WL//WH Video Premiere: THE ENDING NIGHTS Are “Reaching New Ways” to Stay on Top

WL//WH Video Premiere The Ending Nights 

Artwork by Greg Rolfes

WL//WH is delighted to let you immerse yourself into the throbbing and shadowy emotional overflow from the video premiere for the dark electronic-driven dancing track “Reaching New Ways”, the second single by Portuguese singer and musician Pedro Code (IAMTHESHADOW), under his new side project moniker, The Ending Nights, via Cold Transmission Music.

THE ENDING NIGHTS began January 2021 as a side project of Pedro Code (IAMTHESHADOW). The powerful beats are crossed by distorted synths in an apocalyptic landscape. The voices are meaningful, intense words from the other side of the spectrum for the lost – Lost in The Ending Nights.

Equally gripping and seductive, “Reaching New Ways” drives impetuous, racing beats through a dark, turbulent and desperate ride of sinister icy bright swirling synth strains, warm rising epic forsaken swells, and murmuring bass tones to urge powerful, distressed baritone vocals through harsh and daunting atmospheric expansions of contemplative lyrics to search for balance, meaning, and surrender, amid the overwhelming toxicity of Apocalyptic doom.

The abstract, conceptual video casts emotional waves of uncertainty and fear over a nocturnal stream of earthen elements. Hypnotic palpitating overlays deconstruct into kaleidoscopic dissections of reflective, negative light matrices to breathe transformative and healing patterns of connective tissues through subconscious doorways of unknown dread. Tunnels of hidden hope light murky underwater convictions with strobing dimensions to channel a backward flow of memories into an intersection of bipolar unity, waxing and waning peacefully under the mesmeric and magnetic pull of a full moon sky.

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