WL//WH Video Premiere: THE LICE “Sheltered Life”

WL//WH Video Premiere The Lice

In spite of hailing from the sunny Long Beach, California, THE LICE rather stay in the shadow, making spare, minimal punk not for the clubs, but for bedrooms and headphones. Drawing inspiration from sources as disparate as Young Marble Giants, Solid Space, JAMC demos, early Magnetic Fields, the band Women, and The Minutemen.

The Lice keep all of their songs under two minutes, balancing ghostly feedback and reverb with subtle hooks, dreamlike imagery and hypnotic beats.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the video for the new single “Sheltered Life” off of the group’s upcoming full-length debut, consisting of 23 songs in 29 minutes, “Hoarder House UFO”, due out in April, via their own Fork in the Outlet Records (vinyl) and Shallow Dive Records (tape).

Slow dragging bass notes resonant rumble echoes ecstatically distorted eerie guitar melodies, creating an inebriated haze over angsty dreamy male vocals, quietly longing for unbroken love in a hypnotic, deceptively calm croon.

“Hoarder House UFO” Lp cover

Nostalgic black and white footage, taken from David Wojnarowicz‘s short film “Where Evil Dwells”, released in 1985, captures a lost highway bridge overcome in satanic teen shenanigans instigated by Ricky Kasso serial killing circa 1980.

Lullaby lyrics reveal betrayal, lost innocence, and heart-crushing pride set against the backdrop of bitter anti-war protests and sentiment as, “one time I tell the truth you lie.”

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photo by @halilecat