WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // JANUARY #04-24

photo by Naomi Tydeman


  • Feed Your Head Guest Mix: TENIENTE CASTILLO                                                                                                       

Madrid-based producer, DJ and Play Pal Music head, Teniente Castillo with a dark, low-slung, hypnotic mix to explore Acid, Techno, Cosmic Disco, and all around, sultry slow burner psychedelic realms.

  • Berlin-based psych /deep house techno /electronic producer Alexander Krueger (aka Dub Taylor, aka Korsakow), aka Tigerskin “E.L.I.” from “Hard Sync Life” EP [Forms & Figures]

I didn’t usually miss, at the start of the ’00s, the eclectic Mr. Alex Krüger‘s impressive releases under his Dub Taylor moniker on mighty labels such as Raum…musik and Force Tracks. I’m very pleased he is still alive and kicking with a ‘batch of three very dance floor oriented tunes for sweaty disco nights’. The immersive and mesmerizing “E.L.I.” triggers steady punchy drum kicks, droning basslines, shamanic didgeridoo fills, echoing exotic vocal clips and hypnotic synth leads that swirl into unearthly realms of trance-inducing spiritual energy.

  • Belfast electronic pop noir duo Dark Tropics – “I Bet You Can (Mr Myth‘s ‘I Bet You’ Dub)”

Dublin‘s DJ and producer Graham Smyth, aka Mr Myth (of 2FM), with an Andy Weatherall-eque dub style remix to ignite dazzling Screamedelica fireworks, propelled by crispy and shuffling drum patterns, groovy rolling round basslines and euphoric soulful vocalizations, haloed in ecstatic choruses, that will make you fly ‘higher than the sun’

  • Veteran Xiamen, China-based, Bulgarian experimental /industrial /electro dark mastermind Petar Tassev (aka Sam Lowry), aka MANASYt “Angellust” from the upcoming “Zero Plague” EP 12″ [Specimen Records]

Dynamic Bulgarian ‘nuroelktro’ ace with an alienating and unbridled compulsive snare-driven ride fueled by clattering kicks, along with droning and draining low-end oscillations, circled by eerie distant synth flashes, menacing shivering spindly flitters and agonizing vocal cuts, to haunt the listener in a nightmarish headspace of psychological tension and visceral turmoil.

  • 1981 Yugo pop/rock classic Rezonansa – “Mirno Idem Krivim Putem (Korak Remix)”

Crisp, knocking beat-driven electro rework of a Yugoslavia-era classic wabbling on the wings of nostalgia.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana-based ambient /drone /psychedelic /shoegaze project of Melissa Guion, MJ Guider “Grand Couteau” from upcoming cassette EP “Youth and Beauty” [modemain]
  • Toronto, Ontario ambient /drone /electronic sound artist Daniel Field, aka Kilometre Club “Whirn” from the cassette album “Uoiea” [Healing Sound Propagandist]
  • Cadiz, Spanish ambient /drone /field recordings /electro-acoustic /modular synth sound artist David Cordero “Leaves of Autumn” from the CD album “Restless Nature” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Texas ambient/ minimal /drone/ ethereal/ electronic veteran sound artist Damien Duque, aka City of Dawn “Brew Haven (awakened souls rework)” from “Brew Haven” remix album [Imaginary North]
  • Toronto, Ontario ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /neo-classical composer Brady Kendall, aka Alaskan Tapes “Circle, and Back” single [Nettwerk]
  • Danish dark ambient /ethereal /experimental /electronic multi-instrumentalist Jeppe Dalsgaard Andersen, aka Sortlegeme – “Incubation Caves” off the upcoming “There Are Many” album [Barkhausen]
  • Malaga, Spain-based ambient /electroacoustic /experimental musician and recording artist from Glasgow, Craig Murphy (half of Ashtoreth’s Gate with Lee Norris), Solipsism “Toking Elders In Avalanche” from the album “No Need To Say Goodbye” [Neotantra]
  • L.A.-based, Croydon, UK-born ambient /IDM /experimental electronic music artist (aka Locust, and Autocreation), Mark Van Hoen “Pencil Of Spheres” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ LP “Plan For A Miracle” [Dell’Orso]
  • Nantes, France ambient /drone /IDM /electronica project of Jimmy Arfosea, aka Ikon Chroma Blue “Vantablack” from “Vantablack” EP [Ovvk Recordings]
  • UK ambient /drone /space /synth electronic producer Dennis Huddleston, a.k.a. 36 “Beyond The Hyperreal” from upcoming vinyl 12″ “Reality Engine” third and final LP in 36’s synth trilogy [Past Inside the Present]
  • Edinburgh, Scotland ambient /drone /cosmic /analogue modular synth musician Steven Anderson, aka Letters From Mouse “Cosm” from the album “Clota” [Subexotic Records]
  • London-based ambient /cinematic /classical /electronic Italian artist and composer Drum & Lace “Sisters” second single from Drum & Lace’s upcoming LP [Fabrique Records]
  • French ambient /IDM /downtempo /electronic sound artist Jérôme Chassagnard “III” from the EP “Timeless Travelers” [Hymen Records]
  • US ambient /dub techno producer Sebby Kowal “Component N29” [spcinch]
  • Tokyo-based US ambient /minimal /deep house producer and Two Acorns label head (aka Celer), Will Long “Too Much (Francis Harris Reform)” from “Too Much” EP 12″ [Scissor and Thread]
  • London-based Danish experimental /dub /electronic /classical composer and viola player Astrid Sonne “Say You Love Me” from the third LP “Great Doubt” [Escho]
  • Parisian bedroom pop/ambient /leftfield /hypnagogic /synth-pop artist (part of Simple Music Experience collective), Helen Island “it’s so easy” off upcoming debut album “Last Liasse” [Knekelhuis]                 
  • Berlin-based ambient /minimal /loop /experimental electronic artist, set designer and composer (former member of Ornament und Verbrechen and To Rococo Rot), Robert Lippok “Licht” (unreleased) from the remastered vinyl 12″ edition of raster-noton‘s 2001 EP “Open Close Open (2024 Remaster)” [Morr Music]
  • UK ambient /drone /experimental /modular synth composer and producer LOULA YORKE “The Hidden Messages in Water” from the album “Volta” [Truxalis]
  • Cologne, Germany experimental /noise-techno duo Jens-Uwe Beyer & Thomas Venke, aka Hasan Poppu “Kodō” from the debut cassette self-titled album “Hasan Poppu” [Osàre! Editions]
  • Gary, Indiana-based IDM /organic /footwork /experimental electronic artist, Jlin “The Precision Of Infinity (ft. Philip Glass)” from upcoming LP “Akoma” [Planet Mu]
  • Toronto, ON house /techno /experimental producer (of Azari & III fame), Dinamo Azari, aka AZARI “CRYPTODOME” from “AQATETRA” LP [Omnidisc]
  • Russian ambient /house /breaks /trance /electronic artist Sestrica “Я хотела бы вернуться” from the album “Memory Lan” [Fuselab]
  • Berlin-based minimal /world /disco /leftfield /house /downtempo /cosmic electronic DJ-producer and The Magic Movement label founder, Noema “ONE (Lauer Remix)” from “ONE – Remixed (Part I)” EP [The Magic Movement]
  • Northern Greece dark electro producer NOAMM “SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICE” from Noamm/Brice Kelly‘s “Split Machine Vol.2″ EP 12” series [Gladio Operations]
  • Kazan ambient /rave /techno /breakbeat /electro producer Fobos Hailey “Chemical” from upcoming “Breathe” EP [Dionysian Mysteries]
  • Netherlands dark /acid /bass /techno /electro DJ-producer Wessel Janssen, aka The Spy “Fatal Strip” from upcoming “Relapse” EP 12″ [Mechatronica]
  • Lithuanian raw techno /electro producer and member of Digital Tsunami crew, EIVYDAS K “Abyss” from “STOP/START” EP cassette [SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS]
  • Berlin-based leftfield /slowjams /broken beats incognito duo Inkasso – “Desintegrations System” off upcoming 7″ EP “Dubiose Gestalten” [käfTen]
  • Savoie, South of France cinematic /darkwave /industrial young electronic producer Yorismäki “Lost Somewhere” off the upcoming album “Vacuity Pulse” [+Closer² /Unknown Pleasures Records]
  • Illinois outrun /darkwave /synthwave artist Hadetmis “Hardline Hunter” from “Death Will Forgive” EP
  • Italian lo-fi /dark techno /experimental producer (aka Strangers For Love), Religius Order “Aesthetic Pills” from “Promo Untitled 3” EP
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas goth /darkwave /dance /post-punk /synthpop /scuzzwave solo project, Damien Hearse “DEPRESSION” from the album “ALONE/APART”
  • Texas experimental /drone /noise /loops /sample /leftfield /electronic producer Shit and Shine “Sharkie” from the upcoming album “Masters Of All This Hell” [Antibody label]
  • Colombian ambient /industrial /techno /minimal synth /dark wave solo project of Juan Camilo Betancur AKA Ofelia Ortodoxa “I can tell you anymore” from the cassette album “Basics For Sadness” [Dystatik]
  • Milan-based dark ambient /industrial /body music /techno /dark electronics duo of Marguerite Records label founders Alter D and Codeless, aka Bianco Negativo – “A False Insecurity Of Individuality” off upcoming V/A “Hound Vol.3” EP [HOUND]
  • Heraklion, Greece industrial /noise /techno /experimental producer Sirap – “Manoura Hustle” off “Distorted Desolation” EP [Brutal Forms]
  • Grenoble, French techno /electro DJ-producer The Hacker “No Señor” upcoming EP 12″ [Italo Moderni]
  • Sacramento, CA-based industrial /dark electronic /darkwave trio BESTIAL MOUTHS “VAST MURMUR (BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB REMIX)” from the remix album “BACKBONE” on Negative Gain Productions.
  • Berlin-based post-industrial/EBM /techno DJ-producer Andrea Riberti, aka Unconscious feat. Carnuntum – “Carnivora (LivEvil Version)*” from upcoming V/A “Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX – Secret Cuts” [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Derry-based industrial /techno /dark experimental electronic /EBM project of Christian Donaghy, aka Autumns “Your Stream Numbers Don’t Mean Much” from “Take The Bait” EP [Death Decay Magic]
  • Bonn/Bad Salzuflen, German industrial /dark electro /old-school EBM duo Ton:Fehler “Worte” from the second EP “Is das schon Kunst ?!”
  • London-based electronic producer (co-owner of Giallo Disco, and one half of Acid Vatican with Antoni Maiovvi), Gianni Vercetti Balopitas aka Vercetti Technicolor “Transmission” (Joy Division Cover)
  • Munich, Germany indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer Alemao “Madness” from upcoming “Madness” EP [Nein Records]
  • Spanish EBM /Indie Dance DJ-producer U-Msk – “Stop (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” from “Stop” EP [Espacio Cielo]
  • Italian dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer Frank Blake – “Rollin'” from “Rollin'” EP [Side UP Works]
  • Alla Pugacheva – “Nado Zhe (Astore ‘Acid Drunk’ Edit)” [1986]
  • “F.F. (Hysteric edit)” by Melbourne‘s Italo disco producer Hysteric
  • Boney M – “New York City (TRS Electro-Disco-Trance Edit)”
  • Cannes, France ’90s /cosmic synth /Italo disco /indie dance producer Panthera – “Femme Future” off V/A “RetroFutur 2” compilation LP [Mélopée Records]                                                                                                         
  • Paris/Rennes, France Italo Body Music producer Bubs – “Fanatica”
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland Italo disco /house /indie dance DJ-producer Jordan Nocturne – “Is It Trance?” off upcoming V/A “No Tears In The Backroom VA.VOL 2” compilation [Polari Records]
  • Barcelona-based nu-disco /acid /psych /percussive /indie dance Argentinian producer and Playground Records co-head, Martin Noise – “Martelli (Original Mix)” off “Con M” EP [Duro]
  • Lyon, French wave /acid house /percussive /psych /disco /downtempo /electronic producers and Hard Fist label heads, Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï – “Age Of Love (Hardway Bros Remix)” from “The Peacock Spider” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Swiss EBM /cold wave /breakbeat /indie dance /electronic duo Psycho Weazel “Mains D’argile ft. Curses (Marvin & Guy Remix)” from “Mains d’Argile” EP [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Glasgow-based tribal /chug /dub /house /disco duo James ‘Harri’ Harrigan and Max Raskin, aka Manakinz “Wee Hummer” from “Model Citizenz” EP
  • Californian acid /jackin’ /house music maestro Jason Merle – “Fester (Hardway Bros Acid Dub)” off “Fester” EP [Whiskey Pickle Records]
  • Spanish downtempo /indie dance /psych /chug /slow-mo electronic artist from Madrid, Stylic “PoPoPoPom” from upcoming “PoPoPoPom” EP [Paisley Dark Records]
  • “Früg (Edit)” from “Obscura Edits: Swamp Edition” by Middlesbrough, UK leftfield /trance /hypnotic /downtempo DJ-producer and Magic Ritmo co-founder REES
  • The Fall – “Oswald Defence Lawyer (Liberal & Insane Mix)” (Plastic GRN edit) [Paisley Dark Edits Box 12]
  • Sorely missed record producer, composer, singer, and pioneer of the dub music genre, Lee Scratch Perry and Shaun Ryder – “Green Banana” from the tribute album “King Perry” [False Idols/K7]
  • Spanish trance /indie dance /psy-Italo /disco duo Silicodisco & Bias – “Bunery” off “Bunery” EP [Epicure Records]
  • Tel Aviv experimental /trance /breakbeat /acid /psych /electronic producer, one half of Red Axes, Niv Arzi, aka Nic Arizona “Akalaton (Odopt Remix)” from upcoming remix album “Shavua Tov Remixed” [Malka Tuti]
  • Georgia chillrave /organic house /spiritual /ethnic /acid /downtempo producer Ndigo, aka Sonya Black “Kaya” off upcoming V/A “Niyamas” compilation [Kośa Records]
  • Italian world /organic house /downtempo duo composed by DJ-producer Patrick Di Stefano and multi-instrumentalist Diego Grassedonio, CHALANGA “Salta La Luna” from “Shapes” EP [Shango Records]
  • Hareford, UK ambient /hauntology /field recordings /sound collage/semi-improv /folk project of Mark Waters & Kate Gathercole, Alula Down “Hiraeth” from the upcoming album “Sound poems” (as part of a Three Choirs Festival community project in St Briavels, Gloucestershire)
  • Shelbyville, Kentucky ambient /drone /experimental sound artist The Corrupting Sea “Voight-Kampff” from the upcoming album “Cold Star: an homage to Vangelis” [Somewherecold Records]
  • Barcelona-based Sicilian-born ambient /cinematic /experimental /electronic musician, producer, sound engineer and DJ, Gigi D’Amico “Harmonic Dreamscape” from “Together” LP [See Blue Audio]
  • London-based ambient /pastoral /drone project of Leytonstoner James Shearman, aka echoes throughout the caverns of leytonstone “Unwound and still unravelling” long-form album [Hard Return]
  • Japanese experimental improvisers Masubuchi (guitar and harmonica); Suzuki (voice and electronics); and Tomo (hurdy-gurdy), Takashi Masubushi /Ayami Suzuki / TOMO “Suikyō (part 1)” from long-form vinyl 12″ album “水鏡 Suikyō” [An’archives]
  • France/Quebec ambient /drone /abstract /leftfield /minimal /experimental collaboration, Alexandre Navarro and Arbee “Entrelacement #2” from “Entrelacement” EP

photo by Philippe Conquete