WL//WH Video Premiere: RAMBAL COCHET “Oseary Drakoulias”


Besides the huge music knowledge, I have always admired the infectious enthusiasm, along the boundless energy and passion of the eclectic Russian producer, now based in Krasnodar, Konstantyn Isaev, known to most as Rambal Cochet, his ethnic-flavoured psych-goa-disco-trance moniker, as well as Volta Cab, his mainly dark disco and electro side.

I met Konstantin on VK, the Russian Facebook, about 3 years ago, always frantically busy with his barrage of demos, shared on the socials, and his DJ sets straight recorded live, inevitably asking me for an opinion, a thing that somehow I was glad to give. To tell the truth, I never understood his working method, but it seems to be working out great if he’s one of the most in-demand electronic producers with his eclectic visionary style.

Consequently, WL//WH is super pleased to premiere the conceptual, ambient video, created by the up-and-coming artist Christiania Krüger, inspired by the notable character “Oseary Drakoulias” in the visionary Texan director Wes Anderson‘s 2004 cult classic “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

“Oseary Drakoulias” was written in early 2021, when Konstantyn was living in Saint Petersburg, inspired by the sci-fi movies of the late 70s/early 80s and the aforementioned Wes Anderson film.

The 2-track EP, including the Original Mix plus the already trademark Remix by brilliant Paris/Berlin producer Acid Washed, has been released by Berlin-based imprint THISBE Recordings, as only 30 numbered copies of Limited 12″ Vinyl Edition.

The track merges the classic progressive trance of the 90s and sci-fi soundtrack with a nasty oldskool electro touch.

Sharp droning synth crystals dilate cutting hues atop incoming bassline ripples, rising and falling in magnetic throbbing sinuous intensities along lashing steam-powered beats, dancing non-stop through a sparkling horizon of flashing icy bright melodies, bursting and collapsing in whimsical inconsistency, whilst romantic organic stringed interludes and metallic flurries of twinkling and shredding tendencies, swell majestic intricacies into an otherworldly convergence of heady mercurial dancefloor bliss.

The intoxicating Christiania Krüger‘s visuals infuse dreamily spatial sci-fi auras that expand unseen dimensions with cloudy bursts and glistening skies, to distil a hypnotic flow of motion into interstellar flight. Ghostly pale white lunar surfaces spin and dissolve particle matter frequency into an underwater still-life of depth-defying textures and strobing reflections to melt multiple eye lens refractions into an ornamental tapestry of endless sight.

I recall Konstantin used to say ‘music and arts is the only thing that saves us’…you’re dead right, as usual, bro!

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