WL//WH Video Premiere: TORCH “She Will Roam”

WL//WH Premiere Torch

Danish 3-piece darkwave band, TORCH, based in Aarhus, comprised of Ivik Rosing-Johnsen (guitar & vocals ), Josefine Valler (bass) and Benjamin Lind (synth & vocals), have released an immersive music video by Brun Medisin, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, for the song “She Will Roam”, taken from last November’s debut Self/Titled EP, distinctive of the band’s dramatic and poignant cold post-punk, punctuated by deep and viscerally tormented vocalizations.

Solemn bleak bass pulses somberly resound amidst stark mechanical beats and terse off-tempo claps, pierced obsessively by subtly biting reverb-strewn guitar strains, awash by icy gauzy synth flows, whilst airy tormented male vocals ebb and flow with angsty howls and primal grunts, falling through breathless dominions of dread to lie hopelessly among the shattered dreams of fate.

An agonized confession of love, lust, and hidden desires incites excruciating shame and fear for the cruelty, punishment, and death that is expected to come.

The cinematic video, directed by Brun Medisin, depicts a ritualistic initiation as a metaphor for a struggle with inner daemons and the social challenges one must overcome in order to achieve mental freedom. Black and white windswept views of sharp stone-lined sea shores draw opposing dimensions from a wide spectrum of universal symbols. Surreal ceremonial offerings of fish, fowl, and flowers set the stage for a ravenous feast, while time-lapse, zoom angles sweep across dramatic transition scenes of a man training under the watchful eye of a guard, as a woman sits powerfully astride a stallion to awaken subconscious fear and primal desire from the vivid imagery of secrecy, submission, and suffering.

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