WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – Jan. #4-21

  • Mercure Rétrograde 23 ─ AGNES AVES                                                                                                                

Bimonthly shows on ‘Mercure Rétrograde’ at @ LYL Radio from Romanian electronic DJ and producer, relocated to Manchester, Agnes Aves, are not to be missed, wavering between past and present, obscure bygone gems and exciting new releases, spanning a boundless spectrum of genres from raw minimal electronics, to electro and techno, from post-punk, industrial to krautrock and psychedelia, and all in between, for an absolutely fulfilling and digging listening experience.

  • Zagreb-based electro producer & DJ, Ivna Ji “Waiting Times” off S/T lathe cut 7″ single on brokntoys

Massive 2-tracker of atmospheric dark electro artistry from Zagreb electro creator through hypnotic drones that infuse primal frequencies into nocturnal spatial auras with surging screams, ominous mechanical beats, warbling bass tone oscillations, and mesmeric voice samples to explore the chilling innermost dimensions of post-apocalyptic fear.

  • Boston‘s G-Funk Electro Bass boss Amadeezy “Money on my Mind” from “Eastside G-Ride” EP 12″ on berlin based International Chrome

Killer groovy electro-rap bomb from East Coast mastermind with old-school throbbing 808 beats to ignite treacherous bass line oscillations to slam nefariously around attitude-inducing rapping voice samples and sinister synth swathes to formulate a future classic electro inspired by West Coast G Funk & Robotech electronics breaking dancefloor rhythms. A pretty exciting, soulful, and rocking EP.

  • Argentinian industrial /electro /EBM /noise /techno producer from Buenos Aires, DISOCIACION – “Safe Word” from V/A “NEIN” [RAWQTRVA02] charity compilation on Bogotá’s Raw Quarter.

Buenos Aires producer instigates mechanical monotonous beats to sputter along droning hypnotic, scratching abrasive textures tainted with neurotic obsessions and swirling synth strain’s unidentified dimensions, as eerie submerged female wanderings induce trance-like auras found lost in subconscious hallucinations.
Part of an eclectic fundraising compilation curated by Colombian Raw Quarter A&R, with the aim of strengthening the bond of unity between different female producers in Latin America to make a stand against Female Violence.

  • Lithuanian industrial techno producer Under Black Helmet “Running Barefoot” off the new EP “Lose Something To Gain Everything” on Barcelona’s HEX Recordings
  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “For Nour”                                                                                 
  • Offenbach, German electro mastermind Anthony Rother – “Ideologie” from new LP “WELTMACHT DIGITAL”
  • Portuguese electronic /krautrock /synth duo from Lisbon, Knok Knok “Osso Rugoso” from ltd. cassette sophomore album “Gravidade”
  • Trikala, Greece electronic /synthwave artist TATAT “Echoing Mirage” from the cassette album “VHS” on Phormix
  • Athens-based Greek experimental /industrial /techno electronic music producer /DJ, Modal Analysis label co-founder, Vanila Records and Agia Varvara Originals head, AFNS “Thysia” from upcoming “#011″ EP 12” on Vanila Records
  • Moscow based industrial /breakbeat /acid /techno producer Stas Zavyalov, aka DJ VST “SR 06_12” from “Untitled” EP on Dead Channel Records
  • Croatian synth electronic producer ZARKOFF “Red March (2021 remaster)” from the single “Red March” (originally released on an untitled CDr EP by 0.5)
  • Greek experimental /industrial /wave /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Veil Of Vanity” off V/A “MAGDALENA’S APATHY COMPILATION 004″ CD-R on request compilation           
  • Barcelona-based, Argentinian native experimental/ EBM/ breaks/ acid/ electro DJ/ producer Thissperso “FASTALITY” from Wachita China x Thissperso “THIS IS FAST MUSIC !” Split EP
  • Japanese industrial techno/EBM producer Baroque “Servant” from the cassette EP “Axis” on SOIL
  • Brazilian experimental industrial techno producer Edvan Marques Ferreira, aka MVQX “Unrealistic Expectations of Ourselves” from V/A “No Portions – Volume II” tape compilation on Idlestates Recordings
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer and Up North Records head LBEEZE “Badmouth” off upcoming “Dancing in the Dark” EP 12″ on Dundee’s Exiled Records
  • Marseille, France Industrial /Techno /EBM producer ROÜGE “Potential Danger” from the album “Ultimatum” on Detriti Records (vinyl)
  • Belgian Synthpop /Coldwave /EBM duo based in Brussels, ULTRA SUNN “Night Is Mine (SARIN Remix)” from the upcoming debut 12″ vinyl EP “Night Is Mine” on Oráculo Records
  • Berlin-based dark electro collaborative project of Italian producers Dj Nephil & Mike Tansella Jr. ( half of Sons Of Traders), aka THE WHITE LINES – “OTHER SIDE OF TOWN” from upcoming V/A “SONS OF TRADERS 002″ vinyl 12” on Sons Of Traders Records
  • Barcelona-based EBM /New-Beat /Electro /Synth-Wave solo project of Daniel Boix (aka Dj Simplexia, Ciutat Solitud), SED BLAVA “End Off” off the new 12″ EP “Nit Sublime” on Waste Editions
  • Belarus/Russia electro/psy trance/EBM/dark techno collaboration Lera Foer & Gegen Mann “Precious Game” from the single “Precious Game” on Maxima Culpa
  • Dublin, Ireland industrial techno producer AERO “The Space In Between” off upcoming EP “Trapped” on Fever Recordings
  • French EBM /electro producer from Toulouse, BRANDSKI “Optical Signal (Moralez Remix)” from “Optical Signal” EP on Mosaique Records
  • Offenbach-based Brazilian dark disco /EBM /techno /electronic producer Jefferson Celestino, aka CELESTINO “Dust Rings (Adrian Marth Remix)” off “Dust Rings” EP on Nein Records
  • Hamburg based industrial /acid /new beat /wave /punked electro DJ /producer, L.F.T. “Keine Angst” from upcoming “Träume Von Gabriel” EP 12″ on Mechatronica
  • Georgian electronic music producer & DJ from Tbilisi, Giorgi Jincharadze, aka Generali Minerali – “Secret Location” from upcoming V/A “VA002” on Tbilisi’s Mind Controlled Rectifier
  • London, UK based Australian lo-fi/trancey/acid/house electro producer Jordon Alexander, aka Mall Grab “Back To Back” from V/A “International Chromies Vol. 7” EP on International Chrome
  • Detroit electro producer Julian Shamou (aka DJ Nasty), aka Detroit’s Filthiest “Critical Condition” from “Deliver Us From Evil” EP on Bass Agenda Recordings
  • UK dark cyberpunk electro producer Edward Upton aka DMX KREW “Plashingers” off new EP “Overseer” on Cultivated Electronics
  • Belgian electro producer, Vadim Samoluk (half of Cercle Futur and Roulette Rekordz head honcho), aka  Poladroïd “Journey to Sakhalin”                                                                                                                                         
  • London, UK based cosmic disco /electro /house Lithuanian producer Ton Globiter – “Castlevania (Franz Scala Max Man Version)” off the EP “Kaunas Is The New London” on Wrong Era/Slow Motion
  • Robert – “Elle Se Promène (Jitter Edit)” Serenades Edit #18 (originally from 1990)
  • Sweden-based Dutch dark disco /techno producer Ruud Kalis aka TantRut “Closed Centre (CSK Remix)” from the new “Closed Centre” EP on When Disco Goes Wrong
  • Brazilian synthwave /Italo /cosmic disco /electronic producer Neurotiker “Ojos Distantes (feat. DANi)” off upcoming “The Dream Machine” EP on Ritmo Fatale                                                                                                        
  • Split, Croatia electro-pop project of Mladen Đikić, aka NNNF “Yeah” (recorded in January 2010) off 2-track single “Yeah / Blue Room”
  • Berlin-based synthpop /disco /electro French artist Romain Frequency aka ELECTROSEXUAL “Free Yourself (Radio Edit)” off upcoming EP on Rock Machine Records                                                                                 
  • Mexican indie /techno /dark disco producer Vincent lll – “Night Speed [Chinosynth Remix]” from the EP “Night Speed” on Barrio Santo Recordings.                                                                                                                
  • Lithuanian-based dark electronic audio-visual project led by duo Liudas and Oskaras, ROE DEERS “Lost Again (Zillas On Acid Remix)” off upcoming “Lumberjack” EP on Throne of Blood                                 
  • Russian Italo disco/HI-NRG /electro producer Sheepray “Automatic Nightmare” off new EP “Automatic Nightmare” on Paradiso Records                                                                                                                               
  • Mexican dark disco collaboration Javier Martinez & Ulises Arrieta – “Modern Space” off V/A “Nothing Is Real VOL.3 ‘Made In Mexico'” EP on Nothing Is Real                                                                                 
  • Middlesborough, UK trance /house /indie dance /electronic producer and DJ (aka Section 75), Lee Pennington – “First Day On Mars (Alex Aguayo Remix)” off “Worlds Apart” EP on Paradiso Records     
  • Mexican electronic DJ /Producer Iñigo Vontier “Weird Mantas” from “Dune Dune” EP on Optimo Music Digital Danceforce
  • Spanish indie/future disco producer Silicodisco “Dance For Once (Feat. Lory S)” from “Dance For Once” EP on Rotten City Records
  • Californian dark synth /darkwave /horror soundtrack project from members of Vernian Process, Profondo Delle Tenebre “The Void (Dance Mix)” from “Beyond (The Void)” EP a tribute to Cult Horror flick “The Void”
  • Tbilisi, Georgia experimental /techno /IDM /electronic producer Gacha Bakradze “Frame” from the album “Obscure Languages” on Lapsus Records
  • Paris based ambient /psych /electronic /deep techno duo Atomic Moog “Morning Mel” off upcoming V/A “Crysta Ampullaris Vol.4” on La Forge                                                                                                           
  • Berlin, Germany experimental /ambient /leftfield /electronic producer (part of Inkasso), Jacob Stoy “WANNA BE” from “DAS UNENDLICHE KONSTRUKT” cassette album on Uncanny Valley
  • Berlin/Brussels experimental /breakbeat /IDM /techno production duo Gramrcy & De Grandi – “Sea in Air” from V/A “Exchange” upcoming tape compilation on Copenhagen’s Petrola 80
  • Manchester, UK based experimental /glitch /abstract /techno /IDM producer Greg Veryard, aka ReturnCodeZero “Nostromo” from the new album “Memory Programme” on Grey Meta
  • Parisian dub /reggae /soul /electronic project of Max Guiget, aka BLUNDETTO “Fly Dub feat. Hindi Zahra” from the album “Good Good Dub”
  • Sweden‘s ambient /deep electronic /drum&bass producer Ludvig Cimbrelius (aka Purl) aka ILLUVIA “Veil Of Mist” from new album “Iridescence Of Clouds” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Philadelphia‘s experimental/ambient/drone/electronic/synth project Spandex Model “Terminating Downwards as a Pair of Legs” from the upcoming album “Concrete Spa” on Glowing Dagger
  • Buffalo, NY lo-fi /IDM /ambient project SURVEY CHANNEL “Ribbon Depth” off V/A “Looking Through The Magic Window” on Music Is The Devil
  • Chicago experimental /ambient /industrial /electronic act Lily the Fields “Bosch Gardens” from vinyl 12″ album “Illuminations” on Chicago Research
  • Montreal-based experimental /ambient /synth /electronic composer Nick Schofield “Ambient Architect” from the upcoming album “Glass Gallery” on Backward Music
  • Mainz, Germany ambient /cinematic /neo-classical project of Tobias Lorsbach, aka Logic Moon “Shepherd” off V/A “Ennio’s Muse” fundraising compilation (inspired by the late great Ennio Morricone) on Whitelabrecs
  • Brooklyn, NY based ambient /analog synth /electronic Italian musician Federico Chiesa, aka OORA “Averti Accanto” from the album “Vento”
  • Spain’s experimental /ambient /ethereal artist (aka Boliden), José María Delgado “En mi lugar” from the cassette album “Pasaje” on Lillerne Tapes
  • Seoul, South Korea ambient music producer KIN “Night Chant” part of Mystery Circles Singles Series
  • San Francisco ambient /drone /new age /electronic artist Joshua W Bruner “Sifting Thoughts” from upcoming cassette album “Viewings” on Aural Canyon                                                                                        
  • Venezuela ambient/coldwave/electronic producer EVRYN “The future i was promised” from “the new EP “Veneno”
  • Swedish neo-classical /piano artist, Library Tapes “Ebb” from the new single “Ebb / Flod”