WL//WH Video Premiere: RADERKRAFT “Dust and Debris”

WL//WH Premiere Raderkraft

Somewhere between minimal synth, electro, and wave is the irresistible sound of Raderkraft, aka musician/producer Willem Stinissen from Amsterdam.
His love for synthesizers combined with the right dose of DIY spirit has resulted in two EPs: ”Keine Richtung” released on Testlab Records, the label of Roxy legend Eddy de Clercq and “Smart Control” released on Die Blinden Records.
As cold as it is catchy, playful and hypnotic, armed with pulsating analog synths, staccato drum computer beats and German/Dutch vocals, Raderkraft takes you from the Autobahn deep into the galaxy.

The darker and upcoming 4-tracker “Dust & Debris” is the third EP in Raderkraft’s discography, which will be released June 22nd on 12“ vinyl by Wave Tension Records.

Artwork by Styn Dirkx

The title track “Dust and Debris”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, describes the 9/11 catastrophe and contains a chronological frightening news report from several media sources telling us what happened that day 20 years ago.

Equally stark and intense, “Dust and Debris”, mixes industrial clank and mechanical drive with breakbeat rhythms, a tight pulsating murky EBM-charged bassline and swirling dramatic icy clouds of looming synth desolation into a pummelling feverish pace possessed of that all-consuming, droning and adrenaline-fueled energy that suddenly came upon, disconcerted, snared, and devoured the world.

A video montage of recorded news footage from September 11, 2001 captures the spectacular, sensationalist, and shocking audio-visual production of a day that changed the lives of every American forever. Sinister smoke plumes spew flaming faces of hideous strength over the urban terrain of New York City, where citizens watch in awe as civilian aeroplanes fly into The Twin Towers of The World Trade Center. Black billowing smokestacks implode, tumbling tons of smoke and debris onto the streets below, covering innocent bystanders with grey dust of demolition and destruction in a public display of tyrannical terror and fear.

Raderkraft‘s 4-track “Dust & Debris” EP is due out on June 22, 2021, 12“ Vinyl & Digital, via Wave Tension Records.

Check the excellent Cold Experiment Blog for the Japanese version.

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