WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JANUARY #02-23

Sanyo Broadcasting Hall, Ishiyama, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, 1962


  • Italo Heat #12 – Le Coutelier                                                                                                                                   

Super cozy mix from Toulouse based, Boudoir Moderne crew affiliated and DJ Matt de la Coutellerie AKA Le Coutelier with a dizzying DJ set through Italo Disco and Indie Dance delight.

  • Vilnius-based breakbeat /psych /acid /electronic producer (aka Ponty Mython) Alex Pletnev, AKA Pletnev “Average Monday” from “And You Never Come Back” EP on Echocentric Records & R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings

Lithuania-based electronic wanderer crafts equally intoxicating and bewildering trippy sonic narratives with a distinctive flair, weaving elements of House, Acid, Breakbeat, Techno, Trance and IDM, that bounce and vibrate with relentless crackling dizzying energy through crisp and dynamic breakbeat grooves, hypnotic drum-kicks, chugging and buzzing basslines, striking and entrancing effects, uplifting vocal loops, glittering rippling astral synth imaginations, to perpetually expand your mind and free your body.

  • L.A based Italo /indie dance /synthpop producer Allen Orr, AKA Paper Pools – “Turn On Your Lights (Tallac Remix)”

’80s heavy Synth laden rework by Berlin-based North American producer and DJ Charlie Rohrer AKA Tallac, blending flawlessly glittering bouncy vocoder-tinged Synthpop and summery Italo disco to revive and propel your best retro dancefloor recollections.

  • Italian ambient /experimental /electro-acoustic /electronic duo of Sergio Calzoni (Colloquio, Orghanon) and Andrea Bellucci (Red Sector A, Nerva, Subterranean Source), AKA  ILUITEQ “In Danger” from the upcoming fourth album “Reflections from the Road” via n5MD

Italian ambient-drone project vividly and delicately unfurls sentient melodic atmospheric textures, unease shimmering frequencies and subdued heart-palpitating percussive elements through an emotional enveloping stream of tinkling quivering keys, angsty alarming flashes, ominous buzzy bassline oscillations, muted swishing noise and dramatic airy synth sweeps, contrasting yet harmonizing together seamlessly to create a both disturbing and stirring listen throughout.

  • Loughborough, UK post-rock /minimal /electronica /ambient project of guitarist Jon Attwood, AKA Yellow6 “NYE 22”
  • Los Angeles/Melbourne ambient /drone /ethereal /meditative /soundscape collaboration between musicians-producers Marine Eyes (Cynthia Bernard) & IKSRE (Phoebe Dubar), aka MARINE EYES + IKSRE “Forgiveness” from the new album “Nurture” on Past Inside the Present
  • Ambient /drone /tape hiss /cello /field recordings /modern classical sound artist Hummingbird “Längd” from the new album ‘Längd’ on Facture
  • Vasto, Italy experimental /ambient /electronic music project, Ten Atmospheres – “Closer” from the upcoming EP “Escaping” on Expérimental Records
  • Derby, UK ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /soundscape sound artist Ray Robinson AKA Wodwo “Eiy” from the album “Smidgens”
  • Shenzhen, China ambient /techno /noise /electronic project KAGAMI Smile “A Word You Spoke Faded in Nothingness” from the album “Motionless, My Eyes Became Adjusted To The Light” on Fallen Metropolis
  • New York-based experimental /electro /synth /wave /electronic producer g͏u͏i͏næ͏p͏i͏g͏ ‘Last Gap’ from the album ‘Incongruous’ on TONN Recordings
  • German ambient /IDM /experimental /electronic musician and sound designer Uwe Zahn aka Arovane “Konstant” from forthcoming vinyl LP “Sinter” on laaps                                                                             
  • UK experimental ambient /techno electronic unit UAN0022 “WAVELET 002” off “UAN0022″ EP 12” on London‘s Horizontal, anti-capitalist, anarchist behaviours beginning as an agile electronic music label.
  • German experimental electronic live band duo Lucas Brell and Marvin Uhde (aka Qnete), KINZUA “Fingers Crossed” off the upcoming debut double album “None Of The Above” 2×12″ on Offen Music
  • London, UK electro /IDM /ambient producer Emile Facey AKA Plant43 “Silver Streams” from his forthcoming LP “Silver Streams” on his own record label Plant43 Recordings
  • Portuguese experimental /IDM /acid /electro DJ-producer Gonçalo Salgado, aka Lake Haze “Galactic Federation” from upcoming EP “Coordinates Of A Decaying World” on Lisbon’s Paraíso label
  • Paris-based, German psych /kraut /acid /downtempo /experimental electronic solo project by Kreidler member Detlef Weinrich (aka DJ Sport) AKA Tolouse Low Trax “Non Giudicare” from the upcoming 5th LP “Leave Me Alone” on Bureau B
  • Danish ambient /electronic pop collaboration of Loke Rahbek and Lust For Youth‘s Malthe Fischer AKA, Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star “Benelux (Who am I?) (feat. Alto Aria)” single on Posh Isolation
  • Breda, the Netherlands ’80s industrial /noise /tribal /experimental /dark electronics one-man project of Marien van Ooers AKA Het Zweet “Excuses” from upcoming compilation LP “ARCHIVES VOL. I (’82-’88)” vinyl/CD on Modal Analysis
  • French cinematic dark techno producer from Strasbourg and Bella Ursa label head, Letherique – “Enter My Lair” from the upcoming cassette EP “Enter My Lair” on SOIL
  • Berlin-based French dark minimal synth-wave /techno artist Alekzandra – “Golden Age” from V/A “Limitation” compilation album on Pi Electronics [π]
  • French EBM /synthwave /darkwave /synthpop musician from Paris, SYDNEY VALETTE “Mistress Of Desire (Poison Point Remix)” from the upcoming self-released remix album “Home Alone RMXS”
  • French EBM /electro /noise /breakbeat /techno /dark electronics producers and Raar label founders Maelstrom & Louisahhh – “I Am Not a Casualty” the third single from Maelstrom and Louisahhh’s forthcoming debut LP “Sustained Resistance” [ RAAR ]
  • Texas industrial /dark electronics /EBM solo project of Keaton Khonsari (Razorbumps, Narrow Head), Semantix “Whiplash” from the sophomore cassette album “Violent Protocol” on DKA Records
  • French dark techno /EBM producer from Le Mans, Xavier Malleret, AKA Nasdrowie – “Versus (Endless Nothing Remix)” from “Versus” EP upcoming on Nu Body Records
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Fulmine Artificiale (Autumns Remix)” [Khoinix]
  • London, UK industrial /noise /techno /electronic DJ-producer Lesser Of “Visceral Acceptance” from “Decay Product” EP on Subverted
  • Belgian industrial /techno producer and DJ and the co-founder of Sint-Niklaas based Black Teeth Records, Sem Cappaert AKA Sematics “These Pigs Are Crazy” from Split EP “Baikonur – Sematics vs WHT MOTH” on Secret Keywords
  • Spanish/Finnish hard techno collaborative project Lukas & Leo Laker “Lifting The Veil” off upcoming Secret Society” EP on Soma Records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark industrial-tinged techno /electro duo Frederik Hauch and Rasmus Christian Pedersen, aka CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK “To the Beat (Dodi Palese Remix)” [Music For Dreams]
  • Berlin based, Italo cold wave /synth wave /indie dance /dark disco solo venture of Australian musician Laura Bailey AKA Neu-Romancer “Neue Romantika” from upcoming EP “Neue Romantika” on Fleisch
  • Berlin-based Italo house /acid /EBM /trance collaboration between Philoxenia Records founders Luigi Di Venere and Neu Verboten, AKA Affekt Unit – “My Spirit” off upcoming EP “Dust Off” on Dischi Autunno
  • Paris based EBM /dark Italo disco DJ-producer Karassimeon – “Nightmare Disco” from V/A “Epifania Part I” compilation [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Amsterdam based synth wave /disco /electro duo Sjamsoedin & Coen Berrier AKA Lords of the Future – “Subliminal Proximity” from upcoming “Terrestrial Exploration” EP [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Parisian body music /techno /Italo disco DJ-producer (aka ILLNURSE ), Fred Terror – “Festa A Bari” off V/A “La Danse du Gouffre” compilation on Toulouse Gouffre Club
  • Frankfurt Am Main‘s Italo /cosmic disco /synth wave producer Philipp Lauer AKA Lauer – “Harmony Unit” off “Harmony Unit” EP [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Chilean Italo body music /indie dance /dark disco producer Julian Garcia-Reyes aka JGR – “Rocket Trip (Radial Gaze Space Remix)” off “Rocket Trip” EP [ODD Pleasures]
  • Barcelona-based dark disco /indie dance Argentinian DJ /producer Diego Montiel – “Spark Gap (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” off upcoming “Double Tourus” EP [Side Up Works]
  • Italian dark disco /body music /Italo wave producers Disco Mortale & Futuristant – “Until Together” from V/A “Vol. 4” EP on Boots & Legs
  • Poland-based Ukrainian ambient /IDM /breaks /acid /electronic producer Yes Stanley – “Entourage” title track from upcoming EP on Wrocław‘s Splot collective
  • Swiss techno /hardcore /hard trance DJ-Producer from Bern, 1luu – “Natrium” from V/A “Wormholes Part.2” EP on Union Trance Mission
  • Geneva-based progressive trance /jackin’ house /Italo disco /new beat producer Reda Saiarh – ‘I’m Not Your Friend’ from upcoming EP ‘Comfort Zone’ [HE003] on Human Endeavour Records
  • Melbourne, Australia house /progressive trance producer Solar Suite “Magic Carpet (Guy Contact Remix)” from “Aquaplainin'” EP
  • Russian eclectic psych /Goa trance electronic DJ-producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), AKA Rambal Cochet “Habib” from V/A “CLUB TERRAM” 2×12” compilation on Terra Magica Rec.
  • Berlin-based IDM /techno /electro duo of Sammy Goossens and Pascal Hetzel, CYRK “Tsikey” from their forthcoming EP “Attack Of The Blow Up Dolls” on London-based Cultivated Electronics
  • UK veteran experimental /IDM /electro /acid master producer (Plug, Wagon Christ, Visible Crater Funk…), Luke Vibert “Lucon Acid” from the upcoming 2×12″ LP “Machine Funk” on De:tuned
  • Basel, Switzerland early ’80s electronic pioneer group Schaltkreis Wassermann “LUX (Baldelli/Dionigi Remix)” [composed by PJ Wassermann in 1982]
  • Russian Minimal Elektronic/Esoteric /Cosmic /Psych /Electronic producer Zhenya Lavrinov (aka LVRIN), Golden Axe – “Searcher” off upcoming V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 4” EP compilation [Electric Shapes]
  • Vilnius, Lithuania indie dance /psych /dark disco electronic music DJ-producer Shkema – “Singapūras (Theus Mago & Moisees Refix)” from “Kronikos Pt. 2” EP
  • Marseille, France indie dance /techno /funk /dark disco DJ-producer daWad feat K10 – “Fakestagram (Original Mix)” [La dame noir]
  • German-born Austria-based deep house /nu-disco /indie dance producer and Freeride Millenium co-founder, Jorkes “Sweet Dreams (Alinka Remix)” from “Sweet Dreams – The Remixes I” EP on Freeride Millenium
  • Bulgaria-based techno artist, producer and DJ, Dimitar Grozev – “Remember How (Original Mix)” off “Breath Activity” EP on trau-ma
  • Polish-born, Berlin-based atmospheric techno producer Blazej Malinowski “Wave” off ‘Moods’ EP on Aquaregia
  • Swedish experimental /ambient /techno DJ and producer from Stockholm, Evigt Mörker “Trias Oxe” from the upcoming V/A “Thermal Expansion” compilation on SCOPÁVIK
  • UK ambient /drone /techno /experimental sound artist Luke Sanger “Deleting Your Presence” from the EP “Deleting Your Presence” (unedited version of 2016 lathe cut 7″)
  • Athens, Greece ambient /drone /cinematic /avant-garde /neo-classical sound artist Apostrophe “RWS: January ’23”
  • Mc Allen, TX ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic project of Damien Duque a.k.a. City of Dawn “Changing as the Sea” from the upcoming album “Transient Lounge” on Heart Dance Records
  • Italian ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /experimental sound artist Matteo Mariano, AKA Macrogramma “Asphyxia – Section 3” from the upcoming album “Asphyxia” on Lontano Series/Rohs! Records
  • Italian ambient /experimental /drone /electro-acoustic project Gy0 “Lisboa I” from the album “Another Flag,Another World” on Neotantra
  • Russian dark ambient /field recordings /drone sound artist, sonnov “Ushoocy” from the album “Otongee”
  • Chicago based experimental tabletop guitarist and synthesizer player Kevin Drumm “1340” [Accordion /Guitar /Domestic Field Recording]
  • Nashville, Tennessee ambient /drone /experimental project of sound artist, composer, and performer Nicholas Maloney, AKA Blanket Swimming “Hills O’er The Cloudlands” from the 10 hrs album “Cloudlands”

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Festival Hall