WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – January #05-22

Malika Farman Artworks

  • Knekelhuis # 84 – MARIE PRAVDA                                                                                                                         

Olomouc bred young artist Marie Pravda is increasingly established as a dynamic mainstay of the Prague electronic scene bringing a breath of fresh air to the local monochromatic four-to-the-floor techno habits through her ‘Narrativ’ show at the Punctum radio and uncompromising, trippy, downtempo, both eclectic and storytelling DJ sets. Recently Marie joined the Harmless Youth label with a scheduled Autumnal production debut in collaboration with fave UK refined experimentalist Will Flisk. Courtesy of Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis, let’s immerse in her ecstatic yet disturbing, as well as groovy, and lushly enveloping sonic domains.

  • Athens, Greece D.I.Y. EBM /new beat /darkwave /dark electro /industrial techno duo, One Flesh.Infektion. “Inner Suicide” from V/A “VOL.001 for ANIMALS” [NameYourPrice] charity compilation on Dark Disco           

High energy Athenian duo infects both body and mind through a massive hard-hitting industrial techno stormer defined by thunderous crisp stomping rhythms driving martial doom and gloom through a swirling and swarming synthetic tapestry of ominous rumbling basslines, epic reverberant synth flares, anxious screeching strains and surreal echoing vocal samples to elucidate fear and terror into an intense sway of oppressive menacing dancefloor frequencies.

  • 1984 Italo Disco classic on Memory Records, Image – “Hot Stuff (Flemming Dalum Remix)” soon on 12inch vinyl via ZYX Music                                                                                                                                                  

Re-energizing crisp and sparkling re-construction of the New Wave-tinged classic masterpiece from 1984 by Danish Italo Disco worshipper, leaving just the original vocals, yet fully preserving the original spirit, soon on 12″ Vinyl along with an additional Ali Renault remix.

  • Cosmic disco /Synthpop triumvirate of Sergio Mesa (IAMNOTAROBOT), David Jornet (Strange2, AMPbEND) and vocalist Maia J, AKA Hypnotique – “Paralyzed” off of upcoming “Solitude” EP on Bordello A Parigi           

Synth-laden first preview from French triad blending swirling Italo disco arpeggiated glares, emotional wistful synthpop melodies sprinkled with a trancey cosmic flair, floating into hypnotic auras of icy bright pulses, steady lashing rhythms, and relentless warbling bass lines around soft emotional vocals releasing lovelorn lyrics with melancholic siren-esque cries through airy spacey warm swathes and anxious obsessive flashing chords to build mesmerically tantalising and entrancing nostalgic dancing grooves.

  • Belgian-based ambient /train field recordings /musique concrete /ethereal /harp /neo classical multi-instrumentalist Ann Eysermans “Le Départ” off of her debut album “For Trainspotters Only” via Cortizona         
  • London based ambient /experimental /psych /cosmic /techno /downtempo Sidney‘s electronic producer Pannotia “Wavering Limits” from upcoming V/A “Risks Issues Opportunities II” compilation on R.i.O. Label      
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic musician Chris Imler – “Disappoint Me” from the upcoming LP “Operation Schönheit” (produced and mixed by Bendedikt Frey) on Fun in the church
  • Tromsø, Norway ambient /techno analog producer Geir Jenssen, aka BIOSPHERE “Infinium” from the new album “Shortwave Memories” on Biophon Records
  • Berlin-based, San Francisco ambient /Hi-NRG /wave /cosmic disco /synthpop /techno producer Robert Yang, AKA Bézier “Reservoir feat Len.Leo” from the upcoming LP “Valencia” on Dark Entries                         
  • Dark ambient /industrial techno project of eclectic Italian electronic producer and Jazz-o-tech and Aurora labels co-founder (one half of Beat Movement), Mattia Prete – “Maledetto Me” upcoming on Faith Disciplines                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Lebanon Industrial/dark Ambient /Experimental project of multidisciplinary artist and Modular Mind label founder K Choueiri AKA Kujo “Nightlight dims leaving cold haze”                                                                         
  • Madison, Wisconsin dark ambient /post-industrial /horror electronics project of Clay Ruby aka BURIAL HEX “Lions Breath” from the album “Gauze” on Cold Spring
  • Cardiff based industrial /new beat /synthpop /dark electronics DJ and producer David J Bull “Possession” from the upcoming “Body & Beat” EP on DKA Records
  • Austin, TX experimental /industrial /techno producer JT WHITFIELD “Modern Rage” from the upcoming V/A “Allegories” tape compilation on INSURGENCY
  • UK EBM /acid /dark electro new project of Mike Smith (aka Crossover Network), aka E.L.I. “Smile Through the Sorrow” from the cassette EP ” Smile Through the Sorrow” on SOIL
  • Eugene, Or one man Industrial /EBM /New Body project Vvirtual Vviolence – “Situational Awareness” from V/A “Industrial Machine Music: Tactical Resistance II” on Industrial Machine Music
  • Colombian post-punk /EBM /electro producer Juan Betancur, AKA Crimental – “Collective Blindness” from the upcoming cassette EP “Artificial Dance” [Bruto Industries]
  • London based EBM /industrial /dark electronic music project by French producer Hugo Bussiere, aka  MASCARPONE “Modulated Society” from “Structures” EP
  • Paris, French EBM /techno /synthpop /synth wave artist-producer Sydney Valette “Brothers (Special Trance Version)” from “Brothers” EP
  • New cross-continental industrial /techno-punk collaboration from Canadian Martin Dolgener (of industrial outfits MDD, Nixon Helix and Dolgener) and France-based Sylvain Le Goff (AKA Vlaysin), SIN/NER “A Distant Hope” single on RAAR
  • Galway, Irish industrial dark techno producer and part of Sync Collective, ALX “Krush” from 2-track EP “Resurgence” on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Tel Aviv based Rave /Acid /Hard Techno DJ-producer, Marrie – “Paranoid (Original Mix)” off of “Paranoid” EP on Ithica Obscur                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Spain/UK Industrial Techno collaboration of Nexe label owners, NX1 with British techno head Rommek, NX1 & Rommek – “Foreign Bodies 4” from 4-track EP ‘Foreign Bodies’ on Nexe Records.                                                        
  • Spanish industrial techno producer (one half of NX1 with Samot), SURIT “Invocation Green” from V/A “Xtraperlo 06” EP [XTR006V] on Xtraperlo Records
  • Vancouver based dark synthwave /body music /electro /modular techno producer Analog Reaction “Basilisk LTX” new single
  • Chilean experimental /industrial /techno producer ccciclo “linea De Borde” (2016)                                               
  • Greek Synth Wave/ Future Synth project of Toxic Razor (Metal Disco, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), BEATBOX MACHINERY “Electronic Birds Tuning The Sky” from “Mega City Hunters” EP on Werkstatt Recordings
  • South Korea‘s enigmatic ambient /breakbeat /electro producer Pyramid of Knowledge “Lovelace” from the upcoming “Heart of Silicium” EP on Craigie Knowes
  • South of Italy‘s IDM /acid /electro producer Francesco Pio Nitti, AKA Caramel Chameleon “Arancio” from upcoming V/V “Artificial Intelligence Vol. I” compilation 2×12″ vinyl album on Artificial Intelligence
  • Fribourg, Swiss leftfield /downtempo /breaks /slow trance /electronic duo Los Pashminas – “Turtle Haze Convolution” from “White Series #2” EP [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • South London based downtempo /psych /leftfield /electronic musician-producer and one half of Cage & Aviary, JAMIE PATON “Parabolas” from the upcoming subscription series 7″ single “ Parabolas / Fleshed Out” via Höga Nord Rekords                                                                                                                                         
  • Edinburgh, Scottish leftfield pop/electronic dub solo project of John Bryden AKA Eyes of Others “Elevenses (Coolant Bowser Remix)” from “Remixed Twice” EP tape on Global Warming Records
  • Düsseldorf/Berlin, German kraut /electronic pop band founded in 1994, KREIDLER “Arise Above” from the album “SPELLS AND DAUBS” on Bureau B
  • Dark disco /indie dance /electro /techno collaboration between Berlin-based, NewYorker Luca Venezia and Méxican Bernardo Barrera, Curses & Mufti – “Seeing Bliss” from upcoming V/A “Valley of Tears 4” 2×12″ Gatefold vinyl compilation via SOIL Records
  • South Korea indie dance /electronic /Italo /cosmic disco producer Shubostar – “Gundagai” from the new EP “Space Racer” via her own label uju Records
  • Tel Aviv based indie dance /house /electronic DJ-producer Asaf Sanzer, AKA Rina – “Reminiscence” from “Breath For Love / Reminiscence” EP on Latido Records                                                                                          
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina indie dance /psych /electronic collaboration of co-founder of Quixotical Records Poulper and the duet Renuna formed by Cali Burton and Tots (part of Logia family), Poulper & Renuna – “Don Electron (Ludviq ‘Mental’ Mix)” off of “Palm Tree Walk” EP on Bonkers Records
  • Cordoba, Argentina dark disco remix of production-DJ duo She Teiks feat. Vongold – “Velocidad” from “Vongold & Friends” remix EP on Jane Musica
  • 1984 Italo Disco classic Stelee-Up – “Waiting For You (Fabrizio Mammarella Rework)” [Pardonnez-nous]         
  • Marseille-based funk /disco /downtempo producer Fred Berthet, aka DJ STEEF “Cargo Cul” (edit of Axel Bauer ‘Cargo de Nuit’) from “BMX 03” EP
  • Amsterdam-based, Dutch/British IDM /Braindance /Electronic producer Andrew Visser AKA Oneven – “VM1S2RM” from upcoming “Gebarentalen” EP [Insult To Injury]
  • New York kosmische /psych /analog synth electronic producer David Mason aka LISTENING CENTER “Opaque Memory” from the cassette album “Sendings Found” [a selection of recordings from 20162021] on Temporary Tapes
  • Marrakech, Morocco ambient /acid /melodic techno producer Zaïm, AKA Yelä – “Zayan” from “Genesis” EP on ARTS
  • Tromsø, Norway ambient /techno analog producer Geir Jenssen, aka BIOSPHERE “Infinium” from the new album “Shortwave Memories” on Biophon Records
  • UK ambient /techno producer Dennis Huddleston, aka SYNE “Dystalgia” from Influx & SYNE “PULSE 01” EP new split series via Past Inside the Present
  • Ambient /IDM /electronica producer Escher Adams “Bubblestep” from “Flagstaff Mountains” EP on Kahvi Collective
  • Nairobi, Kenya experimental electronic producer Slikback “Atlantis” from “My Imaginary Friends And You” single
  • Donzac, France ambient /drone /post-rock solo project Hinterheim – “Covid 1084” from the split cassette EP “Rive droite // Rive gauche” with Basse Fidélité on Suicide Commercial and Fatberg Record
  • Experimental /ambient /minimal /electronic project of Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik from the west coast of Norway, Pjusk “Ordene som blåste bort” from the album “Salt og Vind” on 12K
  • Lithuanian ambient /drone /deep techno producer Aleksandr Martinkevič, AKA grad_u “Adenocarcinoma” from double 12″ vinyl album “T2N0” [GREYSCALE08] on Greyscale Records
  • US ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic collaboration of zakè (a.k.a. Zach Frizzell) and City of Dawn (a.k.a. Damien Duque), zakè & City of Dawn “Wanderlust” from the album “Agape” on Azure Vista Records
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental /ambient /drone artist (one-half of psych-drone duo Barn Owl), JON PORRAS “Flower in Hand” from the upcoming album “Arroyo” on Thrill Jockey Records