WL//WH Video Premiere: “Nimbus” DAYFLOWER’s Mind-Expanding Journey Into Clouds and Beyond


“Nimbus” presents an evolving narrative that blurs the lines between art, music, and philosophy. A deeply immersive, long-form trip of this kind is unexplored territory for a band usually associated with snappy (often densely layered) singles. Yet as a whole the mixtape gracefully expands on Dayflower’s recognisable, dreamy aesthetic while never quite leaving it behind.

Leicester, England-based Indie band Dayflower is fresh from releasing “Nimbus”, an evocative album-length sonic journey combining unheard music with additional production and visuals from audiovisual artist Andy Harper (AJH).

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the video that accompanies the instrumental title track, a striking convergence of soundscapes and captivating visuals that push the collaboration into brave new territories.

Sound-wise Harper’s re-elaboration contains no sung vocals but breaks into brief interludes of Eckhart Tolle‘s contemplative words that encourage viewers to explore the interconnectedness of their consciousness:

In this analogy, clouds are thoughts. For many people their state of consciousness is continuously overcast, which means one thought leads into another into another into another…

Liquid psychedelic visions expand embedded archetypal symbols into graphic prismatic connections, merging polarizing hues into a purple fog of asymmetric icy bright clarity. Timeless, dreamy, comforting mentor elucidations guide the listener through a transformative tapestry of celestial shapeshifting skies, throbbing organic bass plucks, and creativity-inducing immersive imagery, deconstructing time and space into a transcendent headspace where dreams and ideas bloom.

At the core of this visual spectacle lies a generative digital artwork, a 3D point cloud composed over 200,000 particles, dynamically driven by the music itself, to lead audiences through luminous clouds and halos, creating a sense of otherworldly wonder. The music and visuals are divided into four distinct sections, each corresponding to the four seasons, plus an introductory and concluding segment. This structure draws from the ancient practice of “Wu wei,” the concept of effortless action found in Taoist philosophy.

Trippy abstract thought-provoking visuals blend computer-generated geometry configurations with murky overlay suggestions to sync seamlessly with the heady ambiance of the instrumental soundtrack. Alternating red and blue subconscious dimensions shift perception alongside distant conversational field recordings, warm droning swathes, low, vibrating tones, and hypnotic soft, at times subtly crisp, rolling percussions, whilst depth-defying linear entanglements disintegrate rigid, memorized patterns into generative granular frequencies.

Listen to “Nimbus” full-length album via the Communion Slush label here. For further information on the artists and project, listen to the Radio LEAR interview with Andy and Dave of Dayflower at this link.

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