WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – January #02-22

  • Feed Your Head Guest Mix: STEADY STATE                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Irish DJ-producer, recently back on track after a long hiatus with the brilliant EP, “Abraxas”, on Nein Records along with a lovely T.A. Narrative remix, serves up a hypnotic deep excursion towards downtempo dark disco realms sprinkled with acid and psychedelic inflexions, courtesy of Feed Your Head Radio Show.

  • German new beat /coldwaver XTR Human “Verfall” title track from the upcoming “Verfall” EP on Orden       

German eclectic artist Johannes Stabel seems to have definitely found his comfortable niche nested in flamboyant icy ‘coldwave’ synth stabs, EBM-charged ominous bass undulations, driving hard-hitting beats over fierce uncanny Falco-esque vocalizations. The first preview from the upcoming “VERFALL” EP implements a chaotic jarring concoction of shivering bright stacked chord strains, flashing dramatic synth swirls, mechanical marching rhythms, and droning basslines to fuel intensely distressed and impassioned vocals with desolate and melancholic frigid introspective realms.

  • Barcelona based experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /house /electronic duo IRO AKA “Blue Orbit” off of “Ametrine Horizon” EP a compilation of tracks made between the beginning of 2019 and mid-2021 (Self Release)                                                                                                         

Catalan imaginative multifaceted electronic voyagers David Iriarte and Carles Rocamora, AKA Iro Aka drop a compilation of tracks made between the beginning of 2019 and mid-2021, inspired by the natural landscape of Maresme. “Blue Orbit” ignites groovy syncopated rhythms, spatial spirals of bright synth swathes, and undulating acidic bassline vibrations, cast in distant echoes and hypnotic shadows of sharp and alluring trance-inducing cosmic dancefloor sensations.                                             

  • Paris based industrial /experimental /noise /nakba /tribal /electronic producer Couronne de Merde – “Nightmares Disguised As Erotic Dreams” from the upcoming Palestinian fundraising ltd. CD album “Many roads lead to suffering, but all of them lead to you” [Self-release]                                                                       

Parisian noise industrialist outlines a dramatic and surreal experimental exploration into the violence and injustice of Palestine’s longstanding struggle, to disclose distorted spoken word observations warping in and out with piercing stringed frequencies, chiming blaring tones, swelling bass menace, sparse scattered hypnotic beats, and droning ambient saturations to flow increasingly in sinister waves of nocturnal desires and hopeless dreams, left wandering aimlessly in an eternal obsessive cycle of dread. All the funds from this release will be donated to Al Kamandjâti Association that, since 2002, provides music education to Palestinian children, and strengthen their appreciation for their own culture and identity.

  • Umeå, Sweden dark ambient /winter synth /dungeon synth project of Pär Boström, AKA Aindulmedir “Arkdesmara” from the second cassette album “The Winter Scriptures” on Hypnagoga Press
  • Austria based shamanic /pagan /tribal /ritual folk project Kveld “Jagd” from the album “Sunnasritual”
  • Jakartan industrial /gamelan /electronic arts & music collective (DIVISI62), Uwalmassa “Rantas” from the album “Malar” via Mana Records
  • Belgrade experimental /industrial /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /electronic duo Nebojša Bogdanović and Goran Simonoski, aka TAPAN feat. Decha “Twenty” title track from the upcoming EP “Twenty” [Malka Tuti]                                                                                                                                                
  • Athens, GR. based composer, music producer & sound artist and industrial collective Mechanimal mastermind, Giannis Papaioannou, AKA IØN – “Low Land (Fantastikoi Hxoi Remix)” (2011) off upcoming “Low Land Remixed” LP                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Lithuanian Dark Ambient /Folk project by Vytenis (Skeldos) and Inga (Rūkana), IYv – “Už Kalnų” from the album “Upės” vinyl 12″ version via Enfant Terrible label of the 2017 sold-out self-released tape.                                       
  • Tullio De Piscopo – ‘Fastness (Lion’s Drums Edit)’ [Cocktail d’Amore]                                                             
  • French experimental /ethnic /acoustic-electronic multi-instrumentalist and percussionist Johann Mazé, aka Jihem Rita – “Amère Chimère feat. Aïcha S (AIR LQD remix)” from the Split Cassette album “JIHEM RITA / AIR LQD” on Champ Döner
  • London, UK experimental /noise /punk /post-industrial techno electronic moniker of Tom Baker, aka Sylvia_Din “No Saviours” single
  • Chile-based industrial /EBM /broken beats /distorted techno /mutant electro producer CCCICLO “Bruma” from the cassette album “Contra Protección” on Dead Channel Records
  • Belgian dark electronic /electro /noise /industrial /techno producer Hundred Crusades “Sneak Stage”
  • Chilean Electronic / Minimal Wave /Dark electronics project of Nicolas Estany aka VISONIA “The Brain Plays With Me” from the upcoming mini-album “Claroscuro” on Frigio Records
  • Turin-based Italian electronic /darkwave artist Paolo Virdis “Only Lovers – Saigg Remix” originally from the album “Confessions of a romantic demon”.
  • UK EBM /acid /dark /electro project of Mike Smith (aka Crossover Network), aka E.L.I. “Smile Through the Sorrow” title track from the upcoming cassette EP on SOIL
  • Thessaloniki-based ambient /EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “Abundance Of Lies”
  • Turin, Italian EBM /dark techno /electronic producer MATTEO TURA “Eclipse” new single
  • Greece EBM /industrial /poetry /darkwave /synthpop project Πύργος Αθηνών “Γέφυρες / Bridges (Blakaut Reworked)” from the album “Πύργος Αθηνών – 11527” on SOIL
  • Irish Industrial /Acid /Rave /Techno DJ, Producer & @Enigma_irl founder SYMØNE “Freak” on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Barcelona based rave /techno metal DJ-producer and Hex Recordings head, Paolo Ferrara “Secret Knights (Illnurse remix)” from “XXX002 | 2015X” EP on HEX Recordings
  • Dutch industrial /dark techno artist Kirril “The Third Day (Acid Replika Remix)” from “Nocturnal” EP on Revok Records
  • Legendary early ’90s Berlin-based psych techno project of Melbourne-born Johnny Klimek (The Other Ones) & Sheffield-native Paul Browse (The Corridor, Clock DVA, The Anti Group), aka SYSTEM 01 “Drugs Work” from the upcoming compilation “System 01 1990-1994” on Mannequin Records
  • Berlin-based EBM /dark electronic /techno /Italo disco French producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason, PABLO BOZZI “GoldenEye” from upcoming EP “Ghost Of Chance” [Dischi Autun
  • Russian-born /Latvia-based breakbeat /acid /electro producer Dmitry Distant “Equinox” from upcoming V/A  “Last Heresy” 12″                                                                                                                                                  
  •  Leipzig based IDM /acid /electro producer XY0815 “Rats”                                                                                     
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia acid-industrial-breaks-electro producer ARTEM LASTNAME “Rosalia” from the upcoming EP “Rosalia” on urwaxx                                                                                                                           
  • London, UK based, Australian lo-fi /trancey /acid /house /electro producer Jordon Alexander, aka Mall Grab “WHO ACID YOU” from “WHO ASKED YOU” single on Looking For Trouble
  • Lithuanian downtempo /hip hop /breaks /psych /electronic producer Dovydas (1/2 of Electric Shapes and Far East Flight), Jokios Kultūros – “Homies On Acid” from V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 3” on Electric Shapes
  • L.A.-based electro /jungle /rave producer Matt “Wheez-ie” Mauldin, aka Wheez-ie – “Anon (DJ Stingray 313 Rmx)” from “Horizons Remixes” EP on Evar Records
  • Russian IDM /breaks /downtempo /techno /electro producer Sestrica – “New Era” from “E Source” EP series [Polymorphism]
  • Dutch acid /techno /electro producer Venderstrooik – “Cybermarmot” from upcoming V/A “Acid 2 Body” part 2 of the Archaic Future Sounds compilation trilogy on Archaic Future Sounds
  • Rotterdam ambient /IDM /electro producer Mata Disk “Chooser” from upcoming “Surrounder” EP on Nous’klaer Audio
  • Kazan, Russia IDM/ jungle /bass /ghetto /electro producer винер – “Vol’nost” from V/A “Various Artists 4 (Part 2)” on Siberian Collective / Коллектив
  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave collaboration between DJ/producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and Buenos Aires-native Damian, Local Suicide & Skelesys – “Naked & Confused” from the upcoming EP “You are Mine” [Snap, Crackle & Pop]                                                                                               
  • Russian wave /disco /acid /Balearic /electronic producer Konstantyn Isaev aka VOLTA CAB “Minotaur Topaz” from “Minotaur Topaz” EP on Waste Editions
  • Dutch house /nu-disco producer Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha – “What’s A Girl To Do” (Captain Mustache Remix)
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco /electronic producer Parissior “Past & Future” off of upcoming EP “Rodiles” on NEIN Records
  • Argentina/Mexico dark disco /indie dance collaboration, Thomass Jackson & Theus Mago – “Don Palenque” off of “El Venao” EP [HARD FIST]
  • Oaxaca, Mexican indie dance /dark disco producer, Eder Ruiz, aka DIAC “Optical Time” from the upcoming EP “RDTO” on Side UP Works                                                                                                                          
  • Bristolian Italo disco electronic producer Emmet Read “Hold Me” title track from his debut solo 4 track EP [Of Unsound Mind]                                                                                                                                                       
  • Japanese ambient /cosmic /Balearic /cinematic /electronic music producer Soshi Takeda “Blue Dress” from the cassette album “Same Place, Another Time” on Constellation Tatsu
  • Lisbon ethnic /downtempo /electronic folk duo BANDUA “Cinco Sentidos” single from upcoming S/T album on Frente Bolivarista
  • Liverpool, UK ambient /experimental /Minimoog /synth project Red Setter “Summer Lightning” from cassette album “Water Feature” on Woodford Halse
  • Portuguese experimental /ambient /library music /hauntology /psychedelic /analog synth solo project The Flipping Candy “The Loneliest Boy On Alpha Centauri” off of debut album “From A Cosmic Childhood” on Prisma Sonora Records
  • Manchester, UK ambient /post-rock /synth /electronic one-man project APTA “Lullaby” from 7″ single “Elegy / Lullaby” on Woodford Halse
  • Kentucky-born, Asheville, NC based experimental /ambient /drone / electronic artist (aka Villages), Ross Gentry ‘Tusk’ from the upcoming new album ‘Apparitional’ on American Dreams
  • Chicago-based Brazilian drone /ambient /piano artist Igor Imbu, aka wøunds “Impossible Rooms” from the album “No Beauty In The World” on Past Inside the Present
  • Recently departed Buenos Aires pioneer electronic producer, músician and composer (Soda Stereo’s Gustavo Cerati collaborator), Flavio Etcheto “Refugio Mid Side” from “Ambient” EP via Casa del Puente Discos
  • US ambient /drone music artist from Wisconsin, Colonial Skyway “Areas of Drifting” from “Evening on Earth” on Submarine Broadcasting Company
  • Kentucky ambient /drone project of Jason T. Lamoreaux, aka The Corrupting Sea – “At Woods Edge (Excerpt)” from V/A “Histamine Tapes 2022” compilation on Histamine Tapes
  • Norway-based Portuguese ambient /drone /neo-classical composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ruben Vale, AKA Swoop and Cross “CLVLL” from his upcoming sophomore full-length album “Les Fauves” on piano and coffee records.
  • Tokyo, Japan-based ambient /movie soundtrack /neo-classicl composer 石橋英子 | Eiko Ishibashi “Drive My Car (Kafuku)” from “Drive My Car Original Soundtrack” album (soundtrack of the film based on Haruki Murakami’s short story of the same name, directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi) on Newhere Music
  • Australian ambient /field recordings /piano /electronic music producer Alex Albrecht “Twilight Humidity” from the cassette “Resolve” on Constellation Tatsu
  • North Carolina/Colorado ambient collaboration project of musicians Derrick Stembridge (Drifting In Silence) and Drew M. Geiger (E J R M), Drifting In Silence | E J R M – “Within Theses Walls”
    from the upcoming “Pathways” album on Labile Records
  • South London ambient /dubstep /electronic producer BURIAL “SHADOW PARADISE” from “ANTIDAWN” EP on Hyperdub