WL//WH Video Premiere: PARANORMALES “Tigre (VELVET CONDOM Remix)”

WL//WH Premiere Paranormales

Barcelona-based post-punk 4-piece Paranormales, comprised of Ana Ruiz on vocals and keyboards, J.Carlos Delgado on bass, synthesizers and vocals, David Toro on guitar, and Diogo Santos on drums, break the monotony of the lock-down announcing the forthcoming remix edition of their highly praised sophomore album “Contra” remixed by international bands/artists such as HAPAX, S Y Z Y G Y X, R.MISSING, WINTER SEVERITY INDEX, DIMITRI BERZERK, THIS COLD NIGHT, ANTIPOLE & PSYCHIC GUILT, VELVET CONDOM, CRYING VESSEL, IAMTHESHADOW.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the music video for the first single to be unveiled, the Velvet Condom Remix of “Tigre” 

Longstanding Berlin-based, French Synth-Wave revival pioneer duo Alice Gift and Oberst Panizza, AKA Velvet Condom, revisit the synth washed introspective original into a crystal, icy cold electro glove of eerie enveloping fascination.

Distant robotic transmissions inject ominous electronic frequencies through repetitive lashing snare beats, deep rolling and rumbling bassline oscillations, haunted by sinister blinding synth stabs, shedding disorienting tendencies around distorted, soft-spoken male vocals, exhaling harsh serpentine hisses into a mesmeric pulsating web lingering apocalyptic doom.

Lyrics unveil an inner dialogue plagued by fear, confusion, and uncertainty about a journey to a hidden island where the last judgement has already taken place and an “Immense Tiger” lies in wait under the New Moon.

Dangerous doorways open alternate dimensions of science to reveal a hidden system of experimental labs dabbling in genetic alterations. Black and white auras explore the dark side of man’s insatiable desire for power with bleak imagery cast in Insidious masks, cloned, mutated DNA sequences, and blinding, negative light photography. Grey skies and fall leaves cover underground creatures with an invisible wall of fear while Nature’s fury strikes back as an Owl leading the players of an animated chess match to quicken their nefarious scheme.

The remix edition of Paranormales second LP, “Contra”, is due to be released on June 11, 2021 via Cleopatra Records.

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