WL//WH Video Premiere: ORANGE CRATE ART leads us into the mind-boggling brilliant psych vortex of “Stud Phaser”


Nodding to a multitude of aural suggestions varying from ambient, post-rock, shoegaze, kosmische to krautrock, psychedelia, shoegaze, and trip-hop, Orange Crate Art is the one-man recording studio unit by Tobias Bernsand and a four-piece live band based in Malmö, Sweden, active since the mid-Nineties, who has a knack for creating immersive and entrancing sonic journeys enveloped in a warm human glow, mostly based on layered guitars, drums, bass and vocal loops, which can be short and sweet, long and noisy, repetitive and chaotic, fuzzy and blissed-out, seamlessly projecting the semi-hallucinatory state between being asleep and awake into his recordings.

Taken from the upcoming 7-track album, “Contemporary Guitar Music”, scheduled to be released, CD & Digital, on February 18, 2022, through the independent North American label Somewherecold Records, “Stud Phaser” applies the above notion to a trippy video created by Paul Saarnak (of The Beremy Jets), WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

Right and left hemispheres spark a cosmic light field of far-out ringing, swooshing and purring guitar modulations to swirl whimsically echoing in a never-ending, circular ecstatic dance lead by the steady flow of restrained, clattery percussive rhythms, along with groovy resonant bass pulses and droning hypnogogic auras, invoking latent primal tendencies, sharp blows of enlightenment, and soothing chimes of clarity from a depth defying seemingly electronic awakening of heady sentient pleasantries.

The abstract video shifts shapes and tones in sync with the blissed-out hypnotic frequencies of the soundtrack to project subliminal memories into visual thought forms. Black and sepia-tinged dust clouds, glistening sunburnt rays, and translucent prismatic waves ebb and flow in vibrational frequencies to spawn conceptual cymatic patterns from the sacred geometry of life. Groovy sound visualizations pulse, dance, and align with sonic patterns of metaphysical memories to stimulate mental curiosity, connection, and purpose from the murky waves of psychic stasis.

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