WL//WH Video Premiere: SLEEPING PILLS’ Hybrid Drive Down Tampa’s “275”


Tampa, Florida‘s eclectic Post-Punk trio Sleeping Pills blends twangy Surf guitar lines, Post-Punk low ends, New Wave cold synths and mechanical vocals into an evocative, at the same time nocturnal and scintillating, sonic ride for the locally inspired catchy new single, “275”, a teaser from the upcoming fourth album, “A Bend in Time”, scheduled for Summer 2022, accompanied by a trippy music video, directed by Joey Mustang, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

The song speaks of escaping at a moment’s notice and vanishing out of sight. The name “275” came from the band’s local interstate 275 making this track destined to be a local favorite.

Sparkling rippling waves of groovy meandering surf-infected guitar strings, laced with obsessive wistful glistening melodies, sway into a restless tide of steady shuffling drum beats, low pulsing basslines, droning keyboards and dreary monochromatic vocals, to open paths of dreamy escapism into a preferred mental state of carefree abandon along the cool and breezy nostalgic aura of Tampa’s “275.”

Joey Mustang directs a heady videocast in warped filters and keen editing skills to create a surreal lost highway vibe lit by neon psychedelic dreams. Blurry visions, CGI expansions, and a hypnotic urban skyline enhance an intoxicating night drive down Florida’s Interstate “275.” Trippy textures and hallucinating tones bend an asphalt journey and melt a musical performance to help warp time and space around an aimless existence of postmodern dystopic blues.

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