WL//WH Video Premiere: VVD WNDWS “Watch Me”

WL//WH Video Premiere   VVD WNDWS

VVD WNDWS (vivid windows) is a music and performance project led by Sacramento/Oakland, CA-based Iso Marcus and Dylan Chapple that started in 2009 under the moniker PINE.

Marcus’s weirdly speculative voice permeates the sonic landscape, speaking, shouting, and singing lyrics probing unanswered mysteries around trauma, loss and ecstasy (Marcus is a psychotherapist).

Relationship is the centerpiece of their work, whether with field recordings from the natural world (Chapple is an ecologist), synthesis spanning the analog/digital divide, or collaborative performance with an extended community of dancers and visual artists. The result is a sound as external as it is internal, poppy as it is esoteric, and earthy as it is celestial.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the intriguing music video, created by the Bay Area-based multimedia artist, Dustin Khebzou, for the captivatingly multi-sensory track “Watch It”, taken from the upcoming EP, “DEEP TIME”, to be released on May 25, 2021, Cassette & Digitally, via San Francisco‘s independent label Glowing Dagger

“Watch Me” winds an equally obsessive and palpitating, abstract and immersive soundscape, enriched with emotional swelling sonic counterpoints in an enveloping and dizzying sensory harmonization, to create ecstatic and enveloping blissful sensations, amidst slow hypnotic crawling rhythms, suddenly lashed by instant whips of thunderous intensity and humming vibrating low ends, whilst feverish and wistful glaring synth swirls, sway back and forth against the background of dreamy, sad female vocals and high airy breaths of longing passions to rise and fall in hopeless desires.

Navigating between synthetic primary colors and lush landscapes, the video translates the song’s themes into dream images that explore the tension between the internal and external world. Scenes of phosphorescent dancers contorting their bodies are intermeshed with hedonistic hippies, blossoming flowers, and radiation disasters in the former Eastern bloc to form a polychromatic dive into the unconscious.

Dustin Khebzou‘s video collage merges somnambulistic Soviet Sci-Fi films with verdant nature documentaries and panopticon surveillance footage to extrapolate the seemingly irrational wanderings of the human mind. A strategic combination of symbolic imagery weaves universal pictures of nature, technology, and characters into a fragmented sequence of split-screen holograms. An invisible force from the mind’s eye pulls a subconscious flow of hypnotic emotions from prismatic overlays to induce a voyeur-like paranoia from the suggested Orwellian surveillance footage to counter-attack the endless freedom elicited from nature’s boundless beauty resulting in an obsessive and ritualistic undertow of social human interaction.

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