WL//WH Video Premiere: TERMINATION “Gates of Paradise (Angst)”

WL//WH Video Premiere Termination

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, TERMINATION is a brand new psychedelic punk 3-piece featuring well-respected stalwarts of the local underground punk scene as members of The Serfs, Mardou, Crime of Passing, and Vacation.

An energetic distillation of raw and fuzzy mind-bending rock’n’roll to relieve, at the same time urge the rage, for the current dystopic times.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the Shea Wells’ edited and produced music video for the opening track of the LP, “Gates of Paradise”, introduced by whirring keyboard chords that slowly fade into steady, tambourine-charged, hypnotic motorik rhythms, wounded by swaying abrasive, stark distorted guitar riffs, bleeding over distant, twisted vocals exhaling harshly drawn outcries into the chaotic deception of letting go.

The lyrics, inspired by the “Jisei”, a collection of Japanese poems written during the lasts moments of life by Zen Buddhist monks to reflect on the consciousness of death and the restless futility of the human mind that prevents one from entering the proverbial “Gates of Paradise.”

Angst weaves interference over a hidden untouched world where clarity, focus, and depth unite in an endless revelation of existence.

Time-lapse speed guitar ignites static over an alternate dimension wherein lies shape-shifting fog, faces,  and reflected hieroglyphic forms. Frayed seams erode split-screen confusion embedding textures, temperatures, and sound into the mutated montage made manifest through anxious fear while UHF color bars bleed neon into the smokescreen haze blurring planes of esoteric thought with primordial rays.

TERMINATION’s Self/Titled debut album is out now, ltd. Cassette & Digital, via Wasted Tapes, whose 100% OF DIGITAL SALES AND PROFITS FROM CASSETTES WILL GO STRAIGHT TO THE NAVAJO & HOPI FAMILIES COVID-19 RELIEF FUND.