WL//WH Video Premiere: NEW HAUNTS Kicks “Agora”(Phobia) to the Curb

WL//WH Premiere New Haunts

“Still Dark Sky” is my most upbeat and uncompromising album yet. You can dance to it. This album is here for anyone who needs to process things via loud, heartfelt music. Each song that followed relates to a feeling or issue that has always existed, but which was inevitably amplified by the strange times in which it was born.

Following last May’s third album “Still Dark Skies” via Cold Transmission Music, her most powerful and heartful release so far, permeated by the feverish and intoxicating haunted vibe of her commanding voice, Bristol, UK based synth-driven darkwave solo project of Alice Sheridan, AKA New Haunts, drops a symbolic music video, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, for the soul-stirring LP track “Agora,” a song written and recorded during the Lockdown about agoraphobia, an abnormal fear of public places.

The song is about that juxtaposition between wanting to go out and live your life, but finding it really anxiety-provoking. Sometimes it feels like my brain has two sides that are fighting with each other, and I’m trying to not let the anxious side win – the devil on my shoulder reminding me of everything that could wrong. If it wins too often, it can feel like my personality is just consumed by anxiety. I wanted the song to capture that creeping sense of panic. The second verse is comparing that feeling to the times when I got through it and proved it wrong, which is an exhilarating feeling.

Cold intoxicating electronic dimensions fuse quivering jolts of anxious synth strains, swirling atmospheric swathes, and hissing, buzzing effects with low sonorous bass tones and restless rolling beats to surround the magnetic strength of raw, visceral and arousing cries, nocturnal howls, and angsty wails with precarious pain, diving and cutting through lyrical confessions of malaise and avoidance with ferocious female energies to fall heavily into the murky wavelengths of isolated gloom.

The psychosomatic video extracts subconscious triggers from past trauma into transformative light and vibrational frequencies of cathartic fear. An abstract, shape-shifting lens captures the dark psyche lurking beneath the surface of a disturbed girl using heat-seeking auras whilst inner demons feed on suffering, turmoil, and dread. Trace overlays blur fragmented realities of panic and shame into open scars, toxic memories, and surreal distortions to invert shadow-self insights into a prophecy of doom.

New Haunts‘ third album,“Still Dark Skies”, is available on Vinyl/CD/Digital formats, via Cold Transmission Music.

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