WL//WH Video Premiere: SPAMMERHEADS Battle Cry “Hit Back Twice As Hard”


It has been a particularly active and satisfying end of 2021 for the Spanish DIY ‘Working-Class Electronic Music’ duo based in Valencia, SPAMMERHEADS, with no less than two full albums in the span of a few days, switching from their distinctive enveloping, atmospheric, cosmic and futuristic sound, mottled by IDM ripples, of “Espai, Temps i Matèria”, via HC Records, to heavier, distorted, and edgier rhythmic urban territories, wobbling between EBM, Industrial, Big Beat, and Techno-Punk that typifies the second LP “Bricks for Reconstruction” on SOIL label.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the DIY music video for the opening track, “Hit Back Twice As Hard”, from the latter, where the band, comprised of Ana Escudero & David Garrido, integrate Electro-Punk and Big Beat into an organic propulsive whole.

“Hit Back Twice As Hard”, with David for the first time on vocal duty, is laced with hard-hitting lyrics that will guide you through a hidden doorway to free your mind while systemic oppression rules the airwaves using deception, confusion, and permanent jurisdiction, to trap you inside an invisible self-imposed prison of knee-jerk reactions and constant fear.

Rising tensions of united noncompliance erupt in throbbing, droning emergencies of tumultuous rolling beats, heavy buzzing, syncopated basslines, and sinister crushed icy bright synth stabs to attack unhinged, caustic vocals, growling screams, and distant echoes with mayhem and menace amid distressing ambient clips of authoritarian instructions and revolutionary cries, to build dark and angry moods of excruciating distorted frequencies.

The grainy black and white video pits the crashing economy against civil unrest with a barrage of modern dystopic imagery to form a toxic vision of global demise. Split-screen overlays pulse hypnotically in sync with the abrasive soundtrack, whilst pulpy illustrations condemn live performance footage with disenchanting disruptions of polluted heaps, gagging masks, and war-torn explosions to malign the mind’s eye of hysteria with overreaching medical tyranny.

“Espai, Temps i Matèria” LP is available on Limited Edition Cassette via HC Records Bandcamp

Same for “Bricks for Reconstruction” album, available on Limited Edition Cassette via SOIL label Bandcamp.

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