WL//WH Video Premiere: MYTHICAL MOTORS’ Sunny Spring Breaker “Take A Trip”

WL//WH Premiere  Mythical Motors 

“Drawing influences from bands such as Guided By Voices, The Bats, Wire, R.E.M, Superchunk, Bevis Frond and the expansive Elephant 6 Collective”, the 2006-born prolific Guitar Pop artisan Mythical Motors, inspired by the multifaceted melodic songwriting talent of Chattanooga, Tennessee native Matt Addison, has moulded over time an ever-expanding kaleidoscopic sound palette of diverse suggestions rooted on a vaguely psychedelic, subtly noisy and dissonant, fuzz-dusted Garage Pop, steeped in lo-fi aesthetic and Velvets-like minimal drones, combined with folksy and jangly guitar charm.

Mythical Motors is approaching the release of its nineteenth full-length album, “Upside Down World”, due on April 12, 2024 via DIY label Repeating Cloud, from which is uplifted the song “Take a Trip”, whose visuals, created by Jason Lambeth from Red Pants, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

A nostalgic, high-energy, sun-speckled rush of racing motorik drum beats, pulsing basslines and meandering vibrant jangly guitar melodies, reverberating with subtly piercing yearning over soft yet angsty heartfelt vocals, to inspire Spring Break listeners with an impassioned suggestion to, ‘Take a Trip’ 

A stream of vintage home movies created by Jason Lambeth take a walk down memory lane, circa the 1960s, to a family lake vacation where old-fashioned fun in the sun cast in a reflective sunset and a metaphysical rainbow perfectly capture the spirit of ‘Take a Trip’.

Mythical Motors’ 19th full-length album, “Upside Down World”, is slated for release, in Cassette & Digital formats, on April 12, 2024 via Portland, OR independent label Repeating Cloud.

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