WL//WH Video Premiere: MOVIE CAMERA’s Heartbreaking Revelation “You Have A Life Now”


Movie Camera is the pure, equally streamlined and effectively dark and melodic, Dark Wave / Post-Punk genre side project of Stockholm-based, Swedish synthpop producer Yestergrey, with two albums under his belt on Scent Air Record

Movie Camera just released debut full-length album, “Memory / Display”, via SwissDarkNights Label

‘a break from my previous industrial synth concept, while staying fundamentally true to the electronic and sample-based sound. Influences are contemporary genre spearheads, such as Drab Majesty, She Past Away and also the label colleagues at Swiss Dark Nights’.

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the immersive video, directed by Axel Sharper, for the opening LP track “You Have A Life Now”.

The song, while music-wise ‘conveys an atmosphere of VHS, 8-bit samplers, chorus pedals and sunglasses at night’, lyrically begets a growth of consciousness where in lies stages of spiritual gain, material loss, and a hybrid balance, set against a modern dystopic backdrop of rigid, established norms and manipulated cultural oppression.

Dark dangerous auras instil turbulent moods into an eerie droning undertow of vibrating bass lines along with edgy wistful strings of stacking, twinkling, and tinny keys, driven by steady pounding rhythms, wrapped by icy bright synth flowing melodies, to stir chilly waves of lonely magnetic melancholy over shape-shifting vocals, alternating cold baritone broods with warm angsty emotions to tread breathless above the vexing winds of change.  

Stark, contemporary, and minimal architectures cast in dynamic reflections, grey skies, and universal symbols set the stage for an edgy, symbolic performance. Surreal overlays create an intoxicating flow of motion over sunglass clad clones, whose hip styles and charismatic attitudes pull the viewer into an urban fantasy where strobing and shadowy dimensions draw mystery, fear, and insight from the mind’s eye of interpretation.

Movie Camera‘s first album, “Memory / Display”, is out now, on CD & Digital, via SwissDarkNights Label.

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