WL//WH Video Premiere: THE LAUTREAMONTS goes Goth in stop-motion video for THE RESIDENTS’ “Hello Skinny” cover

WL//WH Premiere  The Lautreamonts

Just like in the Surrealistic book “The Chants of Maldoror” by Comte de Lautreamont (yes, it’s a reference), Lautreamont‘s music can be described as something as beautiful as the meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table.

Never shy to experiment and push their own boundaries forward, constantly adding new sonic nuances to their fresh take on the 80s inspired post-punk / darkwave style, spanning from Eastern Music, Electronica and Krautrock to Psychedelia and Trip-Hop, the Brazilian duo based in Rio De Janeiro, The Lautreamonts, comprised of Martha F. and Hudson, have also strictly followed a genuine DIY ethics in every single aspect of their creative process starting from the music, the artwork to the visuals.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the stop-motion video for The Lautreamonts‘ goth-tinged remodel of the iconic 1978 song “Hello Skinny” by Bay Area elusive Avant-Garde visionaries The Residents.

Originally released as the second side of the freaky quartet’s 5th album “Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen” on Ralph Records and later re-imagined by The Residents themselves in the remastered 2021 2xCD version of the LP, the song tells the tale of a soulless opportunist, Skinny, who sells anything he can, without scruples, to the highest bidder.

The highly imaginative and engaging self-produced video uses the original role of Skinny from the 1980 Graeme Whifler‘s directed visuals, starring Bridget Terris, and further explores the shady underhanded dealings by creating a stop-motion eyeball-headed man set against a suggestive urban backdrop using a needle felting technique by Martha F and keen editing by Hudson B. Equally retro and modern, the Carioca duo definitely bring a fresh technological spin to the 1980 storyline, whilst injecting universal symbols and metaphors to reflect on our current disruptive timeline. 

The Lautreamonts invoke the same dark, gritty surreal vibes of the original by channelling the creeping, ghostly  Bauhaus textures of multi-dimensional crispy ticking percussive patterns and sinister ceremonial inflexions, whilst adding personal flairs with warm exotic, hypnotic synth swathes, droning bass tones and angsty, aching, and taunting vocal layerings, casting shivering echoes and distant piercing cries into a nocturnal ambiance of dystopic moods.

The Lautreamonts‘ cover version of The Residents‘ classic “Hello Skinny” is out now via Paranoia Musique on the main digital platforms.

This September/October, The Lautreamonts will embark on their first European tour, consisting of 12 shows in 6 countries, accompanied by Leipzig-based, Austrian artist TRAASHBOO.

19/09 – Hoorn/NL @ SWAF

20/09 – Leiden/NL @ Vrijplaast

21/09 – Breda/NL @ Café het Hijgend Hert

22/09 – Lille/FR @ Rouge-Salsa (with The Foreign Resort)

23/09 Luxembourg/LU @ Rocas

24/09 Solingen/DE @ Waldmeister e.V

25/09 Berlin/DE @ Schokoladen (with Exploding Boy)

26/09 Leipzig/DE @ TIFF

27/09 Augsburg/DE @ Grandhotel Cosmopolis

29/09 Prague/CZ @ Café Na pul Cesty

04/10 Delft/NL @ Delft Flora Theatre

05/10 Gent/BE @ Kinky Star

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