WL//WH Video Premiere: STILLA HAVET Cries “Frusna Tårar / Frozen Tears” of Laughter and Pain



Swedish melodic post-punkers based in Stockholm, Stilla Havet, comprises Elias Eriksson (Boris & the Yeltsins), August Borg and Jeanette Axlander, blend organic sparkling nostalgia with synthetic dreams, featuring the bright vocalizations of Sara Wilson in their new video for the latest single, “Frusna Tarar | Frozen Tears,” a coming of age track that is sure to pull at your heartstrings.

”Frusna tårar” (Frozen Tears) digs into the past, its fading idols from the schoolyard inevitably clashing with reality twenty years later. On the brink of grown-up life, those nights when a word or a look from the right, or the wrong person was a matter of life and death. Tears on the commuter platform, and dreams of departure to a brighter future, or just to a party you weren’t invited to.

Nostalgic lyrics travel back 20 years to illustrate a reunion betwixt friends that evokes awkward feelings of melancholy, disconnection, and fear.

“Frusna Tarar” layers bursting and bustling deep textures to charge a soft, wistful warbling bassline, obsessive shimmering guitar riffs, steady punchy rhythms and hot glistening reverbs with intoxicating energy around lonely, angsty, and restless vocals joined by high celestial anxieties and breathless backups, forging relentless waves of youthful turbulence amid insistent twinkling synth spirals and fragile chiming melodies left wandering helplessly through a dangerous drone of secret whispers.

A dramatic night-time DIY video, shot and directed by Stilla Havet, blurs the lines between childhood and adulthood, starring Tora Beckman and Sharon Svensson, in a daring expression of freedom betwixt friends. After-hours playground hangouts foster newfound identities with playful, carefree abandon to propel burgeoning feelings of independence and rebellion under a thin veil of dim-lit neon city lights. Keen camera work and up close angles form the sentiments of an intimate observer to evoke bittersweet nostalgia for lost memories whilst garnishing warm hopes for the future.

STILLA HAVET‘s new single “Frusna Tarar” is out now via the independent label Novoton.

The band will take on a brief Belgian/French Tour from the 11th of May, with a new album scheduled for late Autumn.  

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