native lo-fi /industrial /leftfield /psych /breakbeat /DIY electro producer Arvid Wretman, (aka Your Planet Is Next), aka Fog Man “Freaks” off upcoming 7″/cassette LP “Ready 2 Fog” [Warning]
  • Australian discoid techno /electro DJ-producer (of Klakson and Klasse Wrecks fame, half of Negroni Nails with Steffi), Privacy – “Ikebukuro Underground” off  “Mnemosyne” EP 12″ [TRUST]
  • Finnish IDM /bass /dark electro producer Riku Annala, aka Recue “Paramnesia” from the upcoming “Paramnesia” EP 12″ [Analogical Force]
  • Norwich, UK techno /acid /house /electro /breakbeat producer Ben Murphy, aka Bufo Bufo “Ectoplasm” from “Beelzebufo” EP 12″ [Klasse Wrecks]
  • Mexico City acid /tech house /breaks /electro producer AR:MG “Cuerpo A Cuerpo (Original Mix)” from “CUERPO A CUERPO” EP 12″ [Pleasure Club]
  • Mexican acid /dark disco/indie dance producer and Duro label co-founder Mateo González (aka Bufi, and Sonido Fantasma), Theus Mago “Cuerpo Y Mente” off “Terremoto Valley Express” EP  [PETS Recordings]
  • Barcelona-based nu-disco /acid /psych /percussive /indie dance Argentinian producer and Playground Records co-head, Martin Noise – “Mucho Manglar” off “Con M” EP [Duro]
  • Marseille, France dark disco /techno /indie dance producer and Critical Monday label boss, Bonnie Spacey “Energy” [Critical Monday]
  • Madrid, Spain indie dance /dark disco electronic DJ/ producer and founder of the Logical label, JAVIER BUSTO “Stick Your Head In Fire (Original Mix)”
  • London-based techno /dub /groovy house /electronic 80’s veterans, Blavatsky & Tolley – “Gaslighting (Jack Butters Remix)” from “Gas Lighting” EP [Evil Plans RECORDS]
  • Early 80s Californian new wave band The 77s – “You Walked In The Room (Dub Destruction Mix)” chuggy dubbed out edit from Leeds artist Cosmikuro [Paisley Dark Records]
  • Argentina‘s psychedelic funk-house /cosmic /indie dance producers Ricardo Ruben & Cali Burton – “Ritmo Furtivo (Original Mix)” off “Ritmo Furtivo” EP [Rotten City Records]
  • Brussels-based indie dance /acid /Italo /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas – “Moving Shadows” from V.A – “Numéro 04” EP [Correspondant Records]
  • French Italo /cosmic disco /indie dance /electronic DJ-production duo Darlyn Vlys & Panthera – “Before The Dawn” off “Before The Dawn” EP [Dust & Blood]
  • Berlin-based dark disco /indie dance producer Franz Matthews “The Monsters Of Your Mind” off “Where Do We All Begin?” EP [AEON]
  • Greek Italo /slow techno /Italo /disco DJ-production duo of Vangelis (formerly of LAGASTA) and electronic recording artist Tareq, aka Boys’ Shorts – “Dark Room Rendez – Vous” off upcoming “On The High Line” EP [Live At Robert Johnson]
  • Barcelona-based EBM /Italo disco Dj-Producer and Italo Moderni head, Adrian Marth – “Icon Of The Night” off upcoming V/A “You Can Trust a Man with a Moustache Vol. 5” compilation [Moustache Records]
  • Iconic ’80s classic Jan Hammer – “Crockett’s Theme (Error 401 & Frandisco Midnight Edit)”
  • UK techno /acid /house veteran production duo Ron Wells and Anthony Wilson, aka Jack Smooth & Chicago Loop “Waverider” from “Effusion 7075” EP [Craigie Knowes]
  • UK ambient /chillout /drone /field recordings /electronic veteran musician and e Handstitched* label head, Tim Martin, aka Maps and Diagrams “with strings of small wire” from the album “If All Will Be Lost” [quiet details]
  • New York ambient /experimental /microsound /psych /jazz duo Michel Mazza & Jeff Düngfelder, aka OdNu + Ümlaut “Clear Distinction” from the album “Abandoned Spaces” [Audiobulb Records]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental sound artist Ian Hawgood (aka Apocomeno), I NO I “Motion on the wilderness husk” from long-form EP “Fluctuating perceptions of the wilderness self” [folk reels]
  • Edinburgh, UK lo-fi /ambient /drone /experimental artist and Dead Hound Records head, Ollie Turbitt “Deaths, Seed and the Bread Grew out of the Earth” from the album “Earth ref. 02.02.2020” [Dead Hound Records]
  • Nashville, TN experimental /field recordings /minimalism /electro-acoustic sound artist Nicholas Maloney “Emergent Circumference” from long-form album “Confluence”
  • German ambient /atmospheric /cosmic /space music artist JAJA “Passing universe” from the album “Universe” [Reflection Nebula]
  • Performance-installation for voices, field recordings, and white noise by composer and conductor based in Manchester, England, Jack Sheen “Croon Harvest” cassette [The Trilogy Tapes]
  • Ghent, Belgium ambient /drone /minimal /waves /electronic duo Ingwio D’Hespeel and Jürgen De Blonde, aka Guest Appearance “Jaktumo” debut long-form EP
  • Indianapolis-based drone /ambient composer (PILLARS/Dawn Chorus and The Infallible Sea), Marc Ertel “Live at Black Circle” cassette album [Healing Sound Propagandist]

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