WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – February #06-22

photo by Chris Mccaw

  • OSM tapes podcast 006 | Happy707                                                                                                                       

Courtesy of Thessaloniki‘s label OSM tapes, up-and-coming techno trash project Happy707 of young Argentinian DJ /producers May McLaren and Tomas Palmariello based in Buenos Aires, delving into contemporary sound domains of EBM, Acid, Electro and Techno with released on renowned underground labels such as Clan Destine Records (UK), New York Haunted (NL), Oraculo Records (ES), Pildoras Tapes (COL), Hypnotic Connection (RUS), Death Decay Magic (USA) & Body (COL).

  • Anne Clark – “Our Darkness (INFRAVISION Remix)” Kendal & Pablo Bozzi remix of 1984 British new wave spoken word poetry classic

Rousing and booming killer Italo Body treatment by Berlin-based, Toulouse‘s duo Kendal & Pablo Bozzi, through crispy and hard-hitting rhythms and somehow accentuated The KLF-tinged trancey mesmeric synth tones, of the David Harrow penned, 80’s new wave club classic from the unmistakable British declaiming poetess Anne Clarke. “Doubting all the time/ Fearing all the time/ That like these urban nightmares/ We’d blacken each other skies.”

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands ambient /IDM /acid /techno /electro producer STEIFL – “Aether” from lathe cut 7″ single “Travelling In Mechanical Waves” on brokntoys

Second intriguing release of the year for the highly inspirational brokntoys imprint in the form of two off-kilter atmospheric explorations into equally entrancing and uncanny industrialized, specifically the opening track, IDM-inflected techno meets electro sci-fi realms from Amsterdam‘s electronic producer Steifl, on his second efforts via the British label. Heady dominions layer clanking mechanical repetitions with boingy coils, soft soothing synth glows, and spatial elements to open inner doorways of latently soaring thought forms with eerie droning and swelling low ends, obsessive sparkling spirals, and rapid breaking beats, taking the listener on a psychic journey into an unexplored ‘aether’ of endless mystery and seduction.

  • Belgian cosmic disco /synth wave producers Dimitri Andreas and Spacid, AKA Marching Machines “Ornkey” from “Melancholie 0100” on Wrong Era

Belgian synth-laden veteran duo Marching Machines return with an alluringly boundless melancholic space disco reverie that bounces, skips and stack repetitive beats through hypnotic vortices, swirling swells and zipping synth strains, whilst trance-inducing undulating bass tones expand the imagination with flashing and droning nostalgia to invoke cold vast explorations, depth defying perspectives and blissful cosmic dimensions from the mystical realm of “Ornkey.”

  • Ambient /noise /drone alias of Italian electronic musician Guido Zen, AKA Abul Mogard “Against a White Cloud” from the album “In a Few Places Along the River”
  • Danish experimental/ambient duo of Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley & P.E. (aka Rosen & Spyddet), AKA Olympisk Løft – “Sommerens Sidste Løv Faldt” from the cassette album “Et Øjeblik Passerer Som En Dråbe På Jordens Bryst” on Janushoved
  • Italian psych /slow-mo /downtempo /cosmic /electronic production duo of Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano, aka Mushrooms Project “Mondo Janga (Original Mix)” off of “Mondo Janga” on Random Collective Records
  • David Bowie – “Space Oddity (MI.RO Rework)” Secret Potions series number 17 [Playground Records]
  • Vienna’s experimental symbolist sound poet and Neubau label affiliated Bocksrucker “Der Müde Tod” from upcoming V/A “Risks Issues Opportunities II” compilation on R.i.O. Label                                                                
  • Belgrade post-industrial /experimental /balkan folklore /electro-acoustic solo production epithet of Bane Jovančević, AKA Kйr – “Karvan” from V/A “Allegories” cassette compilation on INSURGENCY
  • San Gabriel Valley, CA industrial esoteric experimental electronic minimal synth drone duo, GERMAN ARMY “Reactionary Attitudes from the Outset” from the vinyl 12″ album “Endless Suburb” on Natural Sciences
  • Dutch acid /electro /techno producer Vincent Koreman a.k.a. Drvg Cvltvre – “Dead And Gone For 40 Days” from upcoming “Dark Omen” EP [NNY Records]                                                                                                         
  • Argentine experimental /industrial /breakbeat /techno producer-DJ Dominique Slva “Lovers Cannot See” from upcoming “Siren Song” EP tape on X-IMG
  • Italian lo-fi /industrial /electro /wave /dark techno producer Alessio Di Mezza (aka Strangers For Love), aka Religius Order “Desire” (demo)                                                                                                                               
  • Paris-based, French cinematic /industrial /techno producer/DJ M’hamed Ouzahra, AKA Znzl – “Wetiko” from “Gaze Upon” EP on Persephonic Sirens
  • Colombian post-punk /EBM /electro producer Juan Betancur, AKA Crimental – “ Interlude Of The New Regime” from the cassette EP “Artificial Dance” on Bruto Industries
  • Rotterdam based experimental /acid /noise /techno project of Puck Schot AKA Acidic Male “The Final Ritual” from upcoming cassette EP “Rat-Spirited Dweller” on Dead Channel Records
  • Industrial techno collaboration between Berlin-based Liber Null boss Manos Simotas (aka Unhuman) and of half of Spanish techno stalwarts NX1, aka UNHUMAN + SURIT – “Ammunition Discharge” from upcoming “RADIATION SICKNESS” EP upcoming on Megastructure
  • L.A. based IDM /industrial /ambient /breakcore /drum & bass /dark electro artist DEFRAG “Fire and Stone” from the upcoming album “Float” via ant-zen & hymen records
  • Happy707 – “FM o.O (Filmmaker Remix)” from the album “Remixes” collection of Remixes by Colombian dark electronic finest Faunes Efes aka FILMMAKER
  • Derry-based industrial /dark experimental electronic /EBM project of Christian Donaghy, Autumns “My Body’s Overwhelming Sound of Decay ft. Lower Tar” from “Tasteless” EP split with LA’s Smog Index on L.A.U.R.A. Recs
  • German Industrial /EBM act Steinhart “No Control” debut single for the new imprint Rauschkonzern Records
  • German early 90s Industrial /New Beat /Techno classic Umo Detic – “Fahrenheit (WLDV Edit)”
  • Thessaloniki-based ambient /EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “The Motel Is On Fire” single                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Rennes, French Italo /techno /synthwave /coldwave trio Depht Mod “Find The Grace” from the second EP “Catch the Blue” on Tripalium Corp.                                                                                                                                   
  • Italian/Swiss industrial /EBM /dark techno /acid electronic /darkwave trio of Florin Büchel (aka CCO) and Daniele Cosmo (co-owner of Lux Rec.) and vocalist Kleio Thomaïdes, AKA Savage Grounds “What Remains” from the upcoming cassette album “Hidden By The Night” on She Lost Kontrol
  • Brussels-based BelgianTunisian ethnic /house /dark electro /techno DJ, music producer, composer and performer Sara Dziri “Fille De Racaille” single from her forthcoming debut album “Close To Home” on Optimo Music
  • NYC acid /industrial /techno producer Adam Mitchell (founder of Sonic Groove label and brother of Frankie Bones), ADAM X “Telepathy With Dead Friends” from the album “Rüdersdorf Acid Tracks” on Sonic Groove
  • Italian experimental/ industrial/ acid/ techno producer CRYPTO ORDER “Innerstand” from the split cassette EP “Never Abandon The Principle of Struggle” Crypto Order // Techno Viking via his own label Democide Products
  • Lithuanian breakbeat /techno /electro producers 5ZYL & BASK “Main Goal (DJ Detox Remix)” from “Main Goal” EP on PZ Records
  • Voronezh, Russia based acid /electro musician-producer Nikita Theodorov, AKA St Theodore – “Acid Ride” from split EP with Larionov “Acid Ride 101” on Rotterdam Electronix
  • French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Forever” off of V/A “DAAF TRAX” compilation on FU.ME rec
  • Russian techno /acid /EBM /electro producer Eugene Efimenko from Kaliningrad, aka MUZIKALIST “7FO” (unreleased)                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Netherlands ambient /electro producer Mseq “Black Sun”                                                                                       
  • Irish ambient /acid /breakbeat /electronic duo Long Island Sound “Komorebi” from “First Contact” EP on London’s Hammer
  • Israel’s indie dance /psych /post-punk /electronic producers Ofir Tako & Zehava – “Raash” from “Ba’alat_EP” [Logical Records]                                                                                                                                                     
  • São Carlos, Brazil EBM /dark disco /synthwave /electronic producer Lucas Novaes, aka Lucas “Purchasing Happiness”
  • Barcelona, Spain synthwave /techno /electro producer Asymetric80 – “Nightmares” from the upcoming V/A compilation album “3D Dance Experience” on Archaic Future Sounds.
  • London based electroclash /breakbeat /house /synthwave /Italo disco DJ-producer Louis De Tomaso – “Frank Too” from “In My Body” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Portland, Or psychedelic /shoegaze /downtempo /electronic musician Elliott Thomas, AKA Etbonz “Love Of A Real Cat (Steve Moore Remix)” from “Energizer Gaze” EP on Bed of Roses
  • Munich, Germany ambient /acid /electronic disco producer Atlantic Brain – “Cine Colibri (Cornelius Doctor Remix)” from the EP “SATURN 03 (Cine Colibri)” [MMDiscos]
  • Aaron Maple – “Frozen Bhangra (Edit)” off of “Jitter Edits Vol.2” [Jitter]
  • Berlin based, Belgian indie dance /nu-disco duo Biesmans & Nico Morano – “Falkor (Original)” from upcoming “Legato Vol.1” EP [Ontourage Music]                                                                                                                 
  • Moscow‘s indie dance /disco /house /electronic duo AZOLE – “Tensioner” from “Mr. Sutherland” EP on Where Were We?
  • Brussels based acid /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “Healing Is A Process” from the EP “Disappearing Perspectives” [Correspondant Music]
  • Madrid Italo disco duo Javier Colilla y Laynez Coca, AKA Futuro – “Valerie (Accidenti mix)” from the EP “Valerie”
  • Montreal, Québec electronic producer Jacques Greene “Taurus” from “Fantasy” EP on LuckyMe
  • Moscow, Russia’s experimental /ambient /chillout /trance /2-step /electronic angelwave princess Polina Zhukova AKA ccontrary “Neroi” from V/A “Feast 22” compilation on Moscow‘s label ПИР
  • Romanian IDM /leftfield glitch-industrial /experimental electronic producer (aka Randomform, Datacrashrobot, Wirewound and more), Hexalyne “Rate Sects” from the album “Tcaresset” [Kaer’Uiks]
  • Danish experimental /ambient /electronic project of Jens Leonhard Aagaard, aka TETTIX HEXER “The Vibrant And Buoyant Heart (For Mikkel)” from the cassette “The Vibrant And Buoyant Heart” on Janushoved
  • UK based experimental /ambient /modular synth Hungarian electronic musician Róbert Bereznyei, AKA Tigrics “Clobe” from the album “Hum Locker”
  • Scottish experimental /IDM /field recordings /psych /dub /electronic duo Loris S. Sarid & Innis Chonnel “Cathkin Shark” from the cassette album “Where The Round Things Live” on 12th Isle
  • UK experimental /drone /psychedelic project Tuluum Shimmering “Cinnamon Girl” sixteenth entry in the Tuluum Shimmering Records requests series.
  • Darlowo, Poland Ambient /Kraut /Electronic /Psychedelic Rock musician & composer Adam Sandosa “Alejobramy Świtu” from the album “Geräusche 1”
  • Scottish electronic/ ambient /drone project of Glasgow-based musician and producer Finlay Macdonald, AKA wor_kspace “Dogger” from the album “Shipping”
  • Chicago/L.A. ambient /field recordings /improvisational modular synth-viola duo Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer – “Stureby House Piano” from the album ‘Recordings from the Åland Islands’ on International Anthem
  • Swedish ambient /drone /avant-garde /experimental composer MARIA W HORN – “Oinones Death pt. I” from upcoming V/A “Hallow Ground presents: EPIPHANIES” a “concept-compilation” on Hallow Ground
  • Poznan, Poland ambient /drone /piano producer Krzysztof Szwajka “There Is Silence Far From The Shore”       
  • US ambient /drone collaboration between Liz Harris (Grouper) and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (Tarantel), aka RAUM “Walk together” from the sophomore album “Daughter”
  • Nairobi, Kenya experimental /ambient /field recordings /drone sound artist KMRU “Gathering” from the EP “There was nothing in between”
  • North Italian experimental /ambient /drone /neo-classical artists Grotta Veterano & Francis Gri “Inteer” from the upcoming album “Soolo” on Whitelabrecs
  • North American ambient /IDM /modern classical /deep techno /electronic producer Brock Van Wey | bvdub “Scarlet in Mourning” from the album “Violet Opposition” on n5MD