WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – FEBRUARY #05-23


  • Takeover Ritmo Fatale with MOUISSIE [Rinse France – 04 Février 2023]                                                               

Inspired by the 80s Synth-driven sound of New Order, Depeche Mode, and Alphaville, Mouissie is an up-and-coming Producer from The Netherlands and Toulouse-based Ritmo Fatale label affiliated, with a high energy and dizzying set rife with Synthpop /Italo Disco /Synthwave /Trance and House, to levitate high toward the sky.

  • Italian experimental /industrial /acid electro producer based in Venice, TLXCO “Cablage” from upcoming cassette EP “Ogni Giorno Verso La Morte” on Dead Channel Records                                                                   

Venetian Acid Electro producer unleashes a frigid, stark and foreboding ambiance that subsumes a buzzing and oppressive combination of tight punchy kicks, resonant booming snares, heavily distorted squelching bassline oscillations, ominous echoing vocal loops, and sweeping icy sharp synth drama, to induce woozy and treacherous dancefloor hypnosis.

  • Toulouse-based French/Lebanese Italo body music /techno DJ-producer Psaum, aka Arabian Panther النمر العربيv “Fatale Recall 9 (Remember)” Italo Body remix of Vivien Vee – “Remember” (1979, Banana Records)

With regard to the Ritmo Fatale family, here is the eclectic French/Lebanese producer/DJ and founding member of the Toulouse Gouffre Club with a fantastique re-work of the 1986 Italo Disco hit from Vivien Vee (born as Viviana Andreattini).

  • Bogotá, Colombia dark synth wave /electro promoter-DJ-producer and former member of Vltra Delta Drive, Non Punire “Tabula Rasa” from the mini-album “Espeletia” 12″ on brokntoys

Colombian Synth/Electro producer unfolds an immersive and dystopian ride into introspective lonesome moods, through the wintry barren wastelands from the ruins of modern civilization, that wanders through crackling bouncy rhythms and buzzing low end oscillations, swept by ominous rustling wind FX and dramatic synth drifts, to inject a stark foreboding sense of impending tragedy.

  • Michigan vaporwave /lounge /barber beats /chillwave /electronic project Opal Vessel “Palum” from the album “Sanguisuge” part 2 of 3 in the Latin series
  • Bristol, UK experimental ambient /dub /hip-hop /nu jazz collective led by saxophonist & producer Pete Cunningham featuring poet, MC and lyricist RS, Ishmael Ensemble & Rider Shafique ‘Reasons’ off the upcoming EP ‘New Era’
  • Israel ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic /cello player and composer, Guy Gelem “Relocations” from the upcoming album “Passing By And Through” on Whitelabrecs
  • Ghent, Belgium experimental /ambient /drone /folk multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, Annelies Monseré “Your Finest Hour” from the album “Mares” on Horn of Plenty
  • London, UK drone /ambient /electroacoustic /electronic producer (aka Cheju) and co-owner of Boltfish Recordings, Wil Bolton “Of Ruins” from the album ”Like Floating Leaves” on laaps
  • Yokohama, Japan ambient /electro-acoustic /microsound /guitar /field recordings /experimental musician-sound artist (member of the experimental rock band “1769”), Tomo-Nakaguchi “Twilight Glow of The Sky” from the upcoming album “The Long Night in Winter Light” on Audiobulb.
  • Vancouver, Canada-based David Salisbury‘s experimental /ambient /hauntology /symphonic drone sound project, Camp Of Wolves “Ascent” from the upcoming album “Planetar” on Subexotic Records
  • Atlanta‘s deep electronic /techno /house producer BLACK FORCES “Body Talk” from the upcoming EP ”BACK 2 BLACK” on 2MR
  • UK industrial /experimental /dark ambient /soundtrack /analog electronic duo Puppy38 (Hiroshimabend, Opiumdenpluto) & Alan Rider (Stress, Attrition, Dance Naked, Mummies & Madmen, Adventures in Reality), Senestra “Opening credits” from the upcoming debut album “Stanford” on Fourth Dimension Records
  • BelgoItalian eclectic psych /dub /slow techno electronic producer-DJ duo Dj Athome (Brussels) & Hugosan (Rome), aka FRONT DE CADEAUX “Mascella Bella (87bpm)” from “SUPREME RALLENTATO VOLUME 6” edit EP
  • Portland, OR acid /techno /downtempo /psychedelic /electronic musician Elliott Thomas, AKA Etbonz “Hydra Can Shredd” from V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 4” compilation [Electric Shapes]
  • Paris based experimental /industrial /EBM /techno /electro producer December “Melting Permafrost Releasing Ancient Secrets” from the second LP “The Outside World by December” on Manchester-based imprint Natural Sciences
  • Milan-based post-punk /wave /body music /dark electronics duo of Marguerite Records label founders Alter D and Codeless, aka Bianco Negativo “Unknown Faces” off upcoming cassette EPnV/A “MRG014” [Marguerite Records]
  • Athens-born dark ambient /EBM /Industrial /Wave /Electro /Techno DJ-producer and founder of Pi Electronics label as well as co-founder of Modal Analysis imprint Alex π AKA 3.14 – “Muck Tolerance” from V/A “LIMITATION” 12/CD compilation [Pi Electronics]
  • Leipzig-based industrial /EBM /dark techno /electro project by Daniel Myer & Rinaldo Bite, LIEBKNECHT “Oberhausen” from the LP “Fabrikat” on ant-zen
  • Italian industrial /techno /harsh noise /horror body music producer, Rōnin – “Hell Priest” from “Hellbound” EP on S H I S H I
  • German/French EBM /post-punk /techno duo Daniel Myer (Haujobb) and Clément Perez (14 Anger), aka RENDERED – “DOUBLEGENESIS” off upcoming V/A “MURDER 05” on Murder Tbilisi
  • Montpellier, France dark synth/industrial/electronic producer MASCARPONE “ I Can’t See It (Fille de Minuit Remix)” (Demo)
  • German industrial /techno DJ-producer Michael Wollenhaupt, AKA Ancient Methods “Sophia’s Silent Woe” from “The Third Siren” EP 12″ [Persephonic Sirens]
  • Cincinnati, Ohio techno /electronic / EBM project of Avery Stanken, aka HEALNG “how to tell”
  • Montpellier, France ambient /EBM /darkwave /techno /dark electro producer Fille de minuit – “Discipline” 2-track “DISCIPLINE” EP
  • Grenoble, France acid /industrial /techno producer Crystal Geometry “Alien Abduction” from the EP “Promised Lands” on BPitch
  • Auckland, New Zealand electronic /dance punk artist Tessa Forde AKA Vanessa Worm – “Title Not Known” from the second LP “Mosaics”
  • London-based disco /wave /electro alias of DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay AKA Longo – “Dancing Boys” from Timothy J. Fairplay‘s V/A “Dungeon Module Volume One” cassette compilation
  • Psychic TV – “Jigsaw (WLDV Edit)” [originally off the 1990 album “Towards Thee Infinite Beat”]
  • “Again Forever” (Edit by David J. Bull) from V/A “Nocturnal Hazard V.A Edit Sampler 02” edit compilation [Nocturnal Hazard]
  • Berlin-based industrial /acid /hip-hop /drum & bass /breakbeat /electro Italian producer and Gravitational Waves head, Dj Nephil “TURBINE” from the cassette album “SCIENZ OF LIFE” (SOT010) on SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS
  • The Hague, Dutch experimental /ambient /electro producer Danny Wolfers (aka Gladio), Legowelt “Amiga Lives Forever” from the album “A Philosophy of Tracking”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina acid /techno /electro producer Saigg – “Bombachon 2” from “Gema Zhafiro” series 12″ album [Perlas]
  • Ukrainian techno /electro producer Lectromagnetique – “Caladan” off of V/A “Inhospitable Lands” compilation LP on New North Records
  • Berlin-based experimental /techno /electronic producer Florian Kupfer “Sleep Paralysis″ single
  • Leipzig, Germany techno /electronic producer JANEIN – “Centauri feat. Olga Phage” from “SIGNALS” EP
  • Utrecht, Netherlands techno DJ-producer Genex – “Hey Boy Hey Girl (Sport Mix)” [AKRONYM]
  • Manchester‘s downtempo /experimental /techno producer Setaoc Mass “Ducati Pole” from “Satellite” EP on his own SK_eleven
  • Rotterdam‘s deep /dark techno DJ-producer JSPR “Thumb Cutter” from “Cyborg Salsa” EP on Truncate
  • UK techno trance producer Alan Hill AKA Elliptical Headz – “River Of Trance” off remastered 12″ EP “Elliptical Headz” via Transmigration (originally released on Junkanoo Recordings in 1993)
  • Swedish house /Italo /indie dance producer Ivan Berggren, aka Paresse – “Meat Robots (Curses Remix)” off “Meat Robots” EP [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Berlin-based deep techno /wave /cosmic /dark disco producer Pyrame – “So Sprach Psychedelia (Skelesys Remix)” off EP “Electronica Melancholia” [Thisbe Recordings]
  • Paris-based acid /trance /African /Arabic /techno electronic French/Algerian collective ACID ARAB feat. Cem Yildiz – “Döne Döne” from the upcoming third album “٣ (Trois)” on Crammed Discs
  • Lyon, French wave /psych /disco-funk /electronic producers and Hard Fist label heads, Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï – “Goa Body Music” off upcoming V/A “Playground 10 Years Compilation” [Playground Records]
  • Italian dark disco /new wave /synth-pop project of Stefano Castelli (from Milan‘s post-punk band Clone Culture), Castelli “Wave Goodbye (feat. BornaJeans)” second single from Castelli’s forthcoming album ‘Anni Venti’ on Bordello A Parigi
  • Lithuanian-based acid /techno /new beat /dark disco /electronic project led by Liudas Lazauskas, aka Roe Deers feat. C.A.R. – “Trident (Eden Burns Remix)” from “SALT TOWN BOY REMIXES PT. 1” EP [Good Skills]
  • Berlin veteran rock ‘n’ roll acid disco collective, Tegel Boys – “Love ‘Em & Lear ‘Em – Franz Matthews Remix” from “Half Electric” EP
  • Brooklyn, NY cosmic /techno /electro /melodic house producer and Melodize label boss, Beartrax – “Metro Vice (ROTCIV Remix)” off “Repertoire” EP [Melodize]
  • Italian nu-disco /Italo /electro production duo Franz Scala & Malkuth – “Videodream” off Split EP “Heroes III” with Betonkust [Too Many Cars Records]
  • Azuquita – “Asi Me Gusta a Mi (Leonor edit)” from “REPHRASE COLLECTION 2023” (free download) via HARD FIST
  • Californian ambient /IDM /soundtrack /glitch /electronic musician Dean De Benedictus AKA Surface 10 “DT5 United” from “A Stray Ending” album on DIN label
  • Berlin-based experimental /ambient /electroacoustic /jungle /minimal /drum & bass /avant-garde artist MARK “So You Betrayed The Creative Arts” from the album “So You Betrayed The Creative Arts For Your Own Personal Ends” on A Colourful Storm
  • Brooklyn-based trombonist, composer, and quartet leader (Harry Styles and Japanese Breakfast), Kalia Vandever “Temper the Wound” from the upcoming album “We Fell In Turn” on AKP Recordings
  • South Shields, UK ambient /hauntology /experimental modular synth sound artist Von Heuser “Wholely Moley” from “Wholely Moley” (Cassingle #32) via superpolar Taïps
  • Edinburgh, UK experimental analogue synth project of Steven Anderson (Sounds Of Space), Letters From Mouse featuring Dr Nigel Meredith “Before The Storm” from the upcoming album “St Swithin’s Day Storm” on Subexotic Records
  • Antwerpen, Belgium ambient /electro-acoustic sound artist David Edren “Waterpartij” from the upcoming cassette album “Relativiteit Van de Omgeving” on Not Not Fun Recordings
  • Tucson, AZ ambient drone sound artist Neglect “Destroy Your Desires Before They Destroy You” single
  • Minneapolis, US-based ambient /drone /electroacoustic sound artist Peter Kvidera “Deflect” from the upcoming album “Verism” on Whitelabrecs
  • South Shields, UK ambient /hauntology /experimental modular synth sound artist Von Heuser “Wholely Moley” from “Wholely Moley” (Cassingle #32) via superpolar Taïps
  • French ambient music producer and owner of Apnea Label and Mare Nostrum Label (half of Belle Brume band), Le Code “Last Walk Before The Night” from the album “Urban Serenade”
  • US/UK ambient/ drone /electroacoustic /soundscape project of David Newman (Autistici/Volume Objects), Erik Schoster (He Can Jog), and Michel Mazza (OdNu), AKA Soft Generator “We Found It” from the long form album “On a Map of Sound” on Slow Tone Collages