WL//WH Video Premiere: TENDERLASH “Inferno”

WL//WH Premiere Tenderlash

North Carolina based darkwave project of artist /composer /DJ Candy Durant under her Tenderlash moniker, follows up the 4th of January release of the 9-track debut album “Hold Still”, produced by Valerio Rivieccio (The Coventry and Kurs), via European label Swiss Dark Nights, with an enchanting video for the decadent dancefloor track “Inferno”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Mesmeric flashing textures weave ritualistic dimensions with ominous organic keyboard chords, eerie, twinkling synth melodies, and droning bass tones around layers of lusty female vocalizations, releasing breathless temptation, fading whispers, and reckless abandon into the expanding electronic horizons of demonic dancefloor fire.

Poetic lyrics infuse the force of “Ice into Fire” with dark emotions of pain, revenge, and power to paint a poignant portrait of the “Inferno.”

Hellish flames cast raw, impassioned energy over an erotic dance sequence, conjuring a fearful woman’s alter ego to escape and whet her appetite for mischief. Dizzying layers of infernal imagery spin hypnotically over a synthesized performance, while close-up camera angles imply the steamy plot with intimate eye contact and glitchy time-lapse editing techniques to form a dangerous ritual of dark desires.

Tenderlash debut album “Hold Still” is out now, CD and Digital, via European label Swiss Dark Nights.

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