WL//WH Video Premiere: SKUUND evolves kicking and screaming into a “Social Animal”

Video Premiere  SKUUND

Skuund’s LP Artwork

Started in 2003, with a bunch of EPs and a well-received full-length LP, in local idiom and with pronounced Post-Rock leanings, under their belt, the Polish band Skuund reinvents itself as a European unit, besides the Finnish drummer Jaakko Hauru, and the native Lukasz Nawrot (guitars, synths) and Artur Luczak (bass, keyboards), with the addition of the new British vocalist Martin Howard into the mix, whose native English tongue marks a new beginning, as the first teasing track, “Social Animal”, clearly shows, adding new darker, brooding and forlorn dimensions and further perspectives to the immersive blend of moody Post-Punk and atmospheric Shoegaze the quartet have developed.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the conceptual video by Bruce Wood for the haunting title track “Social Animal” taken from the upcoming new Skuund’s album, “Social Animal”, featuring recent Idles collaborator Colin Webster on Sax, to be released on May 14, 2022, via the Brighton UK based independent label Shore Dive Records.

Social Animal” dwells in feelings of alienation, restlessness, and curiosity when trying to make sense of a nonsensical world.

An overbearing rush of agonizing introspection weaved by obsessive jagged, straining guitar lines laced with subtly reverberated light wistful riffs repeatedly ripples traumatic memories around haunted, deeply emotional male baritones releasing rich hues of pain and suffering into persistent clashing drum beats, swelling dazzling misty resonances, and minimal tinkling keys, rising and falling in relentless surges of angst-ridden energies against the chafing tides of conformity.

Blurry, Dystopic imagery by Bruce Wood casts ominous convictions through grainy black and white amalgamations to form an abstract canvas of stirring visions. Spastic energized microscopic thought-forms swarm hypnotically under a blind eye of incomprehension as dark turbulent waters reflect comforting emotions from a subconscious well of untapped dreams. Fast flicker rates enhance razor-sharp contrasts from a tenebrous undercurrent of dread whilst shining insightful light onto hidden fears and shameful desires, to sync seamlessly with the conflict-ridden moods of the engaging soundtrack.

Skuund‘s new album, “Social Animal”, will be released tomorrow, May 14, 2022, on ltd. Compact Disc (CD) & Digital, via Shore Dive Records

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