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Weekly Electronic Music Tips // JANUARY #03-24

Teijin Fiber and Textile Research Institute, Ibaragi City, Osaka, Japan, 1964


  • Phormix Podcast #31 Document •7• SILENT SERVANT                                                                                               

The sorely missed Juan Mendez was a huge influence on my listening ramblings and record acquisitions, especially during the Sandwell District and Jealous God periods, somehow even to a higher degree than Soft Moon; instead of useless words, what better thing than to remember him through one of his countless rad DJ sets, in this case from a Pi x Phormix night at Athens’ Six D.O.G.S. in 2015.

  • Hamburg, Germany horror soundtrack /industrial /EBM /techno /electro DJ-producer and live act L.F.T. “Electric Vampire” title track of upcoming 6-track “Electric Vampire” EP 12″ [Pinkman]

Hanseatic electro ace returns with straightforward, high-energy dance killer, driven by sturdy stomping drum beats and jiggly buzzing bass lines, that relentlessly flow and strobe under dry repetitive robotic vocals, sinister swirling synth strains, and whipping kick lashes, leaving you relentlessly dancing and stalking into a cold grey dawn.

  • Rome, Italy acid house techno producer M. Passarani, aka Kids Of Rotten Future “Feel The Struggle”

Just this week the new “future boogie” floor-filler by Tiger & woods has been unveiled, check below, the veteran  Rome-native electronic maestro drops under the new low-key moniker Kids Of Rotten Future, a hypnotic, bouncy, and crisp old-school acid house jam to drive a pulsating dancing frenzy, whilst sassy child-like vocal loops insist you gotta ‘Feel the Struggle’ so you can understand.

  • Zürich, Switzerland ambient /house /breaks /experimental producer and Project Indigo label co-head, Boaksi “Show me how to love” from “Under the Pavilion” EP 12″ [Small Steps]

More beat-driven, ethereal and refined second venture by the Swiss producer, often ‘characterized by layered synth patterns, breaks, and textured percussion’. The first preview unfurls smooth shafting breakbeats, repetitive slow swelling hazy synth pads and emotive keys, to envelope the listener in a warm and stirring atmospheric reverie.

  • 1990 Valencia techno/trance classic Interfront – “Strange (Size M Hustle Mix)” [Espacio CIELO]

Lingering memories.

  • Minneapolis-based ambient /drone /soundscape /space music sound artist Zach Frizzell (Past Inside the Present label head), aka zakè “vow” from the CD album “Lapis” [quiet details]
  • Paris-based, Australian experimental ambient /drone /improv vocalist and musician (one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland), Karen Vogt “Rolling Tears” from the upcoming cassette album “Waterlog” [Nite Hive]
  • US ambient /atmospheric /brainwaves /new age /soundscapes collaboration between Damien Duque (City Of Dawn), Ella Hunt (Karasvana), and Sherry Finzer, City of Dawn, Sherry Finzer, Karasvana “Walking Within” from the CD album “The Journeying Sun” [Heart Dance Records]
  • Pau, South West of France ambient /drone /soundscapes multidisciplinary artist Emmanuel Hourquet, aka EMHO “Deambulations” from the cassette album “Deambulations” [Sonic-Dialogue]
  • Belgian ambient artist Erik Sevenans, aka First Snow of The Year “City in the Clouds” [Slow Echo]
  • Fort Collins, CO ambient /field recordings /experimental /electronic project of Cor Wright, aka weareforests “thresholding” from the cassette album “thresholding // local flora” [Seil Records]
  • NSW, Australia ambient /drone /electronic project JWPaton “Gardeners of the Apocalypse” from the album “Submerged” [Room40]
  • Montreal, Québec ambient /classical /analog electronic project of composer, orchestrator and musician Mathieu David Gagnon, Flore Laurentienne “Austria III” off the upcoming album album “8 Tableaux” via Secret City Records
  • Swiss ambient /cinematic /modern classical composer, producer and sound designer, Oliver Patrice Weder “The Factory Song” from the album “The Shoe Factory” [Moderna Records]
  • New York ambient /chillrave /downtempo project of electronic singer-DJ-producer Brian Suarez, aka Allies For Everyone “Cards (Roze Remix)” from “Cards” EP [down.]
  • Italian House-Techno-Dub producer from Turin, DIB “Landing Page 001.2” from the CD album “Landing Page 001” [insectorama]
  • Icelandic minimal dub techno producers Waage & Quantal “WQ1” from “WQ1″ 12” LP [Thule Records]
  • German longstanding dub techno producer D. Diggler “Nowhere to Hide” title track of the new EP [Seven Villas Music]
  • Icelandic ambient /acid /IDM /experimental electronic producer Árni Grétar, AKA Futuregrapher “Stapi” off the album “The Copulating Mermaid of Venice” [Neotantra]
  • New York-based ambient /IDM /glitch /techno /electronic musician, Salvatore Mercatante “Old Peels” from the double album “Ø” 2xLP 12″ [A Strangely Isolated Place]
  • Icelandic IDM /ambient /techno producer Jóhann Helgi Ísfjörð, aka Isfjord “Bréf til Sporbaugs” from “TUN031″ EP 10” [Móatún 7]
  • South London lo-fi braindance /acid house /analogue electronica producer Made By John “Future Sound of Sligo” from the album “Music For Waiting Rooms” [Waxing Crescent Records]
  • Berlin-born ambient /drum & bass / ‘grey’ techno /electronic music composer & producer Felix K “Bllod” from the 2×12″ double album “Sudbaism” [Nullpunkt]
  • London-based ambient /breaks /pastoral /electronic musician Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet ‘Loved” single
  • Milan, Italy Balearic /house /nu-disco /downtempo DJ-producer and Flankup Recordings co-head, Paolo Russi (aka DiscoJuice), aka Sidi Bou Said – “El Haouaria” from “Sidi Bou Said” EP 12″ [Flankup Recordings]
  • Italian psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /space electronica duo A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo “Panthera (Original Mix)” from V/A “Muy Duro, Vol. 11” EP [Duro]
  • Romanian IDM /industrial /dub /psych /downtempo /electronic producer (one half of Khidja), Andrei Rusu – “I’ve lost Control (Im a simple version)” off “I’ve Lost Control” EP 12″ [Malka Tuti]
  • Adriatic coast-native, Italian psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /cosmic electronica producer Valerio Ebert, aka Oltrefuturo “Aural Deception” from upcoming EP “Aural Deception” [TRULE]
  • Barcelona-based Yekaterinburg‘s industrial /dark wave /breaks /percussive /downtempo producer Linja – “Dancing on bones” from the 2×12″ vinyl album “Memories Raw” [Solitary Listener]
  • Spain‘s psych /acid /electro producer and 44,100hz Social Club founder, Denis Yurgens, aka PIN – “Pickle Juice Opus” off upcoming “Microexpression” EP [Elephant Gait Music]
  • Italian acid /drone /tribal /psych /slo-mo /downtempo /experimental artist (one half of Future Island and Eurospeed with Oltrefuturo), Treasure Island “ What Are You Talking About ? (Mamazu Remix)” from upcoming “WAYTA” EP [Playground Records]
  • Gold Coast, Australia acid /techno /Aboriginal /house /Yugambeh language collaborative project, Sillars & Luther “Nunya” from “Jingeri” EP [Beats Of No Nation]
  • Russian sci-fi funk/electro producer Larionov “Space is The Place (feat. Djedjotronic)” from the upcoming “Space is the Place” EP [Electro Music Coalition]
  • London-based house /bass /techno /breaks /electro producer Dufraine “Wake” from “Uber XL” EP [Scuffed Recordings]
  • Krakow, Polish industrial /acid /electro producer (1/2 of Radiation 30376 with Chino), Olivia – “Grzybnia” from upcoming “Electric Vandalism” EP 12″ [Self Learning System]
  • Stoke On Trent, UK ambient /retro /hauntology /cinematic /electronica project of Phil Heeks, aka The British Stereo Collective “Broken Britain” from the album “In the Shadow of the Bomb”
  • Zurich-based wave /psych /kraut /electronic duo Dâdalus & Bikarus – “Voran (Saeko Killy Remix)” off “Kraus is the Limit (Remixes)” EP 12″ [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Post-punk /acid /shoegaze /kraut /drone /psych /electronic project of Scottish/Luxembourgish producer Thomas Lea Clarke (aka MR TC) and French-native, German-based singer Low Bat (aka one half of Jean-Luc and AnDerMole), Trystero “Ritmo Dell’ellica (con Rita)” from the vinyl 12″ album “Sfumare e Vedere” [Knekelhuis]
  • Belgium ambient /ethno dub /drone /Arabic /percussive /industrial /noise electronic producer BedouinDrone “Resistance”
  • London ambient /experimental /electronic /sound-art /spoken word Andrew Brenza / Alka “pod (Chapter 2)” [Mortality Tables]
  • Colombian ambient /industrial /techno /minimal synth /dark wave solo project of Juan Camilo Betancur AKA Ofelia Ortodoxa “Murmures mortels ma lame (ft. Valanaïs)” from the cassette album “Basics For Sadness” [Dystatik]
  • West German late ’80s EBM /Industrial /Electro act Der Strom “Dammerung” off the vinyl 12″ reissue of 1987 private cassette only “Gleis Eins” EP [Industrial Lies 001]
  • Colombia lo-fi experimental /EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer Faunes Efe, FILMMAKER “Lights From The Blackness I” off of “Lights From The Blackness” EP [In Memory of Silent Servant & The Soft Moon]
  • Berlin-based sci-fi /dark ambient /hard techno /industrial noise pioneering recording studio/label Recoilprodukt – “Catalyst (Blush Response Remix)” off upcoming 2-track “Catalyst” EP [recoilprodukt]
  • Athens, Greece industrial techno DJ-producer ANFS – “Kavatza” from V/A “Breaking Standards” EP [RENEGADE METHODZ]
  • Manchester, UK hard techno electronic DJ-producer Body Snatchers “Systematic Failure” off upcoming “Archetype” EP [EarToGround Records]
  • Paris-based industrial /techno /noise sound alchemist setokaib “Stay With Me” from the EP “Storm Shadow” [Ego Riot]
  • Brooklyn, NY-based techno /industrial /EBM /synthwave artist Madeline Seely AKA Nuxx Vomica “FTEV (Confines Remix)” [Synthicide]
  • New York EBM /dub /industrial /techno /darkwave /dark electronic project of Reza Seirafi, aka Vexillary “The Smoke” from the third album “Horror in Dub” [con:trace]
  • Barcelona-based acid /techno /tribal /psych /electro /indie dance Mexican producer Luis Fernando, aka Ludviq “Frenzied (She Teiks Remix)” off “Frenzied” EP [Kyma Komplex]
  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Course Navette” single
  • Greek cyberpunk /EBM /dark electronics /analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “Hellion Reaper” title track from the upcoming LP “Hellion Reaper”
  • Bucharest, Romania indie dance /techno /psych /noir electronic producer (Eddie Lanzat), Walentin Pauer “Dead Silence” from the upcoming “Dead Silence” EP [Nein Records]
  • Italian veteran Italo Disco /Synthpop producer from Milan (one half of Italoconnection), Fred Ventura “Dancing Alone (A.P. Mono 1984 Instrumental Remix)” from the remix album “Dancing Alone Reworks”
  • Doja Cat – “Paint The Town Red (DE SOFFER REMIX)”
  • New Italo Disco two-piece act featuring Malta‘s KNTRL, Deadisko – “Liquid 2004” off upcoming V/A “RetroFutur 2” compilation [Mélopée Records]
  • French Italo /cosmic disco /indie dance /electronic DJ-producer Darlyn Vlys “Surrender” from “Surrender” EP [Pets Recordings]
  • Lithuanian-based electronic project, Roe Deers “Don’t Like (Edit)” from “EDITS VOL. 8” edit collection of acid /Italo /disco and house classics
  • Vilnius, Lithuanian acid /disco /trance /indie dance electronic producer Gorelikas – “Sounds Like A Problem Of The Future (Globemaster Remix)” [Maleante Records ]
  • Malaga, Spain tech house /indie dance /nu-disco producer Doneyck “Akamada (Calystarr Remix)” off “Akamada” EP [Channel Six]
  • Strasbourg, France Balearic /rave /techno /psy /trance producer Orchid “Controla Del Amor” from “Techno Valencia” EP 12″ ( journey into the mythical heart of 90s Spanish Trance Dance) [Multi Culti]
  • Russian indie dance /house /acid /trance /house DJ and producer, Anastasia Zems “Bairro Alto” from “Atlantika” EP 12″ [Alzaya]
  • Kyoto, Japanese house /cosmic /nu-disco duo Kross Section – “E84” off “E84” EP [MM DISCOS]
  • Madrid-based acid /house /techno Italian-born electronic producer Bawrut “Que Quiere Usted (Marc Romboy Remix)” [Ransom Note Records]
  • London-based dark disco /indie dance /acid house DJ-producer Mark Bailey, aka MAN 2.0 “Vantablak (Ed Tomlinson‘s Rave Signal Mix)” off “SERAPHIM” EP [Evil Plans Rec.]
  • Italian indie dance /house /nu disco /’future boogie’ duo Marco Passarani & Valerio Del Prete, aka  Tiger & Woods “Silly Little Games feat. ‘Em” from upcoming “Playing For Extras” EP 12″ [Running Back]
  • Puebla, Mexico electro /leftfield /breaks /ritual /Latin bass /tribal producer Sandunga “Cholollan” from “Tzompantli” EP [WVWV]
  • UK ambient /multifaceted electronic recording artist & producer Maps “Southbourne” from “Counter Continuo” EP [Mute]
  • Amsterdam based ambient /soul /techno /house artist and Dream Machine Recordings boss, Kennedy “Asleep” from “Other Phases Of Sleep“ EP [Pacific Rhythm]
  • Montreal‘s ambient /dub /bass /deep house DJ-producer and NAFF founder Francis Latreille, aka Priori “Weight” from upcoming V/A “WITNESS05″ EP 12” [One Eye Witness]
  • Iceland ambient electronic producer Árni Grétar, aka Futuregrapher “Moog Meditation 3″ from the album “Moog Meditation”
  • Ambient /minimal /modern classical musician based out of Denton, Texas. Kory Reeder – “Snow – Part I” off the vinyl/CD long-form album “Snow” [Sawyer Editions]
  • Swedish ambient /drone /avant-garde/experimental composer MARIA W HORN “Omnia Citra Mortem” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “PANOPTIKON” [XKatedral]
  • Louisville, Kentucky dark ambient /drone producer, Thaniel Ion Lee “Fractal Light” long-form single [humanhood recordings]
  • Melbourne ambient /experimental artist and musician BENSIN ‘Particulate 2’ from the long-form cassette album ‘Detritus’ [Bloxham Tapes]
  • Wellington, New Zealand experimental /minimal /dark drone ambient trio part of the 1990’s NZ Free Noise movement, Surface of the Earth “Voyager” off the remastered 2xLP 12″ reissue of the 1996 self-titled first album [Thin Wrist]

Addition to Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee, 1973