WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JANUARY #03-23


  • NHS Radio // Guest Mix Vol.25 – RICHIE BEIGE                                                                                                       

Richie Beige is a Kyivan DJ based in Warsaw. She loves playing fast techno and gets inspired by a dark, synthetic ambiance as well as by the 90s-era sounds. Richie is a resident of Shum.Rave from Slovyansk, Ukraine. She is also a member of Push – Female DJ Network established in Vienna and Berlin.

  • Italian psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /space electronica duo A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo “Jaipuri Kundan Ring” from the upcoming EP “King Hippo” [Multi Culti]

Italian imaginative sound travelers with the first intoxicating step of an engrossing, variegated and exotic journey between crunchy and ancestral tribalism, heady World music suggestions, sinuously groovy droning bass vibrations, magnetic synthetic spirals, and eerie exoteric vocalizations, to unravel fanciful mesmeric imaginations to the leftfield realms of trance-inducing dancefloors.

  • Front 242 – “Headhunter (Zaratustra Edit)”                                                                                                   

Memories…good edit on free download.

  • Turkey ambient /drone /noise /experimental sound artist Ozan Aydın “Sprout” from the upcoming debut album “A Turning Point”

With minimal use of an analog synthesizer and digital effects, Turkish sound artist molds a deeply heartfelt and cathartic immersion in fuzzy, moist, and pouring, constantly evolving, inner landscapes, defined by saturated and rustling droning expanses, streaked by luminescent faraway resonances, twinkling like an eerie as well as bewitching carillon that marks the first strenuous yet vital ‘incident’ of a journey to shape an authentic self.

  • Italian ambient /electro-acoustic /electronic musician and sound artist based in Padua, Daniele Bogon “Liminal Form” from the upcoming album “Del Suono e Della Luce” on Slowcraft Records
  • UK ambient /cinematic /classical /electronic /vocal composer Drum & Lace “Plantae (Ambient Mix)” from “Frost” EP
  • New York based ambient /drone /minimal /electronic composer, and record producer Rafael Anton Irisarri “Limbering Slumber (featuring Hannah Elizabeth Cox)” from the upcoming album “Sacred Variations”
  • Australian experimental /ambient /field recordings /electro-acoustic /avant-pop /dream folk /electronics duo of Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig (an offshoot of Brisbane’s Deadnotes), Primitive Motion “Portrait IV” from the upcoming LP “Portrait Of An Atmosphere” on Room40
  • Danish ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /folk collage artist and musician Paw Grabowski, AKA øjeRum “Soft Pastel” from the upcoming cassette album “Tongue” on Roman Numeral Records
  • North American based ambient /electro-acoustic multi-instrumentalist, Early Fern “Softly Brushed By Wind [ft. Joseph Shabason]” from the upcoming album “Perpetual Care” on Métron Records
  • US experimental /electronic /indie /bedroom dream pop /folk singer-songwriter b*o*b*b*i*e “Waves” off debut cassette album “demos/music for you and me” on boutique music label Flower Sounds
  • Vilnius, Lithuania indie dance /psych /dark disco electronic music DJ-producer Shkema – “Atomik Bomb” from “Kronikos Pt. 2” on Good Skills
  • Berlin, Germany psych /synth pop /analog electronic duo AFAR “low high (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)” on Laut & Luise
  • Guadalajara, Mexico psych /dark disco /electronic Dj-producer and co-head Calypso Records, Iñigo Vontier – “Mental Letal” from “Setsi” EP on Optimo Music
  • Frankfurt am Main experimental /ambient /dub /downbeat /breakbeat /wave /techno DJ-producer Benedikt Frey “She’s Lost Control (Lucas Croon Dub)” off upcoming “She’s Lost Control” EP dub-psychedelic cover of Joy Division classic [Emotional Response]
  • Munich, Germany based experimental /ambient /house /psych /techno /electronic DJ-producer Robin Wang aka SAM GOKU “Lotus Drive” from the second full-length album “The Things We See When We Look Closer” on Permanent Vacation
  • Hachioji, Japan experimental /folk /jazz /electronic sound artist Hoshina Anniversary “Dakuten 濁点” from the cassette album “HakkyouShisou 発狂しそう” on Constellation Tatsu
  • Osaka, Japan industrial /ambient /electro /“gagaku techno” experimental musician 99LETTERS “Heiwa (平和)” from the cassette album “Makafushigi” on Disciples
  • Dublin, Ireland industrial /acid techno DJ-producer Nihilist Sounds “Dark & Heavy (Rework)” from the upcoming “Ritual EP” on the new Enfant Terrible sub-label Freedom Club
  • Italian experimental /EBM /electronic /techno producer Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison), aka Diana Berti ”Noi Non Ci Saremo” from upcoming V/A “MRG014” EP cassette compilation on Marguerite Records
  • Tbilisi, Georgian post-punk /industrial /techno DJ-producer and KHIDI resident Ladouka, OTHR “Backpfeifengesicht” from upcoming EP “Scythe Of Vyse” on BITE
  • Naples based, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Elektronischer Mensch” from the album “Kill Your Enemy” [Khoinix]
  • French EBM /minimal wave/ synthetic duo from Nantes, NABTA “Resist” off upcoming V/A “05” EP [DÔME]
  • NYC-based New Beat /Techno-Industrial Synthicide label/club night and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe recording artist, Andi “Dead Bang” from upcoming EP “Compelling Evidence” [a+w LXXV]
  • German goth coldwave /EBM producer Johannes Stabel, aka XTR Human – “City Hai” off V/A – “Passing Strangers” 4xCD Compilation on Haus Arkana
  • Athens, Greece D.I.Y. Dark Techno /EBM act One Flesh.Infektion “Martial Doom” off V/A – “Passing Strangers” 4xCD Compilation on Haus Arkana                                                                                                         
  • Dutch wave /techno /industrial /electro DJ and producer, The Spy “Acid Night” from the EP “Snakeskin” on Mechatronica                                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin-based industrial /techno producer Hayden Payne AKA Phase Fatale “Desecrating Vows” from the upcoming EP “Nailed To The Net” on BITE
  • Berlin based industrial techno DJ/producer MOIA – “Katharsis” from V/A “RESOLUTION I” EP on Sacred Court
  • Berlin based EBM /techno/ darkwave /dark electronics DJ-producer, Lorenzo Mancino – “September (Skelesys Remix)” from the cassette split EP “Crave Tapes Split EP I” with Videotraum soon on Crave Tapes
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Classified Room” from the Violet Poison & Filmmaker Split EP “Sentient Machines” on BODY MUSICK
  • Spanish indie dance /Italo body music /dark disco DJ and producer, Silicodisco Feat. Abby Knives – “Biscaine Boulevard (Vhyce Remix)” from “Miami” EP on Espacio Cielo
  • Mid-80s US synthpop duo Schneebezen – “Can’t Remain A Friend (Amarcord ‘Love’ Edit)”
  • Berlin-based industrial /acid /hip-hop /drum & bass /breakbeat /electro Italian producer and Gravitational Waves head, Dj Nephil “NO PROTOCOL feat Mike Tansella Jr” from “SCIENZ OF LIFE” (SOT010) on SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS
  • Copenhagen, Denmark punk /breaks /techno /noise producer and performer Isak Hansen (part of the The Empire Line) AKA Iron Sight – “Quiet” off “Gimmie/Quiet” single 7″ on Eye For An Eye Recordings
  • Krasnodar based electro /techno /breaks producer Atakta “Meditation” from “Anatolian Mix” EP on Jade
  • Dutch breaks /electro producer (AKA Model Man) and RotterHague Records head, Dj Overdose “VCH” from the EP “Time Compensator”
  • UK techno /dub /garage /breaks /electronic producer Bend Back “Benomorph” from “Halation” album on CloudCore
  • Dublin‘s long-standing rave /techno /acid /house and D1 Recordings luminary Rob Rowland – “Restless” from the upcoming reissue of seminal 1994 EP “M.F.N.” (ARIS03) on Arís
  • Tulsa, OK leftfield /acid /deep house producer HeartWerk “Two Boxes” from “Those Kids Who Come From Money” 10″ EP
  • Paraguayan house /techno /dark disco /indie dance musician, DJ, and producer Jorge Caballero aka Jorhero “Perdiendo El Control” from upcoming EP “Perdiendo El Control” on NEIN Records
  • Turkish Italo disco /new wave /synth-wave DJ-producer Ledi Cannit ‘Discothèque en Bois’ from upcoming V/A “Varias Artistas” Kyma Komplex label’s first-anniversary compilation
  • French synth wave /synthpop 7electronic solo project from Paris, After L’Amour “ Nuit Night (4&4 Remix)”
  • São Paulo, Brazil Balearic /disco /house producer NIEV “Guimasso” from V/A “Adult Swing” EP on Gop Tun
  • New York house /disco evangelist Eli Escobar “Do It Now” from “Still Searchin'” EP
  • Geneva-based progressive trance /jackin’ house /Italo disco /new beat producer Reda Saiarh – ‘Hunters’ from upcoming EP ‘Comfort Zone” via Ransom Note Records offshoot Human Endeavour
  • French acid electro /techno producer ITAKO “Non Acquired” from V/A ” Unreleased Territory vol. 4″ [Electric Shapes]
  • Odessa, Ukraine breaks /drum & bass /electro producer Re:drum “Acra” from upcoming “New Folk” EP on Tripalium Corp
  • Belfast‘s electro-funk /acid house /braindance /electronic producer Jack Hamill, AKA Space Dimension Controller “Life Window” from “Neuclidea” EP on Running Back
  • Berlin-based IDM /glitch /electronic project of 1/4 of 65daysofstatic, Paul Wolinski “Distant Friend, I Love You!” lead track from the new LP “Telex From MIDI City” soon via Data Airlines
  • Canadian/Italian experimental /ambient /drone /jazz guitar collaboration, Aidan Baker & Sergio Sorrentino “Slivers of Aurora” from “And The Clouds Played The Guitar” on Broken Spine Productions & Suoni Possibili
  • Chicago ambient /electronica producers, Scott-David Allen & Dan Milligan “Synapses” from the debut EP “The Wandering”
  • Brighton, UK-based ambient /electro-acoustic artist and Home Normal label curator, Ian Hawgood “For distance brings us closer” from the album “Upward eyes” on Folk Reels
  • Mainz, Germany ambient /cinematic /neo-classical project of Tobias Lorsbach, aka Logic Moon “Dawn” off the new EP “Dawn”
  • Ambient /experimental electronic /tape loops /modular synth recording project of Honduras musician and visual designer Wilmer Murillo, AKA Almanacs “Memorias Errantes” from the compilation of sound poems “The Golden Hour”
  • Pennsylvania native ambient /drone /deep /pastoral /electronic musician and visual artist Robert Davies “Adrift in Reed Beds” from “Lakeside Haven” album on DataObscura
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany ambient /electronic synthesist and composer, Jogging House “Constants” from the new album “Face” on Dauw
  • Osaka, Japan ambient /experimental /noise /drone /electro-acoustic composer, sound designer, performer, engineer and NEUS-318 label head, KAZUYA ISHIGAMI “Memory Of December 14-2021” from the upcoming album “Circulating Memories” on Neotantra
  • Italian ambient /industrial /drone /experimental /electronic sound artist Seacloud “One” from one-track album “Ä”
  • Stockholm, Sweden-based experimental /ambient /minimalism /modern classical North American organist & synthesist, Kali Malone (featuring Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton) “Does Spring Hide Its Joy v2.2″ from the 3xLP album “Does Spring Hide Its Joy” on Ideologic Organ