WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – January #01-22

Rostov na Donu

  • RADIO RITUEL 45 – KLANGSTABIL                                                                                                                          

Since 1994 experimental industrialists Maurizio Blanco and Boris May, under the KLANGSTABIL moniker, explore multifaced uncharted mazes of leftfield, cold and dark electronics intersecting decades of music production in a broad range of styles, spanning from electro, ambient, freestyle, and techno. Courtesy of Elena Sizova and Blackmoon77′ Radio Rituel.

  • Guadeloupe-bred French disco /indie dance electronic DJ-producer and Weirdos Records founder, MALA IKA – “Die Party Ist Vorbei (Original Mix)” from the EP “Die Party Ist Vorbei” on Weirdos Records     

Dizzying dark indie dance with a cosmic flair from the up-and-coming Guadalupe-native, Parisian producer, via her own Weirdos imprint, to inject oscillating and warbling bassline droning menace with steady thumping beats through swirling magic pathways of icy, bright synth strains of neon-tinged allure that flows into mind-warping expansions, fusing high flicker strobing intensity with obsessive glaring stabs and mesmeric repetitions of trance-inducing dancefloor utopia.

  • Berlin/Vienna dark disco collaboration Local Suicide & Wiener Planquadrat – “Light It Up” off of upcoming V/A “NDE Compilation 002 Vol.2” on New Day Everyday                                                                     

GrecoGerman duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, aka Local Suicide team up with their own Iptamenos Discos label affiliated Vienna‘s duo Wiener Planquadrat in a part spacey futuristic, part groovily nostalgic sparkly energetic dance-inducing dark disco reverie combined with trance inflexions and retro sheens.

  • Paris-based electronic /coldwave /darkwave/electro /new beat producer GEWALT “Goth Wheel (I Ain’t Got No Time)” from V/A “The Semiconscious System” compilation [Idlestates Recordings]                                       

Scottish label Idlestates is slowly unveiling its curated blend of no-nonsense EBM with grittier industrial electronics. Parisian producer merges Electro and New Beat setting fire to stomping and marching beats along with treacherous digging and syncopated mechanical low ends and strings of eerie glowing synth chords surrounded hypnotically by buzzing alarming flows and ominous swirling distorted vocal echoes and buzzing alarming flows, to travel to the outer dimensions of dancefloor euphoria whilst obscured in the hidden shadows of time.           

  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic producer from Milan, Tagliabue – “Persuasione” from upcoming debut mini-album ” Ambiente Sonoro” on Elephant Gait Music                          
  • Grenoble, France ambient /dub /psych /tribal /downtempo /experimental producer Denis Morin, aka Vague Imaginaires – “Sorry” from upcoming V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 3” [Electric Shapes]
  • Montreuil, France Industrial /Ambient /Drone /Gothic /Darkwave /Electronic project Attention fête “Orgy” from the album “Menschenbrüder”
  • Greek industrial, ritual electronics and noise project Izmirlieva, “It Took The Night To Forgiveness” on Phormix
  • Berlin-based UK ambient /witch house /dark synth electronic producer David Whiting, Bow Church – “Catharsis”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Dark Ambient /Industrial /Occult /Neo-Folk solo project KAZERIA “Sun Reborn :: Tokor” from “Solstitium III” EP
  • Costa Rica EBM /Industrial /Electronic act Sonic Front “Militant Culture Struggle” single
  • Nantes, France ambient /Industrial /techno /EBM producer Extermination Expression – “Hunt”              
  • Belgian atmospheric sludge post-metal band from Kortrijk, Amenra – “A Solitary Reign (Templer Edit)”   
  • Amsterdam Industrialized Body Music producer Swærm – “Deadweight” from V/A “Brutality 001” on Italy’s Brutal Forms
  • French electronic /synthwave /indie disco duo Simon Says and Florent Frossard from Paris, Il Est Vilaine “Yvré-l’évêque (Tolouse Low Trax Broken Pleasure Remix)” rom upcoming album “Les Mystères de Lorient Remix” ​[Dialect Rec.]                                                                                                                                                 
  • Brooklyn, NY based industrial /electro /synth-wave production duo Heidi Sabertooth & R Gamble, aka Zeta Sect – “Your Crime” from the upcoming cassette album “Portals” on Phormix
  • Colombian Experimental /Industrial /Noise /Electro /Techno female DJ / producer from Medellin, Marea Feat. Ana Gartner – “Virgo Lucifera” off of “Virgo Lucifera” cassette EP [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Russian industrial /acid /techno duo Namesis & Yansyet – “Shut Up” off of V/A “Tears for Fears 4.” on SOIL
  • Thessaloniki-based ambient /EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “Haunted Fires” from V/A “Unexplained Powers Of The Human Mind II” cassette EP on Sinister Desires
  • North Santander, Colombia acid /industrial /hard techno producer HXIST “Venganza” from V/A “ROMANTICISMO | Third Anniversary | PHASE IV” 4 parts double CD compilation on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Strasbourg, French experimental/EBM/space/acid electro/techno producer ITAKO “Executive Order” from V/A “Tartarus” compilation on Khoinix
  • L.A. based hardware-based acid/electro producer and vinyl DJ Axel Blaze (aka DJ Mystery Science), Ole Mic Odd AKA World of Law – “The Altar of St. Andre” from the album “Dump Truck” 22-track self-compilation of hardware electronics across different aliases and genres
  • Strasbourg, France dark electro /techno project Vondkreistan – “Liaisons Electronic (original mix)”.         
  • Offenbach, German electro mastermind Anthony Rother “3L3C7ROphonia” from the new album “Dekatron” on PSI49NET
  • Berlin-based Spanish ghetto tech /electro producer from Valencia, Kör Boira “Like That” from “Superficial” EP on SYNTAX Electronix
  • Dutch experimental electronic producer from Rotterdam, IAN MARTIN “Concrete Head” off of V/A “Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Covertape II” 19 track ‘cover tape’ compilation with various artists for The Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Issue #10 on NIGHTWIND RECORDS
  • North Macedonia electronic project AKA THESAUR X LIRKA – “Leach” from V/A “The Rising Sound Of Skopje” [Stotrojka]
  • German retro analogue synth-pop duo from Dortmund, Purwien & Kowa “Disko 80 (12″ Mix)” from the retrospective collection album 5=2+3+4×12″
  • Tel Aviv post-punk /kraut /electronic artist Nadav Spiegel aka Autarkic “It’s no tool (Autarkic Edit)”
  • Brazilian EBM /Cosmic /Italo Disco /Electro producer Neurotiker “1976” from “1976” LP [Melopée]         
  • Rostock native-Frankfurt transplant dark disco /new wave /electronic producer Stefan Haag (aka SFX), aka Chinaski “Fatale Recall 4″ (edit of Die Ärzte ‘Bitte, Bitte’ 1988) from “Fatale Recall 3-4” split single on Ritmo Fatale
  • Italian eclectic electro-funk /Italo /nu-disco /electronic musician and producer Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca ‘Sentinel’ soon on IDWT                                                                                                                                
  • Tel Aviv indie dance /acid house producer Hadar Noy aka N.O.Y – “Treur” (Thomas Von Party Remix)” from “Treur” EP on Frau Blau Music
  • Tel Aviv‘s trance/wave /techno /house /electronic production duo, Moscoman & Kadosh (feat. Stereo MC’s) – “Free You (Super Flu Remix)” on Disco Halal
  • Parisian acid /rave /electro /techno producer Captain Mustache “Indigo Memories” from V/A “John Digweed Presents Quattro Artists” album [Bedrock Records]                                                                                           
  • Central Southern Italy mysterious indie dance /electronic producer Treasure Island – “The Hill (Original Mix)” from the Secret Potions series [Playground Records]
  • Peter Schilling – “Terra Titanic ( Curses Edit )”                                                                                                         
  • Guadeloupe-bred French disco /indie dance electronic DJ-producer and Weirdos Records founder, MALA IKA ​- “Fueralarm” from V/A “Sailor Of Wrong Era Volume Two” compilation on Slow Motion Records
  • JOHNNY COLON “Mira Ven Aca (NAT BARRERA EDIT)                                                                                         
  • Paris, France Italo disco /Balearic/breaks/electro producer VAL-AIR – “Disco Camera” off of V/A “Make Italo Disco Great Again Vol.2” on Fauve Records
  • London, UK indie dance/dark disco /slow techno production duo, Konnekt – “Hard Reset” off of V/A “Various Artists #2” on Critical Monday                                                                                                                         
  • London, UK ambient /experimental /IDM /downtempo / breakbeat /electronic producer Casha Mour “Ejecta” single
  • Lahti, Finland IDM /Ambient /Experimental /Electro independent producer and electronic music composer Aleksi Perälä “FI3AC2160050” from the album “CYCLES 1 日”
  • Munich, Germany ambient /dub /techno producer Lindsey Wang aka Polygonia – “König des Waldes” from the album “Abbilder einer vergessenen Welt” on Huinali Recordings
  • L.A. ambient /drone /electronic musician Matt Richter (half of the experimental ambient folk-pop duo Lanfair Field), aka Autodealer “On the Coming Around Again” from the upcoming LP “Circuit Dreams the Signal” on Somewherecold Records
  • England/Ireland experimental /IDM /ambient collaboration between Lee Anthony Norris (AKA Norken, Metamatics and Nacht Plank) and Mick Chillage, AKA Autumn Of Communion – “Cassini Spaceraft (Amalgamation by Sven Kössler & Si Matthews) from V/A “Glisten” compilation on Fantasy Enhancing
  • Prague kosmische analog and modular synth electronic producer Jan Jiskra (aka Moduretik, Neden), MO-DU – “Assimize” from upcoming V/A – “Long Term Evolution” [LTE01]
  • Raleigh, NC longstanding ambient project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge, aka Drifting In Silence – “Emotions In Reverse” from V/A ” M.A.D. II” on Music Analysis Discussions Records
  • Seoul, South Korea ambient /field recordings /piano artist Mydreamfever “Rough and Beautiful Place” title track from the LP “Rough and Beautiful Place”
  • Todmorden, West Yorkshire experimental /ambient /drone project of musician and sound artist Mark S. Williamson aka SPACESHIP “Pudsey Clough” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl LP “Ravines” on wiaiwya