WL//WH Video Premiere: WINE PRIDE Begins Each New Day Awake at “1201 AM” (Music Video)

WL//WH Premiere   WINE PRIDE

Single Artwork by Varika Sharma

After the success of their debut album ‘Wine Pride’, Charlotte, North Carolina four-piece have developed their sound by tapping deeper into the emotive, nostalgia-laden core of their music, exemplified by the new single “1201 AM”, the first foretaste from the forthcoming EP, “Lost Years,” due out on May 9, 2024 via Brighton, UK independent label Crafting Room Recordings, accompanied by the music video by  Samuel Fife, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

The band, made of Aaron Felger (Vocals, Synth, Bass), Alex Hanifin (guitar), Ty Kozlowski (guitar), and Steve Sigmon (drums), draws elements from New Wave, Shoegaze, Krautrock and Dream Pop, to create their brand of ‘anxious rock delivered by daydreamers’, this time they also implement pieces of slacker, skateboarding culture into their lyrical motifs.

“1201 AM”s restless haze is rooted in confronting an unhealthy lifestyle, 

The person telling the story is struggling to understand whether their desire to party is fueled by their lust for life, or addiction. The outro, “life like, a dream you live” represents both celebrating your life, feeling like you’re living a dream and a washed up, sense of denial about your clouded reality. 12:01 AM symbolizes the first minute of the new day and all the possibilities for change that come with it. You could be embracing it as you’re enjoying time with your friends or dreading what comes next.as Aaron himself explains

According to the band, the new EP emphasises the preciousness of time,

We wanted to convey a meaning of vulnerability as we relay challenging themes that relate to experiences in our personal lives, along with making the sound feel more intimate and natural while maintaining some of the ethereal-reverb-heavy sound that came in our previous release.

Photos: @shootbt

Nostalgic and introspective, yet equally intense and energetic, the engaging “1201 AM” triggers emotive layers of penetrating, vibrant quick-swiping guitar textures, meandering from rich sparkling melodies, sharp poignant obsessions, intoxicating passions, and abrasive reverb strewn riffage, fueled by steady vigorous drum beats and low bass pulses, to surge and radiate around angsty dreamy vocals, reflecting on a troubled past whilst aligning with a once obscured fate.

The music video, shot by Samuel Fife, taps into these sensibilities to create a visual experience reflecting the fleeting memories that make up our existence. Conveying a mix of melancholy and bliss, Wine Pride intends to provide some comfort and familiarity to their listeners across different points of their life.

A day-to-night vision by Samuel Fife sets Wine Pride against the unique charm of Asheville, North Carolina to sync with the sentimental flow of the soundtrack. Watch as the four bandmates spend time skateboarding, playing arcade games, and hanging out at “Fleetwood’s” Rock and Roll bar to get an inside look into the fun and friendship of the band.

Wine Pride‘s upcoming EP, “Lost Years,” is due out on May 9, 2024, on all major streaming platforms via UK DIY cult label Crafting Room Recordings

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Photo by @shootbt