WL//WH Video Premiere: Trick or Treat with PALM GHOSTS “John Carpenter”

Video Premiere  Palm Ghosts

Nashville, TN based Indie Rock /Post-Punk band Palm Ghosts, led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, release a special new wave-tinged themed single, and related DIY music video, as a tribute to lifelong cult director and musician “John Carpenter” just in time for Halloween.

Sinister organic synth chords cut in heart-pounding beats interlaced with ritual thwacking percussive hits and eerie, prickling guitar melodies form the dramatic backdrop of superstition and lore, while undulating layers of droning keyboard merge into low, scary bass hums of impending doom. Numb, distant monochromatic male vocal’s gritty ramble shifts to cinematic howls and emotional moans for the catchy lyrics of convoluted metaphors clashing Science Fiction fantasy with modern dystopian reality in a nightmare created by the mastermind of horror for the silver screen, but replays over and over in your wildest, wicked dreams.

A homage to John Carpenter rolls frightening vintage vibes through memorable movie clips from ‘They Live’, ‘Big Trouble Little China’, ‘The Thing’, ‘Halloween’ and more with grainy overlays pulsing in sync to the spectacular nostalgic soundtrack. A swathe of slow-burning flames melts an alien mask off the hidden face of a carved wooden statue to reveal an unending cast of characters disguised as faceless talking heads entrenched in nefarious activities of identity theft, mind control antics, and world domination. Blue moon dimensions distract and mislead the mind’s eye of imagination down a rabbit hole disguised with different editing filters, glitching in tandem with the sinister synth distortions, to form an enigmatic riddle leading to more questions than answers in typical John Carpenter fashion.

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