WL//WH Video Premiere: ready to be intoxicated by MARBLE SLAVE “Body Betrayal”


The nostalgic, brooding and danceable synthpop /coldwave project of French artist Benjamin Coyault AKA Marble Slave approaches the release of his long-awaited debut album, “Fan Fiction”, due out on June 4 via French independent label Synth Religion, with the second single, “Body Betrayal”, Wl//WH is very pleased to premiere.

“Body Betrayal” is laced with obsessive lyrics to capture a fleeting moment of introspection, where a self-destructive relationship with one’s body leads to temporary relief from the unearthed tension and discomfort of mental angst.

Ominous vexing electronic wavelengths fuse mesmeric rolling dance beats with low dangerous bass pulses to lure harsh, sinister synth strain’s atrocious alarm from the deep, numb, and sorrowful male vocal’s hesitant release of shameful body dysphoria, to fall ever deeper into the flashing disenchantments of expanding futuristic bliss.

Abstract imagery, directed by Daffodils, draws from subconscious conflict to spin unattainable statuesque poses atop an elemental backdrop cloaked in latent fears. Neon smeared stains spawn unforgettable traces, blurring alternate grid realities with depth defying transgressions to melt the outer shell of consciousness with penetrating layers of pain. Melting deceptions dissect hypnotic auras of trauma to project primal tension and colorful distractions onto the suffering and oppressed tendencies, whose misdirected sorrow and dissatisfaction morph into the ultimate “Body Betrayal.”

Marble Slave‘s first album, “Fan Fiction”, is slated for release on June 4 through the Parisian label Synth Religion.

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