WL//WH Video Premiere: PEELING “Cold Hands”

WL//WH Video Premiere Peeling

Toronto-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Anna Timoshenko AKA Peeling combines sneaky bleak post-punk bassline and a mesmeric whirlwind of sparkling trippy guitar chords, over her intense vocals, in a 3D conceptual music video for the haunting track “Cold Hands”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

“Cold Hands” is part of the fresh released 9-track debut album “Worshipper“, on ltd. white Vinyl 12″/Digital, through her brand new record label Labyrinth Records.

Composed while listening heavily to Rowland S. Howard, the Canadian artist writes a reflection on the dread one experiences when second-guessing their choices and creates a darkly shimmering parallel universe sewn with poignant, psychedelic guitar melodies. Glistening, reverb tinged textures over resonant bass tones, powered by the flickering punchy drum beats of Michael Wallace (of Preoccupations) winds, groovy nostalgic rhythms around dreamy, detached female vocals falling painlessly through an anxiety-fueled stream of consciousness, wrapped in deceptive bliss.

Zero gravity video, made with support from Canada Council for the Arts, dives deep into the psychological realms using the emotional H20 element to shape turbulent rings around facial fragments floating weightless as a whole through various planes of existence.  A depth defying vortex escapes reality by funnelling inward to an ever-growing mercurial reflection, forming a vast universe of expressions with a mutable human figure to transform the state of reality with a physical mass and possibilities.

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