WL//WH Video Premiere : THE LAUTREAMONTS “Who We Were”

Premiere  The Lautreamonts

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian band The Lautreamonts are a breath of fresh air, in a music panorama inflated by The Cure and Joy Division copycats, with their distinctive post-punk flair rich in nuances and charm.

After playing in so many projects on the last 25 years, the duo Martha and Hudson felt that something was still missing. They then dived into lots of experimentation and the result was a sound full of percussion, odd tempos, exotic instruments and influences that go from Post-punk to Middle-eastern music. Think of a mix of Dead Can Dance‘s exoticism, Siouxsie and the Banshees‘ melancholy and the danger of Massive Attack.

Today, the band is releasing the second lyric video from their debut EP “Who Are You Wearing?” through Efusiva Records and Oblique Musique Disques, which is centered on the theme of Identity (who we are, how do we see ourselves and we’d like to be perceived).
In the video, we see the mass production of mannequins, where they are being molded, polished and put in lines, just like a big silent and faceless army.
The song’s lyrics talks about a daily battle of character who try to detach himself from his behavioral prison. An eternal loop of frustration and restart.

“Who Are You Wearing?” was a signature question from TV host Joan Rivers for the celebrities at the Oscar’s red carpet, about which designer made their gown.
However, we can ask ourselves this same question and the context changes entirely. What persona have you chosen to go out today? Who are you on your day job? Or at the bar with your friends? And on Facebook?
In the end, we are the mannequins on the video and also on the EP cover. Blank figures who, depending on the occasion will wear whatever is the most appropriated. Be it a fashion outfit on the red carpet or a personality trace that’s going to be accepted by our peers.

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