WL//WH Video Premiere: VOGUE.NOIR New Single ‘Resolution’ on TONN Recordings

Video Premiere Vogue.Noir

Vogue. Noir photo by Mona Cordes

On March 12, Belfast-based boutique record label TONN Recordings published the brand new single ‘Resolution’ of London’s Vogue.Noir which is a killer tune and according to the label’s precious quality. Track, A1 ‘Resolution’, on this Double A-Side release, will currently be available to stream and purchase. Track A2 ‘To End’, will only be heard on vinyl and will be released digitally on TONN Bandcamp in April 2020.

Following last year’s album ‘Strange Days’, Aleks Ippolito aka Vogue.Noir unveiled another neo-noir synthesized marvel. The official video of ‘Resolution’ was created by filmmaker Dara Flanagan, an Irish visual artist who is also creating his own electronic music as LA Lux via the same label. Here, Flanagan followed Vogue.Noir‘s music like a stalker with the audio-visual effect being just amazing and according to the song’s ‘road trip’. The song itself derives honorably from Ippolito‘s sonic background of the 70s – 80s New Wave/Post Punk aesthetics, and through Vogue. Noir‘s coldwave Proxima it all approaches nicely the neo-romantic dock. A little sadness with a little synthwave-retro too and all on new synthesized machines with the appropriate thrust that makes it all clearly danceable and a piece of unconditional music. Vogue.Noir‘s music is a less abrasive, more emotionally mature approach that pays tribute to these early influences while merging them with a more introspective sense of self.

In a more minimal way, all I am saying is simply this; What-a-Song!!! Here it is!!! The official video of ‘Resolution’ came up only today, March 28, 2020!!!

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Photo by @katarzyna_lopata

Written by Loud Cities Mike