WL//WH Video Premiere: OTHER-ED “Disaster Resonance”

Video Premiere  Other-ed  

Other-ed is the experimental DIY solo project of Laur, former experienced drummer and vocalist of French coldwave/ post-punk duo Vague Scare.

Following last year’s debut 5-track digital EP “Disruptive Synthetic”, rife with post-industrial synthpop and focused on animal liberation themes, the upcoming first album “Sentient”, due out on March 15th, 2021, while still exploring the complex relationships between human and non-humans, broadens its lyrical scope with thoughtful double meanings and leaving enough room to personal interpretation.

The first preview from the LP, “Disaster Resonance”, whose self-released music video WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, is a heart-rending, ’80s-tinged cold synth-laden song about the destruction of the environment, the way people treat other species, and a metaphor for a troubled relationship, through confessional lyrics filled with passion, shame, and disgust.

“Here we are again bringing all the pain / Here we go again staying all the same.”

Repetitive hollow hypnotic rhythms, ominous rumbling bass throbs, seamlessly washed by flashing, wandering surges of icy glowing synths, punctuated by bright tinkling wistful chords, and a sudden brief rift of menacing rhythmic tension, build swirling angsty and dramatic moods around saddened, forsaken vocals, to release frustration and anger at humankind for its selfish behaviours.

Monochromatic black and white images merge with dramatic up-close camera angles to extract bizarre sentient abstractions from latent subconscious fears in a DIY video accompaniment by Other-ed. Negative light photography captures alternate planes of existence, hiding in the surreal shadows of mirror image wavelengths, to reflect memories onto the mind’s eye of imagination. Alternating backdrops switch colour and mood drawing from the static frequencies of mind-bending optical illusions to blur reality into Rorschach-esque inkblot interpretations in sync with the dual nature of the lyrical content.

Other-ed debut album “Sentient” is slated for release, CD & Digital, on March 15th, 2021.

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